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Bloons is a cool game, where you have to pop as many baloons as your monkey can witht his darts arrows. To throw a dart, just aim with the mouse and press and hold the mouse button to power it up.

How far can you get? I'm currently at level 27. Even Pacman shows up after a while!

PLAY Bloons!

Image Mosaic Generator

This is soo cool! With this site, you can create your own image mosaics. Upload a photo from your Hard Disk, and the site will turn it into a picture made out of more than hundred smaller images.

For example i uploaded this photo of Bono, click on it and you will see it's made out of hundreds of smaller images.

Check out the site, and upload your own photo!

Battle City Nes game

Nostalgia. Remember this old, classic game for the NES? Reminds me of the old days when i was playing this game on my SNES... Just pure gameplay. Now you can play it online, thanks to the guys from syo.com.ua.

PLAY Battle City!



Games at Miniclip.com - SkywireTake control of the cable car and get the passengers to safety in this very addicting skills game! You must get one of the 3 passengers to the finish line, or else it's Game Over for you.

PLAY Skywire!

Finger Twister & Super Kicks

Finger Twister: It doesn't work with all keyboards unfortunately, but if it works with yours then expect to get all twisted up... you'll get some strange looks if you are playing in public! I'm starting up a gallery as well... so get someone to take a photo of you playing it and send
it in!

Superkicks: A simple click click click game... Just keep the ball in the air for as long as you can!

Things will be different...

For the ones who didn't see it already: This time GTA plays in New York (as i said earlier), and you probably take the role of an eastern-europe guy. Perhaps the most obvious technical upgrade visible in the trailer is the real-time lighting and shadows.
Download the high res trailer at the GTA4 site


D-Day - GTA IV trailer is coming!

The countdown is almost at it's end, less then 5 hours to see the first trailer of GTA IV. I hope we shall see some cool ingame footage soon of probably the city New York. I can't wait :p

Stay up to date with the latest GTA IV news on DyNamicLinQ!

Check the GTA IV website, with for now only the countdown...

Dynamo 3d Music Animation

Dynamic is an nontypical animation by Benjamin Mousquet and Fabrice le Nezet. It features a world full of rhythms:


Minuscule - Love story

The Miniscule is back, this time with a Love Story!

Pixelgirl Desktop Wallpapers

Very cool and free design wallpapers collection, from PixelgirlPresents.com. Some very neat artworks are to be found here

Also free icons are available at the website.


Overhead Persistence

The old "navigate through a maze" concept enjoys a small rebirth in the form of Overhead Persistence, a gorgeous Flash game, made by Acrid Rose. Guide the cursor through each level avoiding the walls and any other obstacles in the way:

PLAY Persistence!

Wrestling Robots

Just too funny to watch: 2 Robots trying to wrestle with each other. Although they don't move really natural, it's great to see how technology has changed in the past couple of years:

Biggest RC car

The biggest RC car, made by Top Gear:

Ferrari Enzo Crash by Eddie Griffin

Ok, so driving one of the 400 Ferrari Enzo's in the world is cool. Eddie Griffin tought that too, until he did this...Oops, sorry!


Biggest Banner - Whale

A Whale in it's original size, just soo cool. It's like Google Earth on a whale :)


Dirty car Art by Scott Wade

You've probably already seen some of Scoot Wade's cool artworks, created with dust on the cars. Now he has made a lot of cool new creations. So:

Click here to see his gallery!


Geometry Wars Clones!

Of course, everyone knows Geometry Wars by now. That's why a lot of cool clones have come out recently. Especially check out Veck 2!

Check them out here.

Don't touch this touchscreen!

A new amazing technology found at Cebit 2007 from White Electronic Designs & Tactyl Services companies. It's a touchscreen you don't have to touch to interact with and it works through glass at 15 cm distance.


Violence in Videogames

Joe Carnahan has made this spot for HSBC. I don't think it's the videogames to be blamed, but the parents (And the game he's playing looks a lot like GTA indeed):

Ferrari & Shell 60th anniversary

Celebrating 60 years of collaboration between Shell and Ferrari, this film will be rolling out across the world’s television screens soon.

The Builders

Bizzarre creatures living in a barren landscape attempt to find an answer to the ultimate question. This all seems just out of reach, until in a sense, the answer, finds them.


Bubble Tanks

Travel outside your bubble and let the fun begin in this addictive game. It only takes a long time before it gets really difficult...
Use the ASWD Keys to Move Around. Use Mouse to Aim and Shoot

PLAY Bubble Tanks!

