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"Joran did it!"

peter r de vries

A leaked conversation reveals, Joran van der Sloot did kill Natalie Holloway! This becomes clear from a open directory on dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries's website. The dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries has planned to reveal this Sunday on dutch Television his hidden cam confession.

More info: Joran did it


Jack Frost

Jack Frost

Small beautiful pixel-art game to play with.

PLAY: Jack Frost

Mikael Rantalainen Photography

Mikael Rantalainen Photography

Nature, landscape, and event photos:

Mikael Rantalainen Photography

The beauty of Finland - and other places...


Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro

In Dubai metro's arent shitty like in Holland. In Dubai, people have money...:
Dubai Metro

How To ...

Science is fun and educational with Professor Gizmo and his Amazing Science Presentations. You will learn how airplanes fly, how gravity works, where weather comes from and more, through this award-winning science teacher's zany experiments and the incredible, explosive gizmos he makes out of ordinary household items. Professor Gizmo-Amazing Science Presentations: Fun Science.

How To Float A Ping Pong Ball In The Air


Music with Drinking Glasses

LOL Really a weirdo, but he owns big time:
More of him right here: Music with drinking glasses
Music with Drinking Glasses

Zero Privacy

Two young men take a turn down the wrong street view. Really funny video:


Magic Milk Rainbow

How to mix colors with a bowl of milk:

Paper Airplane over New York City

Cool flight of a paper airplane over New York without a crash during the landing. I wish they mounted a microcamera, but that probably would have made it to heavy:

http://view.break.com/425203 - Watch more free videos

Evolution in 5 Minutes

Not completely true, but very well made:


Egg Trick

Another easy, yet effective and impressive bar trick to perform.

Choppa Poppa

Choppa Poppa

Use your mouse to maneuver your helicopter to pop all the balloons. Collect missiles to blow up obstacles and avoid the spikes and bombs. Any unused missiles carry over to the next level, so be sparing.

Choppa Poppa


Coca Cola - The Happiness Factory

The Happiness Factory

Well, Coca Cola has launched an interactive version of their popular and imaginative TV commercial: The Happiness Factory is online.
The concept of the site is that you are an applicant who wants to join the team at the factory. With cute games and visual delicacies!

Nitro Circus - ThrillBillies

No seat belt necessary! Bikes, monster trucks, helicopters and a trophy truck hit the air in orchestrated chaos. Want to see more? Click >here<


Box2D Flash Physics Engine

Box2D Flash Physics Engine

Wow! It's amazing what you can do with flash these days... You can even interact with it. My favorite it the 2nd experiment.

Box2D Physics Engine

RC Helicopters Fly Easy

Quick tweak to let those mini RC toys fly easier and more stable. Also less likely to break when you crash.

Mini-RC Heli EASY Fly Mod! - video powered by Metacafe

Hardest Mario level?

Insane Japanese remix of Super Mario Bros 1, which might be the hardest one? The game can be downloaded/played here.


You Suck at Photoshop #3

Weird photoshop tutorial with a funny bit inside.

HDR Japan

HDR JapanHDR Japan features high dynamic range photography of Japan in an attempt to provide a visually stunning travel resource for this region. Unlike other online guides who can't really guide you through Japan, we want to make sure that you get a taste of this beautiful region.

HDR Japan


Money Celebrity Pictures

Money Celebrity PicturesThere's a new craze going in United Kingdom - people take pictures of themselves partially covered with folded banknotes (mostly with queen Elizabeth) in the foreground. The result is a merged faces of people and queen Elizabeth on the banknotes. The mix looks surprisingly natural for some.

Check out the photoshop gallery of Famous People mixed with Banknotes!

Dolphin Bubble Rings

When you spend your life in the water, I guess you tend to develop a good intuition for its subtleties. Dolphins have been observed to create bubble rings by exhaling air... More» carefully in the middle of the vortices caused by the motion of their fins through the water, among other techniques.

See more at Earthtrust's Project Delphis.


Kenichi Ebina - Robocop525

enichi Ebina is a solo self-taught japanese dance performer. This one was performed at San Francisco HipHop DanceFest 2005. Amazing:


Ants City

From Ants! Natures Secret Power:

The Zippo Trick

Simple trick to learn with a zippo:


Line Golfer

Line GolferThis is one of those games that seems simple, but ...

It uses similar tools to the classic Line Rider game, but adds the ability to play, post and share your creations.

Design your golf course in Line Golfer

The Lights

A cool techno-design surreal short by Matt Carter:
3 lively "Lights" discover and undertake their true purpose.


The Northern Owls

A dreamy slow-motion video of owls hunting mices.
The Northern Owls

Aan mijn Profiel Toevoegen | Meer Video's

MacBook Air

Apple's Tinnest laptop ever. Only, there are a few downsides. It's got no DVD player and only a 80 GB harddisk and 13 inch monitor... And that for a price of 1,800 dollar:

Sand Art in a Bottle

Really Amazing Sand Art in a Bottle:


Last Day of Bill Gates at Microsoft

Bill Gates saying good bye to Microsoft @ CES 2008.


