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New Generation of 3D

A short clip about how the future of 3D cinemas would be. Beowulf already uses this feature:

The Caverns of Hammerfest

The Caverns of Hammerfest, by French developer Motion Twin, is an expertly crafted love letter to classic arcade platformers like Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros. If you've ever wondered how the intensity and the heartbreak of those old arcade cabinets could be translated into online gaming, look no further.
Do you remember what it was like to scream "NO!" at the screen when you lost one of your precious lives that you paid for with your very own 25 cent piece? Do you miss that feeling? Do you long for it?
- Jayisgames
So play it now!: The Caverns of Hammerfest


The Don

"This is the highlight of my day while we're patrolling, when we see this kid... He's the Don of the hood especially when it comes to candy..Don't mess with the Don"...


A little but very serious game in 96k. This really is a must download for all the gamers out there!
This is the game where beginners can beat hardcore players.
Download version 1.02 of SUMOTORI DREAMS

Do you find the download size too big? Then download the 29K version

Player1: arrows, backspace, enter
Player2: wsad, shift, control


Virtual Earth - The new Google Maps?

Dozens of new cities in Microsoft's Virtual Earth joined the list of those with Bird's Eye imagery and other advanced views ahead of the Christmas holiday. New cities in the Netherlands that can be viewed in 3D are Maastricht and Nijmegen. Man why not Amsterdam...

Check it out: Virtual Earth

The Wooden Menace

This robotic arm is made from wood and controlled with a Playstation controller. A project by PyroElectro, here for more information.


Japanese 3D Avatar System

This footage, taken from Japanese TV, gives a hint of things to come in the world of game gaming/entertainment. It has been suggested that the PS3 will include technology that allows gamers to interact with the gaming environment in this manner. Really nice:

Boeing 737-700 wing tipping over a utility truck

Lusaka airport, Zambia
Panic gripped on lookers and passengers at the Lusaka International airport when a South African airways passenger plane hit into a stationary truck upon arrival from Johannesburg:


Paperclips Trick

Easy-to-do trick with paperclips to impress your friends. Ow and please turn of the sound, cause this video's music is shitty as hell:

Wheel of Death

I have seen this trick with motors, but with cars and motors and such crazyness…

Top Gear R/C Car Race

What happens when a normal R/C car is put up against a full-sized radio-controlled electric. Check it out:


Anti-Gravity Water

How is this possible. Water can float? Be sure to check out the end...:

Impossible Water - More amazing videos are a click away

Disney World - Gingerbread House

Every year around Christmas, Walt Disney World builds a super colossal holiday gingerbread house in the lobby of the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. It's sixteen feet high, uses real gingerbread made from a traditional Austrian recipe, and if the cottage had hot and cold cocoa pipes, you could probably live there.

Here's three days of Magic ... in thirty seconds:


Motion Induced Blindness

Motion Induced Blindness

Cool illusion by Michael Bach. Click on the image to enjoy this and other illusion tricks as well.

Check out: Motion Induced Blindness

59% of French people are DUMB

This is a recent video, captured from the French version of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire show. It’s just amazing... Didn't thought french people would be that dumb:

Jeff Dunham - Achmed the dead terrorist - Jingle bombs

This is a christmas special of Jeff Dunham`s Achmed the dead terrorist, where he sings xmas songs with a little twist:


BristleBot Robot

A how-to on making a funny tiny bot running around, using a… toothbrush, a battery and a pager motor.

QTTabBar 1.2 Beta, Add tabs to the explorer

QTTabBar is an Add-In that gives tab browsing feature to your Windows Explorer, with some useful features like Folder grouping, histories, etc. QTTabBar is compatible with both Windows Vista and Windows Xp.

View: What's new
Download: QTTabBar 1.2 Beta 4



Crayon Mario

Created by ketch (537CH), and took him six weeks to finish.