Carried Away

A great 3D short by Zach Parrish. Simply Amazing:

Higher resolution versions: Quicktime 640x360 divx

Dmitry Stanyakin Photography

Enjoy these beautiful photos of St. Petersburg by Dmitry Stanyakin, a.k.a rAdis. Check out more photo's on his gallery, which can be found here.



In Planned, the game starts with several small squares on the screen. Your job is to connect all of them together by clicking them and making them grow. Sounds easy, but it isn't...

PLAY Planned!


No, this is not another wallpaper site, but a complete audiovisual experience!

Check out Desktopography!
A selection of nature themed backgrounds made by selected designers.

7 Seconds Nürburgring

This vid was taken by the passenger of a old BMW M3 on the Nordschieife (Nürburgring). they came on the track at Breidsheid and crashed 7 sec later on the way out of Exmuhle.



The idea is simple: keep your ball for as long as possible on the blue square, while avoiding the grey balls. How long can you survive?

PLAY Balls!

Mario Bros Legostyle

What to do, if you got too much time, and a box of Lego? You go and make a Mario Bros Level of course, and ask your little sister if she wants to play the tune with her flute!



Time to test your reflexes again! Move your mouse over the falling stones, and don't miss more than 20. Good Luck!

PLAY Tabuto!

Basketball slam

Hear the crowd roar as you slam dunk your way to victory against the rival team of your choice. Play your favourite sport completely in 3d!

PLAY Basketball Slam!

Winter Haven on Mars

The picture was taken by the NASA robot “Spirit” over the course of 5 months. The 'McMurdo' panorama is a combination of more than 1400 individual pictures which were taken when the lack of sunlight didn’t allow the rover to move during the Marsian winter. Now, you can view it in 3D here.



Cool, simple and addicting. That's Boomshine. Try to make a chainreaction of explosions.

PLAY Boomshine!

Best Goldberg machine ever

These guys claim they have created the best Goldberg machine ever. And they're probably right. This must have cost a lot of work:

Creative Photoshopping

This site offers some very cool, and sometimes a little bit disgusting photoshopped pictures of humans and animals.

Check it out here


Sand Sculptures Exploded

A very stunning slow-motion backward video on how sand sculputures are exploded in the Sand Blasters: The Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship, held in San Diego, California. For more clips and higher quality, click here.

Hammer & Coop

Hammer & Coop is a 'webserie' made by Mini, for the promotion of the new Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S. A bit of the A-Team, Knight Rider ,Starsky and Hutch, and some beautiful bikini babes!

Very cool marketing with several cool episodes.
Check out Hammer & Coop!


Frost Bite

Frost Bite is a colorful new platforming adventure game from Nitrome, the creators of Scribble, Hot Air and many others. Your goal is to climb to the top of each stage, fending off monsters and collecting bonus items along the way. Move with the WASD keys and use the grapple hook with your mouse.

PLAY Frost Bite!

Penumbra: Overture Demo

For the ones who didn't know: The demo for Penumbra: Overture is out. A list of mirrors can be found here. Penumbra is a beautiful and innovating game, made by 4 students.
Penumbra: Overture is the second part of Penumbra, the first part can be found here.

Unicycling Pro - Kris Holm

This man, Kris Holm, is crazy. Watch his unicycle video below and you will see why.


Monster Truck Trials

You are a junior tester at the monster trucks factory. Get the best out of those monsters! Finish all the trials.

PLAY Monster Truck Trials!

Get the Glass

Get the glass is absolutely a beautiful 3D game, for the promotion of drinking milk. You just have to check this out, because the graphics of the animations are absolutely stunning. So...

PLAY Get the Glass!


Crazy Castle

In Crazy Castle you got a lot of weapons to shoot all the enemy's that want to destroy your castle.
The game will start off easy but will get very hard! Switch trough your guns with the left and right keys.

PLAY Crazy Castle!

How to make someone look old

The video below is about the special effects make-up to look old. Very nice work, you just can't see there's a young woman underneath the old make-up:


Sexy Golf Lesson With Hot Girls

How can the most dullest sport, named golf, be sexy? Just add some hot girls to it! I think that's a different hole in one sir...

Cruisin' with your 30" Wheels

How much can pimpin' your car get? $30k for the wheels on a $3k car... These rims are so outlandish they make the car look like a cartoon:

Check for more info: >CLICK<

Borat Baywatch

A funny parody of Baywatch from the DVD of Borat Sagdiyev, played by Sacha Baron Cohen:


Neave Strobe - Get trippy!