Resonant Chamber by Animusic in HD

Cool animation by the folks at Animusic. Allow it to buffer and enjoy fullscreen for best view, Its worth the wait:

The Piano 3D Short Movie

The Piano is a animated short, directed by Aidan Gibbons.

Link: sevenload.com

Roie Galitz Photography

Roie Galitz Photography

A brilliant photographer from Israel. Most of the website is in Hebrew ...
However, very wonderfull site and Photo's!


F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet

A liitle bit long tutorial video, but when finish, you will end up with the best paper F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet in the world:

Build The Best F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet In The World - video powered by Metacafe


Kwari Gameplay Demonstration

New online FPS concept. Buy Ammo. Fight. Make a Killing. Kwari is a first-person shooter multiplayer online game, the first game of its kind with participants competing against each other for money. Just try it, if you know you're gonna own in First Person Shooters:

Taptu Music Cube

Taptu Music Cube
Identify artists, albums, and songs from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s:

Taptu Music Cube



YouTorrent is the world's first real-time torrent comparison search engine. Search all torrent sites with one site! You must add this to your favorites:


How To Make Fire Balls

Learn to make fire balls that you can hold in your hands: But be careful! I wonder why he doesn't burn his hands...

How To Make Fire Balls - video powered by Metacafe


Alienware curve display

CES 2008 - Alienware curve protype display. Now that's gaming!

Smart with Hayabusa engine

A Smart for two which has got implanted a Hayabusa engine with 13.000rpm...


Tony Jaa Martial Arts

A collection of demonstrations by the Thai martial art movie star Tony Jaa:

Wildlife and Nature Photography by Miguel Lasa

Wildlife and Nature Photography by Miguel Lasa

All photos are pure magic! Wildlife and Nature Photo's made by Miguel Lasa:

Wildlife and Nature Photography by Miguel Lasa


Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk commercial, with a Gorilla drummer. This commercial won the “Epica d’Or Film” 2007. For the ones who don't know the song (probably none of you), it's “In The Air Tonight”, by Phil Collins.

High-Velocity Falcon

How fast can a peregrine falcon fly? A scientist aims to find out by skydiving along with the birds.

As a bird lover you should check out the videos here by National Geographic.
242 mph, = 389 km/h!


Smart Animals

Smart Animals, Who says Animals are Stupid and Cant think for themselves? Watch this clip, it may Change your mind:

New Ferrari F2008

Ferrari F2008Introducing: The New Ferrari F2008. The F1 car that's 605 kilogram's, including water, oil and pilot. This F1 car will accelerate faster than ever before:

Ferrari F2008

Circuit Boxes Art

Some very cool decorations of otherwise ugly circuit boxes. Click on the images for a bigger view:


Car on Compressed Air

A French engineer, with backing from an Indian firm, has developed a car that runs on compressed air. A full tank should cost 1,5 euro's, good for 200 km's and the topspeed will be 110 kmph! And 3,500 euro's for the cheapest model:

Cursor 10

Cursor 10 (cursor times ten) is a simple-looking puzzle game just released by Yoshio Ishii of Nekogames. You are a cursor in a tower trying to reach the top. Clicking objects will give you Cursor 10points or uncover items, while clicking on stairs allows you to move between floors. Each of your ten lives is time-limited, and when one ends the next begins on the bottom floor. But you're not alone. As you start the next life your previous actions are replayed in real-time, creating a fun "cooperate with yourself" atmosphere.

Play: Cursor 10


Stupid & Funny Goals

Some incredible goals in football, especially the no. 1 is hard to believe. Really Funny:

Wacky Ballz

Wacky Ballz GameGuide your Wacky Ball and collect all the stars before the time runs out.: Wacky Ballz


Tony-B Soundmachine

If you want to be a DJ and don't know anything about music, then it's time to test the Tony-B Soundmachine!

Marcelino And Bartolomeo: Bye-Bye!

Little funny animated short by Mario Pochat. Bye Bye!

Marcelino And Bartolomeo: Bye-Bye! - video powered by Metacafe


Trainsurfing at 205 MPH (330 Km/h)

Crazy guy uses suction cups to attach himself on the back of the German ICE bullet train and takes free ride at 205 MPH (330Km/h)
He started his ride in the station of HANAU, Germany.

Mauvais Rôle

A short animated movie - especially funny if you play video games - by a team of students at Sup'Infograph. A game MOB is looking for a new job and tries out many different roles. There is no need to know the French language to get the film.

For more information and a higher resolution copy, see Sup'Infograph - Mauvais Rôle.


Bugatti Veyron at 407kmph

BUGATTI Veyron at top speed of 407.4kmph!
The fastest car on the market. Maybe a repost, but now in HD and MUST SEE:

New Year 2008 Panoramas

As last year VR Photographers around the world will do interactive 360 degree panoramas from the New Year's celebrations:

New Year 2008 Panoramas