Disney - Magic Highway USA

An exploration into possible future Transportation technologies is made. It's hard to believe how little we've accomplished on this front since 1958, and how limited the scope for imagining such future technologies has become.


Jumping Christmas Card

Cool: Real people as letters leap across a moonlit sky and spell out any message you wish. Just type in your own personal greeting and see your message jump into the sky!

Check out DyNamicLinQ's Christmas message and make your own!: Jumping Christmas Card

Big Smurf - Man Turns Dark Blue!

His name is Paul Karason, and he's blue. It's not makeup or paint. This is out there for sure. Meet the real Blue man:


Curiosity Killed the Cat

Euhm ok… curiosity earned a cake… crazy, somewhat annoying prank:

Love 2008

Wonderfull Sand Art Fantasy by Ilana Yahav. A real pleasure for the eyes!

Love 2008 - video powered by Metacafe


EU wil geen Ierse pubs buiten Ierland

For our dutch viewers: Journaalitem over de schandalige EU-maatregel om het gebruik van de term Ierse pub buiten Ierland te verbieden. I really hope this is a hoax!:

Crayon Physics game

Crayon Physics game

Crayon is a cool, cutie physics game, featuring a nice soundtrack. Game by Petri Purho, music by _ghost. Click to the game’s page: Crayon

MINI Clubman

The new MINI Clubman as a pinball game. Looks weird:


Cream On

Interesting experiment with cream and alcohol, done by the guys from NewScientist:

Planet Earth & Blue planet HD Timelapse

What a beautiful, amazing, and astonishing planet we are living on:
The Planet Earth video is in High Definition, so it could take a while to load.
If you haven't got a fast connection check out the lower quality version: Planet Earth


Cool Pac Man Christmas Tree

It's good and all but, I'll be more impressed when you can actually play the game on the tree:

More extraordinary creatures 2

More than 1000 meters deep, in deep areas of the oceans, at temperatures close to 0° C and incredible pressures and conditions. There exist in total darkness astonishing creatures that only about 1% we know of:


Train VS Snow

Train plowing snow from Goodland, KS to Limon, CO on the Kyle Railroad. Strangely Beautiful:

Future weapons: Dragon Skin - Amazing body Amour!

Dragon Skin is the most amazing body armour. Even a grenade can't go through it! Check out the following movie:


Hard QiGong

Chinese Guillotine, Whacking, Squishing, Eyeballs, Bottle Smashing, QinGong Lightbulb Walking, Belly Spears Balancing ... DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!


Sola Rola - The Gravity Maze

Cleverly done and nice puzzle game: Sola Rola - The Gravity Maze.

Sola Rola - The Gravity Maze Flash GameThe object of Sola Rola is to get the red ball and the blue ball (Wiz and Waz) to their exits. Rotate the entire maze board to get the balls to roll to their exits. The levels start out fairly simple, but after that it can get really difficult!

Play Sola Rola - The Gravity Maze!

Huge chunks of ice fall from TV tower

Huge chunks of ice fall from TV tower during 2007 Oklahoma ice storm. Ice strikes building and a number of vehicles that were parked beneath the tower.



Browsershots is a very useful online service for web designers/developers: it let you test your website against different browsers on different platforms (with different parameters like screen size, color depth, script & Flash engines…). Very Nice!
Check out: Browsershots!browsershots

Biggest Idiot of 2007

How stupid can you be...
A crazy man breaks the door of his car in the carwash:


Annie and Boo (2004) - By Johannes Weilund

Annie and Boo (2004) is a gorgeaous animation by Johannes Weiland.

Symbaloo: Makes Links Easy

Cool Web app for everyone! Put together tons of links with Symbaloo, a visual alternative to the bookmarks feature of your web browser.

Symbaloo will load up a grid of drag-and-drop icons that you can use to assign to your favorite websites. You can create new icons for any website you like, colour-code them and sort them into groups. Right now there's two desktop settings, the main one is for web links with the second grid designed around news headlines. There's also plans to launch Symbaloo desktops for maps, personal contacts, a file-sharing platform, and even a TV guide.


