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– The “Big Wall” project

Fulfilling my wife’s challenge to come up with something creative for what used to be a big blank wall in our house, using foam board, poster board, push pins, spray paint, tacky glue and tons of patience. Visit my homepage to see more of my artworks. - Taras Lesko


Bill Dance’s bloopers

Here is a collection of veteran fisherman Bill Dance’s classic bloopers:


Paper Cannon game

Addicting game, all designed as a paper-drawn game. Click to play: Paper Cannon game



Best. Short. Animation. 2009. PERIOD.

An invisible bottle

A great video explaining how to make a bottle invisible. Cool trick.

Music video shot backwards


Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy new year. Below is a funny Xmas e-card, featuring Santa with his… time machine

Fantastic Fantastic Contraption machines

If you are a fan of the Fantastic Contraption game, you will appreciate the next 8 minutes of video:


Car wash FAIL

The SnugWow

A mockery advertisement of those stupid ‘As seen on TV’ products:


What if Mario wasn’t a plumber

A funny collection of artworks, showing how life is easier if Mario chose another… career path than being a plumber. Works by H.Caldwell Tanner, click to see the full pic:

Ice skating chimp

Amazing, he is more skilled than the most of us:


Bait ball feast

The dinner seems is too easy to have… until…


The Burj Dubai

A view of the tallest building in the world:

Projection on buildings

Ultra realistic 3D projection on buildings by NuFormer Digital Media:


Tetris tune on 20 computers

Using the Console.Beep()
This is a long dream that me and my friend Max (in the video) had since we entered college.

The project is simple, using the internal speaker of each computer in the class to play a different channel (instrument) of the tetris theme.

All computers are linked with the upd protocol, so not all the computers are synchronised, but for now it will be good!


Imitation of the engine sounds

Well, the lyre bird, check this out:

The monster gummy bear

Claimed to be the biggest gummy bear in the world, this one is available for purchase from Vat19 for $29.95. LOL:



A cool mod of Half-Life 2 to remake the original NES Contra game:


One very small chance

Almost impossible scenes compiled @ one place:


Prince of Persia rotoscopy

If you are fan of the game, you will apperciate this. Here is the original video, where all realistic movements in the game is based on:

Back to the Future Crysis Mod

A very cool mod for Crysis:


The Lighthouse Keeper

Cool work of Gaëlle Thierry, Jérémie Moreau, Rony Hotin, Baptiste Rogron, Maïlys Vallade, and David François:

Best ad clips of 2000s

A chart with the best advertisement video clips of the passing decade. Click here to see them all, below is the one for Philips and the making-of video:


Korg Kaossilator

One cool music gadget by Korg, below is video of a full performance with it:

Pigeon: Impossible

Produced & directed by Lucas Martell, how a pigeon could create a… war:


Guinness Beer slide

The people behind Guinness Beer know how to make a good commercial:

World domino record

A new world record for the number of dominoes toppled in one go was set in the Netherlands on Friday night, when according to event organisers, 4,345,027 dominoes fell during a two-hour TV show:


40 funny print ads

A collection of some very funny and creative print ads, compiled by Webdesigner Depot. Click to see all of them: 40 funny print ads

A suprised kitty



Luke Randal – Reach

Produced and directed by Luke Randal, featuring a soundtrack by Philip Glass:

10 biggest videogame explosions

10 of most epic explosions, found in video and pc games. Click here: 10 biggest videogame explosions

A giant stingray

It is one of the rarest giants of the ocean, and it has been caught on film for the first time.
An underwater camera crew filming for the BBC recorded a smalleye stingray swimming off the coast of Mozambique.
The smalleye stingray is the largest of all 70 species of stingray, attaining widths of more than 2m.