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Crazy Screaming man...

Well this happens when you scream at someone; you got kicked in the ass...:

GTA IV Stunts

A crazy collection of GTA IV stunts montage by Ben Buja:

Z-Rox Game

z-rox flash game

Z-Rox is a puzzle game based on determining what object is being shown in one dimension. Answers can be anything—letter, number, symbol, shape, etc… Really nice concept:



Honest Products - worth1000

Funny Photoshop contest by Worth1000 on how the consumer products would look like if they were honest.
Like the one on the left of Obesity King: Instantly Die!

More: Honest Advertisements

Man-Powered Ferris Wheel

Indians trying to reduce their carbon footprint somewhat? Man, that would hurt your fingers if you do this all day:


Fractal Art - COLOURLovers

A beautiful collection of fractal art, compiled by the color experts from COLOURLovers. Click to see more, including the natural and animated ones: fractal art

Ronald Jenkees - Throwing Fire

Awesome music video by Ronald Jenkees, playing the keyboard. Enjoy another tune of him, with real influences of chiptunes:


Doggy Prison Break - Part Two

Another doggy prison break; A dog breaks out of his cage and springs his friend, man this dog is smart:

A Counter-Strike Quiz

Everybody has played at least once the cult 3D shooter CS game, but… how oldskool are you? Click to take a quiz: Counter-Strike Quiz

Funny & Unusual USB Gadgets

A collection of unusual gadgets that are powered by USB… like the pencil sharpener below. Click to see more: Funny & Unusual USB Gadgets


Quiet Life - Nature Movie

Directed by LFK, Location: La Barben, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France. Click here for the HD version.

Field Music - In Context

Directed by Dan Lowe, the end picture reveals the most:


Jason Hawkes - London from Above, at Night

london from above at night by jason hawkes

Beautiful aerial photos of London at Night by Jason Hawkes, click to enjoy: Jason Hawkes - London from Above, at Night


Metamorphosis is programmed entirely in Processing, made by Glenn Marshall. The music is by Boards of Canada again - the track ‘Corsair’ from the Geogaddi album.


Never Clean anything

Almost Clean!

How can anyone live like this? I love you can't smell things over the internet...:
Never Clean anything in your entire life!

Your last photo

Photoshop Worth1000 Contest with the theme: The last picture you will ever take...


Doggy Prison Break

Wow this really is a clever dog! Great dog escape. Look at those stupid other dogs:

Top 10 Crazy Computer Freaks video

Don't use the computer too much, cause when you do, you will get crazy, as shown in the next video:


Soothing Glimpses of Tokyo

"I love Japan, this was my 5th time there. It was cold and raining at the start of April and it improved later on. So annoying filming in the rain with an umbrella but the camera survived.(so did I)
Tokyo is amazing and I find new places to explore every time I'm there. There are lovely places to relax and other places that excite the senses!" - Enjoy this wonderful video by Sugoi!

Japanese Goblin Shark

Once thought as prehistoric and disappeared, this type of scary shark has been discovered last year in Japan:


Egg - 3D Short movie

Excellent chinese animation. What would happen in a fully industrialized world?:

Hidden XP Welcome Music

Never knew this, this ambient music exists actually on every XP installed system. The full path to the file is C:\Windows\system32\oobe\images\title.wma, try it out:


Folding A4 Paper 12 Times - Mathematics

An old problem: given an A4 paper, fold it in half 8 times. I bet you cannot. But a high-school-girl has solved this problem mathematically, and managed to do it 12 times even. Click to read the interesting article: Folding A4 Paper 12 Times

Dayvan Cowboy - Boards of Canada

Directed by Melissa Olson, this music video for the song “Dayvan Cowboy” consists of footage from Joe Kittinger’s famous parachute jump from 19½ miles altitude, and later slow-motion footage of big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton:


Melbourne Street Art Pictures

Union st, Melbourne, Australia. A place where you can express your art legally on the street without being fined. Click to see more: Melbourne Street Art

Rotating Grid Illusion

Just one grid, but the human eye sees it as 5, 6 grids when it's rotating around. Click to see:
Rotating Grid Illusion


Sparkler Bomb - 9000 Sparklers

Some guys gathered together and created a 9,000 sparklers bomb. Click here for more info how they made it.

Brain Tracking - Playing GT4 with Brains

An interview with Roland Verment from Neurobics. In this video I test the possibilities of playing games with Brain Tracking (Dutch language):

Flatmobile - The Lowest Sports Car in The World

Officially recognized by the Guiness World Records as the lowest street car, click to see a photo slide of the making of it:


Paper Toy Transformer

Quick how-to-make tutorial a cool multi-transforming device from… paper:

Giant Stars in the known universe

See some of the biggest stars in the known universe in this voice commented 3D animation:


Roller Suit in Swiss Alps

Maybe a repost, but still fascinating, with bits (actually alot) of crazyness:

Koala vs. Crow

In a rare show of athletic ability the koala took a leap of faith. Click to launch the photo slide of this epic battle.


Electrolux Scan Toaster - News on your bread

People who don’t have time to wait for bread to toast can take their toaster to work, hook it up to their computer and even print articles and snapshots on it with Scan Toaster. It can even toast photo's and text!