US vs. Sweden recruitment

Two videos showing how different recruitment techniques are used in US and in Sweden. One is Hollywoodish, while the another shows things what they actually are...

Grow A Xmas Tree

Type a message and see how it rolls up and become a xmas tree. It supports Chinese and other languages as well. Check out: Grow A Xmas Tree

And also check out this greeting from DyNamicLinQ: 3d XMas Tree.


Crysis - Mass Physics (High Quality)

Great video of a guy testing the mass Physics of Crysis. Just Wonderfull how games developed in the years:

Plane vs. Concrete Wall

Of course all of us have seen cars vs walls. But a plane, it is a whole different story:


360 Panoramic Movie

After the Panoramic images, now there are Panoramic Movies! These Adobe Flash® Immersive Videos allow you to look around in a panoramic view:
Immersive Panoramic 360 videos

CLICK the play button. Then CLICK and DRAG on the video screen to pan across the 360° view.

Dryden Aircraft Photo Collection

Dryden Aircraft Photo Collection

This collection contains digitized photos of many of the unique research aircraft flown at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards, California. These images date from the 1940s to the present.

2417 JPEG images in multiple resolutions: Dryden Aircraft Photo Collection.
Formats: 640x537 up to 3000x2518 JPEG Images


Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Cool video remix, done by Fr. Eckle Studios of the original song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk. Also check out: Collegehumor - Harder Bodies Faster Stronger
The world just got crazy man...
The beginning is boring, after that it will go weirder and weirder:


Bored Construction Workers

We have seen how bored robot programmers entertain. Let’s see the construction workers…

Bike Finishes Race Without Rider

During a 4X race a rider takes a fall but his bike decides to finish without him. Talk about ghost riding the whip.
Probably his cruise control was still on:


.theprodukkt - .kkrieger


Kkrieger is a First Person Shooter with sounds and great graphics in only 96 kb... Really unbelievable:

Download .kkrieger: chapter 1 beta here (96k)
but remember this is a beta version, and there are a lot of known bugs. in case you have problems, you might want to have a look at the compatibility section on the .theprodukkt site.

Remember: You've got to have a very good pc to run this game quickly.

Maki - Weird animal eye's

Ow my god... This Maki is just weird. First it looked so cute and harmless - now I'm hypnotized ...


When Robot Programmers get bored...

When robot programmers get bored, here is how they entertain:

Tunnel Baby

Never Ever... Drive with a baby trough a tunnel. He will definately get a trauma for whole his little life. Check out the Tunnel Baby:

Good Things Should Never End

Good Things Should Never End

Waste your time with this: Scroll down and try clicking on everything ... it really does seem to never end ...

Lovely flowing Flash oddness from Orange: Good Things Should Never End.


Waitless - Quick Time-Savers


Some tricks to save your time on boring routines of the life, with estimation calculator how many hours you can save of your life. NICE:

Check out Waitless.

Minuscule - The River Bridge

Here is another cute short film from Hélène Giraud and Thomas Szabo:
The River Bridge.

Also check out the older episodes of Minuscule: Picnic, Insect Race, Love Story, City Catterpilar& Zzzeplin.

And don't miss the official Minuscule Website.

After Effects - Earth Zoom Amsterdam

Earth zoom out effect from my home to the whole world. Made by me in Adobe After Effects CS3. Short, but very cool if you ask me. I'll probably make it longer and add some sound soon.
Tnx to Adrew Kramer from Videocopilot for the tutorial!


.theprodukkt - .debris

I'm really horny from this:
.theprodukkt makes really small files of 3d executables/games.
The latest release from farbrausch/.theprodukkt was released at the famous Breakpoint, in Bingen, Germany, Easter 2007.

Download here: z.debris (177kb)

Later more info on DyNamicLinQ about .theprodukkt!