Stare at the middle of the strobing lines for 20 seconds, then look away. And get very trippy. Please turn your sound on too for the best music you ever heard...

Check out: Neave Strobe!

Jean-Marie Vives’ Works

Jean-Marie Vives has made some very creative and beautiful photography, matte paintings and illustrations in his life.

Just check these great works out >Here<

Boondock Saints

"And sheperds we shall be for thee, my lord, for thee.
We shall flow a river forth unto thee
And teeming with souls shall it ever be.
En nomini patri, et fili, spiritus santi."

Click one or two times on the video below (very little use of the F-word...):

Flash Tron

Flash Tron is something like Snake for two persons, you have to try to let the other player collide to your snake or his own...

PLAY Flash Tron


World's Tallest Virtual Building

Cool collaboration pixel-art project by MrWong.de.

It is 2000+ metres high (the Petronas Towers are around 500m) and made by 406 people. Click on the image to see it.

Geometry Wars

Here it finally is for Windows XP and (Vista).
Geometry Wars, a game that is very addictive and requires a lot of your eye-hand-mouse-keyboard coordination.
Give it a try, you won't be dissapointed!

pass: www.2baksa.net

Weird Russian pics - Part 2

Some of the weirdest pics from our Russian friends. The boy on the left wears the newest fashion by the way...

And here some pics of lovely squirrels.

Visual DNA

VisualDNA is an interesting test about your personality through a selection from images of what you define as art, beauty, love etc.

>Launch VisualDNA<


African Sunsets

Some very cool photo's of African Sunsets, made by Michael Poliza:



A very nice skill puzzle game, where you have to get the branches of your tree trough the rings. The idea is very original, but it's going to be very difficult after a while.

PLAY Komix!


Jelly Jumper

In this follow up online game to the hugely popular Ball Balancer you have to bounce around the levels collecting green targets. There's 50 levels in this online game and it's incredibly addictive!
No-one has ever reached 100% so will it be you?

PLAY Jelly Jumper!

Robot Dancing Show

This video shows the Qrio robot, Sony’s answer to Honda’s Asimo, dancing with great and smooth moves. Just Amazing how fast technology goes:

Aero for Windows XP

Most people change their OS to Windows Vista, because of the aero glass look. But because Vista still has a few problems, many XP users haven't upgraded their OS. For those people is this program. Topdesk let you use the Vista Aero style windows with the same effects on XP!



Check out this nice 3d flash site, and download some of the very cool things they made:

>Check out Screenvader<

Cola Jackpot

How to get all the money inside a Cola machine (the trick doesn't work on all cola machines):


Creative and cute animals, made from vegetables. Check out more >Here<

Oh, and please also check out the world around you, cause Nature is sexy!


Top Gear - UltraLimo's

Some of the nicest and ugliest cars, pimped into limo's by the Top Gear crew...

Lost's John Locke drawn in Photoshop

A six minutes time-lapse video of drawing John Locke with Photoshop. 3 hours of work in Photoshop, made by Nexx. Some very nice art:



Here's some beautiful Eye Candyfor our viewers!:

It takes a moment to load but is worth the wait ... and turn your sound on.
Please also check out this one

Stylewar - in this world

A very cool 3D Animation of some Aliens, who try to get the attention from the humans...:
>Check it out<

You can find more cool commercial work of Smuggler, >here<

Golf Ace

Choose your opponent and tee up for 9 holes of challenging golf in a very cool flash 3d Game, named Golf Ace:

PLAY Golf Ace!


Flies VS. Cars

These are Macro Photo's of Flies. But not living Flies, but Flies after being hit by a car... Done by Volker Steger for Spiegel.
>Check out the Photo's<

PSP made in MS Paint!

This work, created by randis in Paint, looks incredible and impossible. Ok you can see it is made in paint, but still it's very cool. The final work is available here.

Oh, and btw: If you don't have Photoshop at hand, just use Fauxto(Sign up first) Fauxto is an amazing Flash-based project to clone Photoshop. Right now more basic functionalities are implemented, with layers support already. Amazing.

Cork in the Bottle

How to get a cork out of a bottle, without braking the glass?


Open docx in Word 2003

With this very nice utility from Microsoft you can open a Word 2007 file within Word 2003 (*.docx).