Sticky Note Experiment

From the creators of the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment, EepyBird show us how to have fun with sticky notes:


Finding Paths through the World’s Photos

A new scientific research by University Washington and Microsoft, demonstrated at the SIGGRAPH 2008, put the Photosynth technology looks like a toy. More info: Washington University - Finding Paths


Super Mario Rescues The Princess

Super Mario just rescued the Princess, but what is next… A funny story by Seth MacFarlane.

Really Bad Driving Skills

Man, i wonder how this guy got his license, more then two minutes to turn his car around:

Play Mercenaries 2 at 1680 x 1050 widescreen

Also had the resolution problem in Mercenaries 2? Cause with this fix 1680 x 1050, and all other resolutions will be supported. You can play Mercenaries 2 at all 16:10 resolutions that didn't work before, like 1440x900, 1920x1200 etc.

Edit Mercs2.ini in your game folder and add the resolution you want to run it at, then run this utility (first extract it in the mercenaries game folder). Leave it running during game startup or it will not work.

Download: Play Mercenaries 2 at custom resolutions.

To play more games widescreen, check out the Widescreen Gaming Forums

UPDATE: New link, with fixed Aspect Ratio! The number you have to fill in here is for example 1024/768=1,33. For 1680x1050, the AR=1,6!

Thanks to tocaedit.com for the fix!


Glass Blower in Venice makes a cat

This is a dude in Venice making an amazing glass masterpiece. I guess that requires some skill:

Simon’s Cat - TV Dinner

Another episode of Simon’s Cat, this time he is hungry and wants to gain its owner's attention. Made by Simon Tofield:


Pepsi Monk

It's a very funny Pepsi commercial with Chinese Monks. :

Cool Water Balls tutorial

How to create solid water balls once you take the water out. In contact with the air, this "water" looses polar hability and sticks to itself,transforming into solid water spheres. Cool effect, I will try it sometime:

How to Turn "water" into Balls - More amazing video clips are a click away

Paul Daniels

Paul Daniels performs a nifty magic trick.


Tallan Latz Blues Guitarist

Tallan Latz is known as the youngest performing blues guitarist in the world, as he right now is only 8-year old:

Lion gets owned!...

...By a guinea pig!:


Fun at Office Cisco Viral

An office place full with talents turns out to be a Cisco viral video:

Employees Having Fun at Office - Click here for this week’s top video clips

Dog Having Nightmares

Poor puppy, seems he was being chased by a huge cat in his dream… :P Never seen an animal having nightmares before:

Dog Have Nightmares - Watch more funny videos here


Fapping in The Office

Believe it or not - a good fap improves your productivity! LOL:

Play with Spider flash game

OMG, this is a MUST SEE!

It's a virtual tarantula to chase your mouse cursor around until you feed it some insects by pressing the spacebar. Move your cursor towards it and it will back away, click on one of its legs and you can drag it to a specific spot.There's also a control panel on the right where you can play. For "stop" just click on "user control". Very realistic leg movements!

Play With Spider by Tomas Eriksson. Creepy!


Oktapidi - 3D Animation

Oktapidi is a 3D Animation made by Gobelins, a french 3d movie studio. Looks lik an animation from a great studio like Pixar! For more info and the making of:
Oktapidi - Making Of


Elisa Strauss Sushi Cake

Elisa Strauss, making a lot of different cakes, for example: sushi cakes... Man there must be a LOT of work in something like this:

Eivind Josefsen Lamp Speed Drawing

The pencil artist Eivind Josefsen in this time-lapsed drawing session, drawing a lamp, turning itself on. Visit his homepage for more works and tutorials:


Half-Life 2’s Goldberg Machine

Funny Goldberg machine, made with Half-Life 2 Garry’s Mod. Really shows how good the physics in Half Life 2 are:

Insane Buggy Landing

LOL! what the... And best of all, they continued after the landing:

http://view.break.com/551556 - Watch more free videos


Sachiko Kodama - Ferrofluids

While most visual artists prefer traditional materials such as oil, acrylic, bronze and ceramic, Tokyo-based Sachiko Kodama prefers Ferrofluids. Composed of magnetic nanoparticles, ferrofluids often contain high levels of iron and, as such, are deeply affected by and responsive to the presence of magnetic fields. While the NASA-developed ferrofluids are being used increasingly for commercial applications - on everything from compact disks to weight-responsive car suspension systems - Kodama is revolutionary in applying their widely dynamic qualities to the fine arts arena:

40 most beautiful and inspirational website designs of 2008

"2008 has brought some big changes in the design trends. One of the major ones was the end of the so called “glossy revolution“, the wrongful design interpretation of the web 2.0 current. You know what I am talking about : the glossy, vivid and colorful logos and website designs, the major usage of reflections and two tone colors. This style is used less and less, and some new design trends are starting to emerge (the vintage style seems to be catching on)" - Check out the 40 most beautiful and inspirational website designs of 2008 on CrazyLeafDesign.com


Concrete Science Zoom

Awesome video zooming into concrete, until it's showing the atoms:

GPS with live Video - Blaupunkt Travel Pilot N700

Next month, the first Navigation System with Live-video will be on the market. The GPS is called the Blaupunkt Travel Pilot N700 and has a little camera built into the back. When it's installed in your car, it shows live images, with route describing arrows placed over the video. The N700 will be on stores next month in Europe for around 500 Euro's: