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The World’s Biggest Spiderweb

This might be one of the biggest, if not the biggest spiderweb ever found. This huge web was found covering 180 meters of trees and bushes by the employees of park Lake Tawakoni in Texas. It’s not yet clear if this “work of art” has been made by a single or a colony of spiders. The web was initially white, but turned dark when all the mosquitoes got caught in it. Also, nothing was said about the species of spider found at the location. Until further information is provided, here is the huge white web: The World’s Biggest Spiderweb

Food Court Musical

Another “Improv Everywhere” performance. This time 16 undercovered agents make a food court musical in a Los Angeles mall. ROFL:


Coral Reef Adventure

Incredibly beautiful high-definition motion pictures of coral reefs. A great visual experience, so enjoy.

Korean Drummer Rocks out!

A Korean Drummer totally rocks out on a ballad song...:

http://view.break.com/478479 - Watch more free videos


Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam

A brand new platforming adventure game has just been released from Nitrome: Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam!

Henri Eskenazi Photography

901 images in 72 galleries. All are incredible!

Henri Eskenazi Photography


Crazy Legs McGoo

The man with the rubber legs... Amazing:


X-Ray Music Video

Very nice music video, where almost everything passes an X-Ray:

Photoshop Express: Not the Full PS Package, but Good Web-Based Editing

More than a year after web-based photo editors began swarming the scene, Adobe this morning unveiled its free, long-anticipated Photoshop Express web app. It doesn't have nearly a quarter of the options, tools, and tricks of its desktop-based namesake, but it seems like a good platform for anyone who likes to spend a little time refining, and then sharing, their digital photos.

Check out: Photoshop Express


Animal Friendship - Dogs & Bears

A strange relationship between dogs and bears.

The Wand Flash Animation

A nice animated story by Nick Worthey of the universal nature of power and greed.

You Can Get In Anywhere If You Say You're the DJ

Sick and tired of queuing up and waiting in line?
This Video has the answer for you.

Watch as AJ and Nikos get into nightclubs for free, sneak into parliament house and uncover the truth that you can get in anywhere if you say you're the DJ.


Smile you're on ele-vision!

We revealed the amazing story of how four tiger cubs were captured on special cameras in logs carried by elephants - giving the most intimate insight into their early lives ever recorded. - Daily Mail

Check out the Ele-Vison Photo's!

The Most Powerful FPS Weapon

Duke Nukem Reveals:
The Most Powerful FPS Weapon!


Iraqi TV Debate: Is the Earth Flat?

A debate between an Iraqi “Researcher on Astronomy” and a physicist on Iraqi television. With English subtitles...

Sling Ice

Hot on the heels of the smash hit Sling Fire, comes Sling Ice: the turbo-cooled third installment of the Sling game series. Featuring the revolutionary 2D physics platform action you love and all-new grabs and bosses. Get ready to fling, flick, snap, bounce, drop and shoot a springy ball of slime through 50 action-packed levels.

PLAY: Sling Ice



Navigate through three of the Siberian underground systems in this RSSGTG (Retro Soviet Style Gravity Tunnel Game).
Guide your vehicle using the Space bar to add upward thrust.
If you find that you cannot control the game with your keyboard, make sure to click inside the game once with your mouse.

PLAY Metro.Siberia

Shape Wars - Geometry Wars Flash Clone

Those pesky shapes are invading again! Continue your addiction for blasting wave after wave of shapes to hell!

Now you can play anytime, anywhere and see how you rank against the world!
Obviously this is an attempt at a Geometry Wars clone, not an original game.

PLAY: Shape Wars


Contrast Asynchrony Illusion

Cool illusion, that explains our vision system. Click the image to see it in action, and read the article about it:

80x Slower

Get to know the world’s most detailed slow camera: 80x slower! At this speed, everything looks like magic.


Simon Tofield - Let Me In!

Do You remember “Wake up cat” animation? Well here is another true story:

Parachuting with an Engine

This sport is called paramotor, and the video below is a footage of a flight over Kampot town and around Bokor Mountain in Southern Cambodia.


Ok... Now This IS crazy:

Flickr Time - The Moment

A digital clock called Flickr Time - The Moment, uses random images from Flickr to display the current time. Click on a number to change the image, doubleclick it to view the full image. Nice!


The Future Car - Skateboard

What might be the future car, learn about it from the short clip below.

Bulgarian Music Idol Weirdos

Contestants in the Bulgarian season of "Music Idol", or Idols as it's called over here... And they sing some very cool english songs:

Mariah Carey - Ken Lee

Michael Jackson - Billy Jean, and some very nice dancing!



The reactable, is a multi-user electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving physical objects on a luminous table surface. By moving and relating these objects, representing components of a classic modular synthesizer, users can create complex and dynamic sonic topologies, with generators, filters and modulators, in a kind of tangible modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled programming language:
More info on Reactable.com

Penn & Teller: Cups & Balls

Another trick revealed by Penn & Teller, this time with cups & balls.


Shrink a Human

Using a camera and simple trick to shrink a human…

Counting the Money

Short video showing how people count money around the world. Interesting way they have in Africa.

How People Count Cash? - video powered by Metacafe


Pot Noodle Domino Ad

First, here's the Guinnes ad: - Costs: 10.000.000 euro's

And here's the parody by Pot Noodle: - Costs: 10.000 euro's

Wallpapers - Babe Girls 1680x1050 HQ

Especially for the ones with widescreen monitors, 50 1680x1050 High Res Babe wallpapers!

Click to download them:

Wallpapers - Babes Girls
50 JPG | 1680x1050 | 19 MB

password= dynamiclinq


Jimi Benedict Artworks

This hi-def rendition of Mario is from the 2008 Personal Artwork collection by Jimi Benedict a.k.a. Jimiyo. Click to see more works of him, including horror & Asian vetor arts… Don’t forget to check the rendition of Link from Zelda also.

Check out: jimiyo.com - Jimi Benedict Artworks

Animal Super Dancers

For sure! This clip will bring a smile to your face!

Animal Super Dancers - video powered by Metacafe


Intel Xeon Robo Brawl game

Intel Xeon sponsored game: build your own robot and fight against other online players. Click to play: Robo Brawl game by Intel Xeon

Bruce McCall - Ascent of Man

Bruce McCall’s May 14, 2007 cover of The New Yorker is about mans obsession with progress and technology. The artwork features an ape on a rock who evolves into a cave man, an Egyptian, a soldier etc. and along with these evolutions come the technologies of each new civilization. McCall’s original art is animated by Toronto’s Smiley Guy Studios


Ford Focus Orchestra

Beautiful ad clip for the new Ford Focus.


Weirdest Crime Ever!

Probably the weirdest news article on burglary crime ever!

Click for a bigger size:

140 BPM

It’s Baskets per Minute, not the usual Beats per Minute term. This Taiwanese guy is amazing with his arcade basketball. Maybe a repost, but whatever, it's amazing!:


Dreamworks - Kung Fu Panda Trailer

New trailer of the upcoming animation title Kung Fu Panda by DreamWorks. Seems cool, let’s wait until June.

The Phone Book Myth

Two Phonebooks folded together are inseperable. Or are they? Video by Discovery Mythbusters.


Adobe Magic Lens - Demo Video

Adobe Magic Lens is a hardware project by Adobe, which is a set of 19 lenses to shoot a given object simultaneously and then let you control the image depth with a custom software. Short demo video follows.

Dancing Fish - Photography by Linda Cline

Dancing Fish - Photography by Linda Cline.

Superb! Wonderful underwater photography around the world.


Crazy Skater Stunt

Please don’t try to remake this kids… Really crazy:

Schweppes Slow motion

A really nice viral from Schweppes. Looks a lot like the Sony Bravia commercials, and that does mean it's really cool:

Heleen van Royen Got Owned

For our dutch viewers:
Heleen van Royen wordt geowned!

Pancake Stop-motion

2500 frames of animation, 90 hours of editing… music and video by James Provan… this stop-motion short is made to celebrate the Pancake day, 5-th of February.


Pizza Hot

Deliver the Pizzas to the customers as quickly as possible to earn the biggest tips.

Pizza Hot


Volgswagen searches web designers

HDR Photos

HDR technique using Photoshop and Photomatix:
The end result of a perfectly executed HDR image is that the viewer should not be aware that it has been manipulated.
It should look like a photograph that has a lot of detail in shadow and highlight area but not overdone to the point that it looks unreal.

Trigger Ball

A bit golf, a bit billiard and a touch of gravity skill game, and voila:
Trigger Ball.

Use the mouse to fire your ball and try to touch all the orbs at a single shot.


YouTube Tests Higher Resolution Videos

Following the announcement from November, YouTube started to test higher quality videos. Afterthe awful news that Stage6 has been closed, youtube at least gets some better quality video... If you append &fmt=6 to the URL of a YouTube video, you should get better quality videos. Note that this only works for a small number of videos.

Click here to read more on how to get: High Res Youtube videos.

Japanese Parking Challenge

Another idea for show, made in Japan. This time, to test the parking skill.


HD Greetings

HD Greetings

Anytime is a great time for a greeting card!

I'm not talking about the typical e-cards flash made, these here are 3D and stop-motion animation cards, e.g an embedded photo on top of a birthday cake, pulled out of an envelope, or in a picture frame on a table.

Very cool: HD Greetings.

View the full selection of special occasion eCards, select a card, embed a photo directly in the animation as though it were part of a "Pixar" movie, add a personalized message and send it.

Snake's Breakfast

Fascinating - and the end is really impressive!


These Are Not Photos

Some stunning real rendered artworks. Some of them are too amazing to believe:
These are not photos - Vector Art

Hyper-realistic Airbrushed Floral Art

Hyper-realistic Airbrush Art by Chris Collins.

Check also the step-by-step demo.


The Scruffs

The Scruffs

That's a real treat to play! In The Scruffs you have to find 20 hidden bones. From the description it sounds quite basic, but it's a little tricky ...

100 Photoshop Tutorials

To manipulate, and create beautiful artworks. Click here for the 3DTotal Best Photoshop Tutorials compilation.