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Weird Russian pics - Part 4

Some of the weirdest and funniest Russian pictures on the web!:

The Funniest Sport Pictures!

Some other random funny stuff

Check out the older posts of Russian Pictures here:
Part1, Part2, Part3!

Bose Active Suspension

Could this be really real? I know Bose is famous with their sound system, what is this suspension story? Looks really cool:


Party In My Tummy

There's a Party In My Tummy, Yummy Yummy!

Rally crash

That's some nice parking!:

Balance Two Forks

…on a toothpick. Does not look much impressive, until they burn the toothpick itself. NICE!:


Dice Stacking

Man, this is nearly impossible. Could it be real?

Flitsen... De baan van je leven...

For our Dutch viewers: De impact van radio op het verkeer:


Loading.Ready.Run - Halo 3

The recent hyped release of Halo 3 surely made alot of noises and caused the guys from Loading.Ready.Run to make this short about the future of gaming. Personally, I think Halo 3 is way too overhyped and there are much better games for 360, but check out yourself:

57 Things We Learn from Games!

A hardcore gamer? Or know somebody as such? Actually, you can learn alot by gaming. Click here to read more...


Still Want to Save the Whales?

A campaign about saving… Pandas.

We're All a Bunch of Monkeys

A humorous approach to explaining a logical view of the world and what we are.
We’re all a bunch of Monkeys, after all.


Julien Dupont, the real Line Rider

Get to know with Julien Dupont, a french guy who can do amazing and crazy stuff with his motorbike. Reminds me of Jean-Yves Blondeau aka the Rollerman...

Beta Gel

Very Nice! Demonstration of the incredible absorbing gel, developed by Tokyo-based Geltec Corporation:

Tornado Lab

Cool Tornado maker machine on your desk. Featuring five adjustable motorized speeds, simulating the internationally recognized F1 – F5 Fujita Scale of measuring tornadoes. Click here for the product’s homepage.



Learn why this number is so special, that there is even a dedicated homepage for it, by… visiting its homepage...

1 GB in 20 Years & Aurora Season

1 GB: Today and 20 years ago! Some huge technology advancements have been made in 20 years :)
Click here to see the high res photo...

Aurora Season Begins

Yesterday, autumn has arrived and that means it's time to watch out for Northern Lights. Check out the September 2007 Aurora Gallery by SpaceWeather!


On The Second Photos

Sometime the second does matter, and these photos prove that. Authors are unknown:

Kerem Beyit artworks

Some fantasy (and scary) illustrations by the turkish artist Kerem Beyit.

Click here to view his deviantART homepage.

Stick of Death 3

In Stick Of Death 3, you must use the arrow keys to guide a rotating cylinder to a big fat circle with an X at the other end of the map, which represents the exit. That’s about it, let’s see how you can do!

Play Stick of Death 3!


You convert it!

Youconvertit.com can convert just about anything for you! Documents, images, audio and even video can be converted very fast, while you surf the web in the meantime. Add it to your bookmarks!

Check out www.youconvertit.com!


Monkey & Robot Arm

Short video excerpt from a Discovery documentary about a technology that allows a monkey controlling a robot arm using his brain. Poor monkey, but amazing technology!

The Good Food Fight

The Good Food Fight is an interactive game where you can grab the food right out of the recipe pages with your mouse and toss it against your choice of a cafeteria lady, a sushi chef, and a hot dog vendor.


Dragon Slayer

Directed by Robert Kuczera, this cutie animation is about… how things would be changed.

[NSFW] It’s just your mind!

The Chochovs have sent this nsfw-but-no-so video. You have to watch until the end, don’t judge too fast. ROFL! Very Nice:


Solar animation

Fiction, 3D animated short, produced by Ian Wharton and Edward Shires. About a planet, where the sun, the moon and the planet itself are so important for the persons who living on it.
Head to the homepage for more information and hi-fi download.

Deezer | On demand Music

Deezer is the first free music on demand website. Come and discover more than 150.000 tracks, create your Playlists, upload your entire song library in your private space, no storage limit, and share your favorite songs with your friends!

Check out Deezer!

free music

A Bankok market

Crazy place is Bangkok. Here is a market from there, featuring a… train running through:


Mine - Battlefield 2

BF2 Funvideo from Snoken Procuction - This is Hilarious -

Max Payne - THE MOVIE!

Here is the teaser of the new Max Payne Movie.

Download the trailer Right Here! ( rapidshare.com )

How to tell if your ass is too small

Poor Donkey! He looks used to it LOL:

Charles Miller photography

Stunning nature and wildlife photo galleries by Charles Miller. Click the image or here for more!


The 2006 Crash Compilation

Great crash compilation!

Fart in a Duck

Lol this is what english people think is being said in the Belgium TV Show "Kabouter Plop"!
Luckily our dutch viewers know what they really say:

360° Light Field Display

An amazing technology, presented at SIGGRAPH 2007. This technology is able to present interactive 3D graphics to multiple simultaneous viewers 360 degrees around the display.
Click here for more information.


Best homemade slip’n’slide

These guys has built a great slip’n’slide in their yard. Would you try it?

World biggest RC aircraft

Truely one of the biggest and largest remote-controlled airplane you've ever seen:


Mario Flipbook Animation

Wow i guess this guy has spent a lot of time drawing this:

Angry Pluto



A fly’s everyday

They say a house-fly lives from half a month to a month maximum. So what do they do everyday? Well this:


Smirnoff - Sea

Amazing and cool commercial advertising Smirnoff:


Fight For Kisses

ROFL! Very nice advertising! Play the game Fight For Kisses on www.ffk-wilkinson.com!

Dog and the Polar Bear Playing!