Cat Meeting Point

There should be something fishy (or mousy) over there, on that tree. Or a dog beneath:Cat Meeting Point


The Hard Disk

… you’ve been waiting for! This is an ad from late 80s. $ 3398 for 10MB! And today’s price is around $0.26 for 1 GB... Technology is fast:
Hard Disk

A Popping Popcorn @ 5.400 fps

This color high speed video shows a close up of popcorn popping on a hot plate. Recorded by using the Photron SA1 slow motion video camera.


Relatives - Mickaelle Ruckert

Abstract art video by Mickaelle Ruckert. “Yesterday, today will be tomorrow”. Enjoy:

Drunk Animals

Watch this excerpt of a documentary with drunken animals after eating fruits from the African Amarula tree (locally called the Elephant tree). Also check out this Drunk squirrel


Thin Ice

Thin Ice
Thin Ice is the latest game from the Nitrome factory assembly line of casual gaming goodness. In this game you control a ice skater that is somehow threatened by the extended family of the yeti .
Play: Thin Ice

Belize Underwater Ballet

A stunningly beautiful video of underwater Belize, a small Caribbean country in Central America. Fishes and sea creatures dancing to Bolero by Ravel. Just beautiful.


Jeff Dunham & Peanut

Turn your sound way up. 'Cause it's Jeff Dunham again, well known for Achmed the Dead Terrorist - Silence I kill you all!. Now with his new mate, named peanut:

VectorMagic - Online Vectorization

VectorMagicCool research project by James Diebel and Jacob Norda from Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. It allows conversion from raster image to vector version with incredible result. See the comparisons between VectorMagic and some commercial products like Adobe Live Trace and Corel PowerTRACE.

Got to their homepage: VectorMagic


NOS Journaal Bloopers

For our Dutch viewers:
Het NOS Journaal en wat er allemaal mis ging... Bloopers van afgelopen eeuw.
Ken joe poet mie lauder?

How it's made - Walt Disney Cartoons

Really entertaining, and even a bit educational - an 8 minutes documentary, showing you how Walt Disney cartoons are made. The movie also has some rare glimpses of the animation process back in the 1930's in action and a view of Snow White's test run in the movieola projector.


Headcase - Nitrome flash game

Headcase is the latest platforming fiesta from Nitrome, creator of Hot Air 2 and Skywire. Set in a world of lush pixel art where gravity is fickle and your head is huge, you play a superhero dream-avatar (yes, that's about right) with a big 'up' arrow on your helmet. You stick to walls, ceilings and floors, allowing you to move around platforms as if you were an insect. You also have the ability to jump/fly in a straight line, kind of like Superman.

Play Headcase!

Airbus A380 Construction

Cool video on how they transported and built the largest passenger airliner Airbus A380.

Camille Seaman Photography - The Last Iceberg

"The Last Iceberg is one piece of a larger project entitled "Melting Away" which documents the polar regions of our planet, their environments, life forms, history of human exploration and the communities that work and live there."

Check out other very nice Photo's at:
Camille Seaman Photography - The Last Iceberg


High Speed Bullet Photography

Beautiful shot of a bullet shooting four sticks of chalk:

More High Speed Bullet Shots, All credits go to the makers of them
(Click on the images for full-view:

Stage6 Divx Video - Youtube Killer

Stage6 is almost exactly the same as Youtube, but then in MUCH better quality. Even some Full HD video's are there. So go and check out Stage6! And: You can also DOWNLOAD the videos!
For example this video of the Red Hot Chili Peppers:


Fentix Cube - Rubik’s Cube 2.0

Multi-touch sensor system, with gestures sensing like Wii controllers - this is the future of the Rubik’s Cube, developed by Andrew Fentem. Head to his homepage for more information.


There's Something in the Water

There's Something in the Water is a really cool Pencil Animation for V Water by Sara Leal + Jennifer Chen.

Free your buddy

Buddy is trapped inside a desktop computer and he needs your help to find a way out!

