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The Sand Castle

A true classic in the art of film animation, directed by Jacobus Willem "Co" Hoedeman. Hoedeman has earned more than 80 international awards and honors throughout his career. "The Sand Castle" alone garnered 24 awards, including an Oscar in 1978 for best animated short.

A complete animation made out of sand! Wonderfull and really amazing:

Mafia 2 - First Trailer!

Get ready to experience the gritty underworld of the mob on next gen consoles:
Realistic as hell!

The Godfather’s portrait

Looks like an ordinary picture of The Godfather? Until this fact - it is created entirely with the scripts of the cult movie by Francis Coppola. Other features:

- Completely Handwritten
- All words completely legible
- Easily identify favorite lines from the film

>Click to see in details<


62 Unique Ocean Life Wallpapers | 1600*1200 HQ


tnx to SpaceGoat

Samir Strati’s Leonardo

Cool photos set of “redrawing” Leornardo Da Vinci’s portrait with… nails. Artwork by the Albanian artist Samir Strati, very nice idea!

Click for more Photos:

Amazing Golf Shot

Amazing! That's just a big bunch of luck:


How NOT to Interview someone

Watch Merry Miller make a fool of herself... Turns out anyone can get on TV. Poor Holly Hunter:

Haluz 2 - adventure game

The sequel of Haluz, featuring very nice graphics. Very funny Point 'n Click Adventure Game.

PLAY Haluz 2!


Famous for a while... - Dutch

For our dutch viewers: see how succesfull your name is with the Namerator!

SuperHero of the year!

This is the closest you can come to being a superhero. Just unbelievable:

Piranha on Steroids

I guess you don't want to cross this fish when you're swimming:

More pics right here...

Manualist plays A-ha - Take on me - on his hands!

"I have been playing songs on my hands for 38 years!"



"I'm a huge fan of the Science Fiction toys from the 40's and 50's. I enjoy the level of optimism and naivete present in these works. Robots represent the best parts of us, they're programmed with our best intentions. Robots in a sense are more human than human, they're logical rather than ideological. " -Lawrence Northey

Check out RobotArt! by Lawrence Northey.

The New 7 Wonders - Full Screen 360° Panoramas

Great Wall China, Machu Picchu, Petra, Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Christ Redeemer, Chichén Itzá:

Check out "The New 7 Wonders - Full Screen 360° VR Panoramas"!


Angry Video Game Nerd: Atari PixelPorno!

Even before the ESRB existed, you've got to ask yourself, "How can games like these ever be made!?":

Video games soundtracks

A musical compilation of some of the classic 8 bit game tunes, orchestrated and performed by the Video Games Live orchestra. Just Wonderfull:

Best Penalty Ever!


Mumbai Train Ride

Let's Take A Train Ride In Mumbai!! Just crazy:


The Human Piano

A cool project by Force Theory Productions: Begins to get more interesting at the middle of the video:

Dynamic Architecture - Moving Buildings

Welcome to a new and innovative architecture perspective.
It's called Dynamic Architecture. Isn't life about dynamics as well?
Our buildings keep moving, forever changing their shape to better fit your imagination:
See the video below in HiRes Here ... cooooool! Buidings in the future will change their shape:



A few weeks ago, Microsoft launched Silverlight, Microsoft's answer to Flash. The first site using that technology recently came online, named Tafiti. Ok, maybe it looks good the first time you try it, but it's as slow as hell, and when you search for pictures, it filters out almost anything...

Check out the Tafiti Website

Bombay Taxi

There are 2 problems in Mumbai - parking and taxis. Try Parking!

PLAY Bombay Taxi!

Shadow Puppetry - What a wonderfull World!

Raymond Crowe offers a captivating shadow puppetry performance with Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World":


Lion’s hugs and kisses...

... happens in a zoo in Colombia. Just amazing:

World’s largest Hand

Read the Full Story here...

Explore the sky with Google Earth!

With about a hundred million stars and two hundred million galaxies, Sky in Google Earth lets you explore the heavens like never before.

