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New ASIMO learning capabilities

After running and conducting music, here are the new capabilities of the Honda’s Asimo: the ability to learn out the surrounding environment and object:


Cheers to You

Man, what a product… to improve your… confidence. And only for… $25 :)

Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance

Great Stop-Motion video by Oren Lavie:


Blending… lighters

Blending lighters is something you should never try at home, and here is why:

3D snow prints

Not sure if this is real or not, but check out more here: 3D snow prints


Citroen GT concept

A cool new concept of Citroën, created exclusively for the game Gran Turismo 5 on Playstation 3. Click to see more: Citroën GT concept

Black notes madness

This music starts fairly easy, until… Really Crazy!:


Brain Tricks

A collection of several visual tricks to play with your brain a little bit:

Karate casting

Worst casting for a karate movie... EVER!


Top goal celebrations

Beside the beautiful goals, these celebrations after scoring them are also so enjoyful and really funny:

Insane strength

This B.A. like guy has incredible strength:

Insane Strength - video powered by Metacafe


Mentally Retarded Britney Spears Fan

How to put yourself on the internet as a retard: Just upload a video of yourself singing Britney Spears' Hit me baby one more time:


The T-Mobile Dance

Watch the moment Liverpool Street Station danced to create this special T-Mobile Advert... Cool and smart commercial by T-Mobile:

Girls Walls pack HD

Some wallpapers to spice up your desktop! :)

Girls Walls pack - 2
35 jpg | 1600x1200-1920x1200 | 24.38 MB




How To Fill A Tire

If you ever need to pop your tire back on the rim, and all you have is a lighter and some flammable spray, just give this a try!:


Water drop in slow-motion

This is a slow motion video of a water droplet falling into extremely fine sand. The result is simply amazing!:


Instruction Manual for Life

Interesting words-animation by TheraminTrees and his brother QualiaSoup:

Cool Magic show

From the New Year program of the French TV5/Monde, this one is full with amazing illusions. Enjoy. Deaturing dutch magician Hans Klok:


V Water

Cool advertisement clip for the English brand V Water. Really nicely drawn and animated:

The IT Crowd - This is the internet

From the Season 3, episode 5 of The IT Crowd series. This is the internet, wireless…:


Skillful gum bubble blower

This girl has an amazing skill of blowing a gum bubble in a gum bubble in a gum bubble in a gum bubble…:

George Bush Top 10 Moments

Our beloved (ahum ahum) president is finally stepping down, and here are the top 10 moments from his presidential life:



Instant photos tricks to play with your family’s and friends’ photos. Click to launch: PhotoFunia


Top 4 funny scenes from Prince of Persia

Top 4 funny scenes from Prince of Persia game whoever made this has to be genius:


The Dream Comes True

The simplicity, the genius, the emotions are the basis of this short film where Soichiro Honda is talked about for the first time:

Video Game Design between 1990-2008

A story on how the games have advanced between 1990 to current days through screenshots. Brings a lot of memory back too.

Click to see more: Video Game Design between 1990-2008


The Bean Shooter Man

Dig deep into the south to find Rufus, the greatest bean shooter around! This guy has some incredible aim with his homemade slingshot:


What is Comedy?

And, here is … one of the anwsers. A short film, written and directed by Francesco Marciuliano; edited by Sara Benincasa from Medium Large’s educational library:

Knick Knack - Pixar short 1989

Knick Knack is a computer animated Pixar short film released in 1989. Really nice and funny animation for that time:


History of the Internet

… in clear graphics. Cool work by Melih Bilgil:

Bastiaan van Rooden - Border

Lieutenant Lou meets an angry traffic light protecting the border then passes with … a red lipstick. Animated short by Bastiaan van Rooden from Vancouver Film School:



A big fan of Noah Scalin’s ambitious Skull-a-Day project reviewing these copies of various household-object skulls. Click to see more: Food-skulls

Live-action Super Mario skit

Another award-winning performance from japanese's "Kinchan no Kasoh Taisho"


Table cloth challenge

A lot of ideas and fun, Japaness gameshow can always make me laugh out loud. This time is a contest of pulling the tablecloth out from underneath tableware. A really big WTF @ the ending...:

Tic Tac Advertisement

Lol this guy is good with some Tic Tac candy! Funny advertisement by Tic Tac:


Rebecca hoops on the rings

Amazing skilled woman who can does hoops while swinging on rings in Santa Monica:

Le Nouveau 3D Animation

In this french animation , called "Le Nouveau", a cleaner must replace someone who is retiring in a hotel:


Bike parking system

… from Japan. Up to 144 bicycles can be stored underground (into the 7th dimension) and are retrieved in seconds. Go here for more info and see also how it looks like from inside:

Images from your mind...

Researchers from Japan’s ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories have developed new brain analysis technology that can reconstruct the images inside a person’s mind and display them on a computer monitor, it was announced on December 11. According to the researchers, further development of the technology may soon make it possible to view other people’s dreams while they sleep. Really amazing, if this works!: Images from your mind...



The story of Snow White

… with domino. Filmed by Bod Demper, this is a huge amount of work:

Even baby elephants like the Snow

From local Portland Oregon television station - Oregon Zoo baby elephant plays in the snow:


Sesame Street - Goldberg machine

A classic animation from the Sesame Street on Goldberg machine with the theme of the alphabet. Great work:

Nion game

A really nice work by Phendrana, Nion is a simple looking game, that incorporates a number of gameplay modes, including puzzle, accuracy, speed, survival, and several combinations of the above, is started out as a shape shooting game.

-6 Modes
-144 Stages
-Bronze, Silver and Gold medals for every stage
-Save System

Nion game


Magic Flashlights

Knife Show Inc and friends uncover a strange phenomenon at Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood. Snowboarding video takes place in and out of High Cascade Summer Camp. Shot and edited by Mike Benson. Starring Brendan Hayes, Eli weiner, Scott Stevens, Chris Beresford, Matty Mo, Jesse Burtner, and Casey Wrightsman. Lights made in After Effects:

How it’s made: Marbles

We all had those small, colorful balls toy as kids. But how they are made? Not quite that simple process you would expect huh?, watch below to see how:


Budapest, by night, and panoramic

Stunningly beautiful 3D panoramic shot of Budapest at night. Click to launch, QuickTime required:

Chicken tennis

A funny ad clip for the Vizzavi service of Vodafone UK:


Stickman trapped in LG phone

A viral video for the LG Cookie (KP500). Seems it’s the work of the Animator vs. Animation’s author:

The Sky in Motion

beautiful project by Till Credner from TheSkyInMotion.com, where the sky is captured as a series of HD photos and composed into a moving pictures piece. Enjoy the video below, and definitely check the playlist @ the official page:


The One-man-living Cartoon Factory

The Living Cartoon.. aka..the world famous quick change comedian:

Bald Eagle VS Huge Fish

A swimming Bald Eagle Vs. a huge fish. Quitting is not an option…:


2009 : The Making of Electrabel

Beautiful commercial by Electrabel, this must have costed a lot of money...:

Ans here is the making of:

Jen Stark’s Paper Art

Beautiful Jen Stark’s papercut artworks with Coriolis Effect: Meet her and see how she makes them:


New Year in Sydney

Sydney celebrated the New Year as always with a gigantic firework. A photo by Peter Murphy, click the image to enjoy it in full 360 panorama: