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Megaman II – Dr.Wily Stage 1

Cool remix of the original soundtrack of Megaman II by Sasaki, here to download the mp3.


Taiwanese professional army recruitment

Ain’t this the best recruitment video for an army?

Find the song by… humming

The situation is quite familiar… you like the song, heard somewhere else. But you don’t know who is the artist, neither the song title? Just sing, whistle or even… hum the song, and Midomi might guess it right. I tried several popular songs, and it works quite well. Click to try it:


BBC Comedy – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Beatles

Inspired by the music of The Beatles, it’s the new game everyone is talking about. Created by Harry Partridge for BBC Comedy. Download the track here:


Melting steel with sunlight

James May from Top Gear showing here how to melt steel by the Sun:

The wheel spider

Talking about spiders, here is the one that can reach 44 turns per second once needed. It’s the wheel spider, a.k.a. dancing white lady spider:

Sketch2Photo project

Really cool research by students of Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, China and National University of Singapore, where you sketch some scenery and the engine searches and composes the most accurate photo for you. Here to the project’s page, the online demo page is coming soon:


CollegeHumor – Pixar intro parody

Batmobile @ Stockholm, Sweden

"Was on my way to work and spotted this awesome batmobile replica on the street.

It’s built by Leif Garvin from Stockholm. It took him over 20 000 hours of work and $1 million to finish it. The engine is an 460 Ford big block V8, 700 hp and it’s built on a 1973 Lincoln Continental." - Really Amazing:


Baby scared of his own…



Cool trampoline skills

Cool show-off video by Oli Lemieux of Cirque du Soleil. One word; Awesome:

Animated graffiti

Produced by Studio Cromie. Music by Roberto Lange:


Burnout goes horribly wrong

Stupid ass:

Samsung flexible OLED display

Wow. When will this technology be available for the public?


Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Patchmatch

PatchMatch: A Randomized Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing quickly finding approximate nearest neighbor matches between image patches. - Yeah right, just watch the video to see what Adobe Photoshop CS5 can do for you:

Michael Jackson impersonator fail


Bullet impacts in slow motion

White blood cell vs. Bacteria

Weird to see, but this happens in your body all the time:


Breaking glass with sound

NASCAR gliding

Cool viral video for Gillette:


Top 10 NES intros

A list of 10 Nintendo NES games that have great introductions/title screens. Below is the one for Ninja Gaiden, click here to see them all:


That Mitchell and Webb Look – Proof of no God

Funny UK show – Proof of no God apearing in food:

Playing guitar with a light bulb

In Gomel (Belarus), an elderly woman is playing guitar blues with an electric light bulb:


Remake of Monkey Island 2

A quick concept video, showing how it could look like the Monkey Island 2 game, rendered with the modern Cryengine. Here to it’s page for more info, videos & downloads.

Louis Armstrong vs Radiohead – What A Wonderful Surprise

A mashup mix by Overdub:


Virtual tour of Lechuguilla cave

Located in Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico, the deepest cave in the US, Lechuguilla is most famous for its unique geology and rare formations. It is limited to access but scientists and exploration teams. Now time, take a tour down into the cave for its beauty and fascinating features with the Planet Earth TV series.
Here for more info about Lechuguilla cave:

Inspector Gadget with beer bottles

This man with his performance of Inspector Gadget theme song on beer bottles is really a great musician:


The future of the laptop?

Meet the Rolltop, a possible candidate for the future laptop. Created by Orkin Design:


Adidas – All Day I Dream About Sneakers

Branding project “All Day I Dream About Sneakers” was created for Adidas Originals by Dimitri Kalagas and Chris Cork. The world’s most original range of sneakers were converted to unordinary sculpted models. Achieved models were used in extended compaign which included in-store posters, visual merchandising displays and a limited edition book. All sculptures as result are fully consistent with the creeds of the company – “Impossible Is Nothing” and “Celebrate Originality”.

- The amazingness here is they are real 100% and not photoshopped.

Click to see more: Adidas – All Day I Dream About Sneakers

Saturn – Spartak Moscow

A fan scores a goal! LOL:


Bizarre fish found in Brazil

A gelatinous fish found off Brazil’s Bahia coast has been touted as a previously unknown species. But the six-foot-long, toothed oddity may be a known member of a group of mysterious bottom-dwellers known as jellynose fish, another expert says:



Funny police pursuit

Haha, and the Benny Hill’s music is quite appropriate:

The Lonely Island – Cool guys don’t look at explosions

When there are explosions, don’t ever look back. If you are a cool guy. Music video by The Lonely Island. LOL:


Alone in the dark T-shirt

For the people who don't know; Alone in the Dark is a game...

And in this environment it's just...Ouch...


What If Nintendo made movies?

The title says it all. Click to see the rest of the gallery:

What If Nintendo made movies

Shady optical illusion

A simple, yet really cool illusion, playing with shadow and shade:


They hate Audi

Clever campaign by Audi, definitely can join our Carmakers’ war list:


Paper world of Scribe

A cool campaign, done by CRU DE LADIES for Scribe:
SCRIBE MUNDO DE PAPEL from ladies on Vimeo.


Spelunky platformer game

8-bit colors and sounds (or look like it is 8-bit) platformer game in 2009? Yes, why not, if the gameplay is cool, the levels are well constructed and you never get bored playing the game. Here to the more detailed review and here to the downloads.

One cool parkour guy

The Coolest Guy in the World - Watch the best video clips here


How a construction crane is… contructed

Cool animated video showing how a construction crane is erected. Really amazing piece of human technology:


What happens in the underground

Metro/subway/underground… the place where you find all this oddity.

Click to see more: What happens in the underground

Canabalt one-button game

Fast-paced action game, which requires only one button to play. With cool action-movie-like soundtrack.

Click to launch: Canabalt one-button game