To navigate to Sky, you need the latest version Google Earth 4.2. A tiny round black icon with a planet resembling Saturn will then appear in the toolbar. Click on this to switch from Google Earth's Earth mode to Sky mode.

Check out a video on it >here<


Clouds: Real Time Weather with Google Maps

See your own weather from above! The view is a mosaic of satellite cloud images taken within the past 3 hours. Also you see a world day/night view of the earth.

Take a look:
(Near) Real-time cloud imagery on Google Maps

Virtual Personage

Meez is a website that allows users to create their own animated avatars, or “3D I.D.” graphics, for the Web.

After creation, Meez “snapshots” (either JPEG or GIF) can be downloaded or exported for use in websites, social networking profiles, blog posts, and discussion forum signatures.

Check out Meez!

The Sun in Motion

Watch our real Sun in several clips with amazing details with The Sun in Motion.
>Click here for the website<


Flying Reptiles and Amphibians

Some very VERY cool footage of flying reptiles and amphibians:


Mr Bean - Invisible Drum

Rowan Atkinson playing on his invisible drum:

Business meetings 2.0

What if business meetings are like comments around the Internet. Funny video, with some strong language. LOL:



One part shooter, one part visual/audio toy, Cubex by RoboJAM is a stunning Flash game. The first person view sends you flying through a futuristic corridor defending yourself against polygonal enemies that appear in the distance. With the mouse, simply move the target around the screen and pelt your foes with weapons fire. The throbbing techno beat in the background keeps things running right along, and each time you fire and destroy an enemy you add to the music.

PLAY Cubex!

Definition of friendship and love…

… in one cute photo. Not Photoshopped! Click for a bigger Version:


Man’s perspective prank

Focus, and shot. Oops, the right object is caught. Just wonderfull how they react:

Actimel - Office Stress

These funny clips of stressed people @ office are from the advertising campaign by Actimel, Danone in Russia. Are they real?

Ethan Winer - A Cello Rondo

Ethan Winer playing 37 separate cello parts to create one song. LOL! Crazy Music Video:


Jakki Degg HI HQ Photos

Great High res nude photos of model Jakki Degg

Download >here<

We had a great wedding!

Everyone was happy and beating each other!: LOL


Bioshock - Free Downloadable Artbook!

You can download the file here. Skip over Ken’s foreword until after you’ve played the game, as it holds some spoilers you might want to keep secret your first playthrough is complete.

And the latest Gametrailer, to keep you busy until the game is released:

Oldskool Jumping...

Too ridicioulous fow words... It keeps getting better and better so watch the whole video. With sound turned down please... Nice pants by the way :P:


Underwater World

A stunning compilation showcasing some of our planet's beauty.
JUST BEAUTIFUL! Location: Cococ Beach island Resort in the Philippines

Minesweeper, The Movie

After Tomb Raider, Mario, Doom, Dune, even Starcraft being filmed, here is the movie version of… Minesweeper. By Elephant Larry.


Racism Inside

Classic example of how a good idea could become bad with poor execution. That white guy looks like a God in this ad by Intel. Click for a bigger version:

Those weird Japanese - Part 4

It's just getting weirder and weirder with those Japanese. Experiment by Japanese Scientists. How to Escape a...

http://view.break.com/311432 - Watch more free videos

WORSE website EVER! - Paper Toilet

If you're really bored during your holiday, lets spend your time with rolling off toilet paper...

Check out the site here...


Russian students - House tetris

After the japanese Human Tetris, a russian one, made with a house: Must have taken a lot of time...

60+ Tools For Gmail!

For a price of 500 Dollar a year Gmail offers users up till 250 GB of storage...

I think the 4 GB gmail offers now (1GB photo's, 3 GB mail) is more then enough, and with these great & useful tools you can make gmail as easy as possible!


Numberz - Game

Cool math-based game, kind of Minesweeper.

Click here to launch.

Burning Laser Flashlight Hack

Turn a MiniMag flashlight into a burning laser pointer!
>CAUTION: Lasers can be dangerous! Do not point them at any living thing! Cool hack, but who has a spare dvd writer and all those stuff :P :


International Snow Sculpture Championships

Great photographs of the International Snow Sculpture Championships, held in Breckenridge Colorado. Just amazing Art... Check out more photos!