This is a teaser for an interactive game at www.freeyourbuddy.com. Click on the video to get to the game site.


Stupid Boxer

I didn’t know getting in and out of the box ring could be so difficult...

The World Most Unusual Weapons - Guns & Knives

A gallery of strangest and most beautiful guns and knives around the world. See the full Gallery: Unusual weapons.
Unusual WeaponGun

Before and After

iWanex Studio (see portfolio) offers subtle changes in their portfolio of before-and-after touch-ups, a little skin blemish removed here, a jawline tightened up there. They do have some big name celebrities in their examples including Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, and Justin Timberlake. Check out iWanex Studio.


Jungle Jail - 3D Animation

A small man arrives in prison and will know the tough life behind bars ... until the day when the wheels will turn for him. Check out Jungle Jail, a new creation by Mathieu Arnoux, Hugo Cierzniak, Bruce Nguyen Van Lan and Aymeric Palermo:

Bad Ad Placement

Bad Ad Placement

A collection of unfortunate offline and online ad placements around the world/net. See the entire collection, some of them are really hilarious: Bad Ad Placement.


300 km/h @ Autobahn

Feel the speed with this Yamaha R1 on a highway in Austria how it looks like with 300 km/h (186 miles/h) visually.

Jean Guichard Lighthouses

The work of Jean Guichard is an invitation to get to know better the lighthouses of the world, their history and their current events. Lighthouses from all Over the World by Jean Guichard. Really nice!


Snake under the Skirt

A snake has escaped! And it's under your skirt. ROFL:

All done with a single stroke of the pen

This wonderfull image is all done with one single stroke. Click on the image to view the larger version. Amazing:

Sexy Tetris

Whoo yeah you must read on after seeing the title: Sexy Tetris. Copied from Human Tetris. Sexier, but the other one's funnier:


DayMare Town game

DayMare TownEnter the mysterious realm of the DayMare Town and try to figure out what’s going on there. If you dare. Play: DayMare Town Game.


Killer Bean Forever

Killer Bean Forever: For the past 4 years, Jeff Lew has been working at his computer 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. He's spent his entire life savings and maxed out credit cards. After all this time and effort, his movie is almost done. I present to you a preview of his feature film directorial debut... Killer Bean Forever:

More on Jeff Lew's site: Killer Bean Forever

Also Check out: Killer Bean 2: The Party!

Lightning Strike Victim

Amazing video of a lightning strike victim. Wow she's electric:


ToastConcept Design Studio

Cool portfolio site of ToastConcept Design Studio. Be sure to enjoy their motion graphics section also. Check out: ToastConcept

Nick Brandt Photography

Nick Brandt's photographs of African animals and landscapes are both epic and iconic. It's a vision of Africa that we have not seen before.

Nick Brandt Photography - Breathtaking and Beautiful!Nick Brandt Photo


Zune campaign 2

Another animation piece for the Microsoft Zune. Braveheart meets Care Bears in The Matrix, something like that. Animation by PandaPanther and Music by The Black Angels.

Evolution of Dance

Judson Laipply is dancing! Look how many of these dances you know:

For more info including song list see The Evolution of Dance.
Very Funny:


Charles Martinet - The Voice of Mario

This man is behind the voices of Mario, Luigi, Wario and many other game characters.

The Voice of Mario - video powered by Metacafe

Indonesian Tree Fisherman

An Indonesian fisherman who feared that he would be killed by tree-like growths covering his body has been given hope of recovery by an American doctor - and Vitamin A.
Dede, now 35, baffled medical experts when warty "roots" began growing out of his arms and feet after he cut his knee in a teenage accident. He really looks like a tree now:
Read more: The indonesian Tree Man


Kurt Wenner Street Arts

Kurt Wenner Street Arts - These astonishing pavement artworks below are done by Kurt Wenner, an American architect, artist and former NASA illustrator: Kurt Wenner Homepage