Stuart Brown describes Norbert Rosing's striking images of a wild polar bear playing with sled dogs in the wilds of Canada's Hudson Bay: Audio Slideshow.

Firemen Lift Car With Hose Water

These firemen rig a contraption that lets them lift a car up in the air using water pressure from multiple hoses. Very nice!:

Melbourne Shuffle

The great Melbourne shuffle "are you up for the challenge"

Ten Years After - I'm Going Home (live Woodstock '69)

The best Woodstock perfomances. I love Ten years after


Collegehumor - The Yankee Prankee

LOL Poor chick... Best Prank EVER!:

Alcohol Driving Simulator!

Are you drunk enough to drive? Test it with this Alcohol Driving Simulator!


Jean-Yves Blondeau aka Rollerman

Another great video of Jean Yves Blondeau Buggy Rollin. The Rollerman suit is Blondeau's own invention, a 31-wheel roller suit that allows him to move on paved surfaces in an amazing number of positions at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. This guy just OWNS!

Jet Pack International H2O2

With this super jetpack you will be able te fly maximum 19 minutes and 43 km at a height of 73 meters.
This is so awesome only the pack costs about 200.000 dollars. Sweeet!!!


Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing.

Very nice! With "Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing", you can resize any picture, without cropping or scaling it. Maybe a good new feature for Photoshop CS4?:
!!!UPDATE!!! You can download this great program RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! tnx to Nero for the link!

Sproing game

Eat the green balls and avoid others. 30 levels to complete. Can you do it?

Click to launch!


Man & Whale

Beautiful animated short by Greenpeace International, appealing to save the whales. The homepage.

Cristóbal Vila: Fallingwater 3D Art

"Fallingwater has always been my preferred work from one of my favourite architects: Frank Lloyd Wright. I remember seeing and admiring this building in some history book from school since I was a child. There was a photo of its outside with that characteristic point of view: the fall in the foreground and the deep forest surrounding the house. At 13 or 14 years old it seemed to me a very modern construction, almost futuristic; later it surprised me to find out that it dates from the Thirties of the Twenty Century."
Check out the MOVIE!
Check out more of his works!


Mind Control by Derren Brown

Derren Brown is my superhero:

Face Research - Average Face

Cool project by Face Research, a collaboration project between University of Aberdeen and University of St Andrews. Check also other demos, including the funny guess-the-baby-face and make a baby demo. Pretty funny!:

Invisible Airplane Factory

An airplane factory, the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant, needs to be hidden from the Japanese air attacks during the World War II. This is the solution. Click here to view more.

<- Before


How to Untangle MP3 Headphones

Great video demonstrating a simple way to get your MP3 headphones untangled. Its a little messy maybe but very effective!:


Painting Einstein

4 hours of painting with Photoshop + 17 layers + skills = Cool result. Watch the drawing session below. Cool:

Mr Men - Pinball game

Enjoy the old good Pinball, online. PLAY Mr Men Pinballl!

Conrad Oberg plays Jimi Hendrix

Meet Conrad Oberg, who is 12 year old and visually impaired, performing the “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix. More information on his homepage.
Edit: Seems the video can't be embedded anymore. Just check it out here!



I hear you thinking: "Yougoodai? What the &*%@!?!". But Yougoodai will be just like Joost, but WITH streaming of recent movies, series and also offers you to download them to your harddisk.

So just try out Yougoodai!

ANIMOTO: The end of slideshows

!!MUST SEE ONLINE APPLICATION!!: This is a cool new application that could very well be the end of slideshows as we know them. I always wanted to create something artistic with my images and Animato has provided an easy tool for rendering striking video montages. Users can upload images from their PC or popular hosting sites and select audio from disc or stock offerings.

So, create your professional-looking music video based on only your uploaded images and music: A N I M O T O - Check out the demo's first!

A crazy video i made with it in a few seconds:


Ik wil in GTST - Dutch

For our Dutch viewers: Wat een enorm stom paard lol.
Dit ging eraan vooraf

Disappearing Doors Concept Car

This disappearing doors mechanism looks really cool. One for my birthday please:

Carles Piles’s artworks

Photo-realistic illustrations, this time digitally rendered by Carles Piles. Click on the images to visit his gallery. Every artwork has a small technical information on how and with which tools they are created. Enjoy here!



MorphThing morphs faces:

"Give it two people and it'll combine them, to create a new person with the facial features of both. You can use faces from hundreds of famous people on this site, or register to upload and morph pictures of your own." Check out MorphThing!

Deer For Breakfast!

Looks like the deer want a bit of food too:

Deer For Breakfast In Texas - video powered by Metacafe


Scuba Magazine - Underwater World

Another beautiful underwater video, showing the beauties of our planet. By Scuba Magazine.

10 Weirdest things of Amazon.com

The top ten of the weirdest things you can buy on Amazon.com

Some crazy stuff around there...

Beauty - A Product of Photoshop

Nothing is as it seems...


GTA: LC Stunting - Last Resort

Wow this guy shows some nice motorstunts on GTA Liberty City for the PSP:

Also watch this:
GTA San Andreas 100 car explosion!


Hans Teeuwen VS De meiden van Halal - Dutch

For our Dutch Viewers - Hans heerst de 3 theedoeken van halal in Bimbo's en Boerka's:

Awesome coin trick!

This guy takes 10 coins, bounces them on the table and makes them land in 10 glasses in 1 throw. I guess you have to be very lucky or very highskilled to do something like this:

Faking injuries in Football

LOL, you should be a good actor also to play football. Otherwise you will not earn the penalty but some other colored cards:

Antonio Capel’s paintings

Some of his paintings are photo-real, others showing us the places and traditions of Spain.

>Very Nice!<