Carried Away - 3D Animation

Cute animation short, directed by Zach A. Parrish:

Transforming a 2D image into 3D!

Researchers of Carnegie Mellon University has managed to teach a computer to recognize and transform 2D images into 3D:
You can download the software >right here<.


Make a Glowing Tomato

Only using 3 household chemicals to make a glowing tomato... Very cool!

Insanely Amazing Guitar Solo!

By a brazillian guitarist with scalloped frets and a lot of distortion pedals:
-- tnx to DL| Nero --


A Gentlemen's Duel

A Gentlemen's Duel is a funny and wonderfull 3D animation, produced by Blur Studio. Reminds me of the Minuscule’s Love Story. MUST SEE!:
Download a better quality version right HERE!

Cannon fodder

A cool and addictive game: Cannon Fodder.

Use the Right and Left arrow keys to adjust the angle of your cannon. When you are ready to fire, hold down the spacebar and release when the power bar fills up to desired amount.


Listen to your music anywhere - Anywhere.FM

Anywhere.FM is a music portal that has the look and feel like a web based version of iTunes. You can upload your complete music collection and listen to your music from anywhere that has a computer and an Internet connection. And of course, you can discover new music through Friend Radio.

I was really surprised that the registration did not require an email address at all. It was just a small popup asking for a new username and password and the account was created. Just a wonderfull program/website!

Dino Babies’ game

You have to feed and take care of these dino babies. Pretty stupid at the beginning, but really frustrating when there are a lot of Dino Babies...

PLAY Dino Babies!


Simpsons Movie Site

Exploring the official Simpsons movie website is a real funny adventure.
Especially the games are great! First try the skate game ... and have fun!

Renault’s fisherman

This is the way how to fish people... Beautiful 3D campaign by Renault, a french automobile maker:


People VS Planes

Amazing footage of a plane taking off at the Princess Juliana Airport at St Maarten. Poor people, look what happens with them.

Non-Newtonian fluid 2

Another demonstration of non-Newtonian fluid, with all kinds of Japanese wow, woah and wondering added:



On popular demand, there is now a European version available of Statetris. Not so long ago a game was released where you could play Tetris with the United States of America. Well, give it a try with Europe! Even easy was hard for me LOL...

The Sword

The Americans will test a new weapon in Iraq. The Sword is the first Robot with M249 Machine Guns, and a Rocket Launcher... I guess that's a cool toy for console gamers:

Social Wallpapering

Wonderfull Eye Candy!

Thousands of high resolution images:
Social Wallpapering - sizes up to 2560 x 1600!


Adobe Creative Suite 3 - Motion Sensing

Cool interactive, motion-sensing installation by Adobe, introducing their new CS 3:

Cool magazine illusions

Here are some really cool illusions created by using magazines.
Though it looks simple how these illusions are been created; what matters the most is the angling & the idea, which changes the whole perception of a regular photo into an amazing illusion just by using simple things.

And if you look carefully at the amazing details been taken care off for creating these illusions, you will notice the face shapes of the people & the actual magazine covers are also been matched.

China VR


Great Panoramic Gallery ... Some might take a while to load, but worth the wait.


Triangles Game

Left hand: WSAD keys. Right hand: the mouse. Sounds like playing some other 3D FPS like Quake or Counter Strike. But, nope. They are Triangles, to test your multithreading ability.

Click here to launch.

First time score: 5807


Please try to land somewhere else next time...


Gimme Friction Baby

Gimme Friction Baby, by Wouter Visser , is based on a very simple idea, even though it may at first seem more complicated than it really is.

It's a bit of Billiard, only without the holes :)

Gimme Friction Baby!

Criss Angel - Levitation

Watch the devilish Chris Angel floating between buildings. Sure there should be an explanation... But I don't have one...

Paintjam Dan Dunn - Ray Charles

Amazing artist paints in minutes keeping you in suspense until the very end.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

The amazing final of "Who wants to be a millionaire?" This guy just owns!: