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Optical Illusions Art - Best Eye Destroying Illusions

Tree of Faces

This site features the most wonderful Optical Illusions made, like this tree with branches like faces. See more on darkroastedblend.com: Optical Illusions Part 3

Symmetry World FlickR Browser

Cool Flickr toy, where you browse the pics in a symmetry world. Some really amazing results can be seen with such a simple effect, click to see more: Symmetry World FlickR BrowserSymmetry FlickR


Extreme Plane Landing at Beach

If this is real, it’s really scary… and probably the place is the most awful beach ever, if from time to time a plane has to land like that. Would have scared the heck out of me if I was there...:

Obscura VisionAire Touch Interface

An incredible technology of the future, where it looks like the Microsoft Surface’s multitouch technology, except… you don’t touch anything.


Eagle Chases Tennis Ball

Evie, a stunning white-tailed sea eagle, has taken a liking to tennis and enjoys nothing more than flying after balls thrown by her proud owner George Hedges. Read More: Eagle Chases Tennis Ball

Weird and Stupid Video Game Moments

A video compilation of some of the most stupid moments in the video game history:


Me is On Vakanzione

Me is going on vacation for a few seconds, so no posts 'till friday. In the meantime don't go outside! Just check out Ninjavideo, Likwit_Snake's Dailymotion Channel, my Deviantart, and you wouldn't even noticed that i'm probably already back!

I'm out, seeya!
My holiday ies very niiice

Toothpicks San Francisco by Scott Weaver

100,000 toothpicks, 35 years, one really really patient man… these are needed things to make this copy of San Francisco with element of Rude Goldberg thing inside. The nine-foot-tall creation is called “Rolling Through the Bay” and is currently on display at the Sonoma County Fair in Northern California. OMG someone seriously needs a job:

Buy Tim Burton's Batmobile

Na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN. That is what your neighbors will say when you pull into the driveway. How many people do you know that have a Ferrari, a Mercedes, a Lamborghini, or a Corvette? My guess would be there is at least one of these in your neighborhood. Now how many Batmobiles are in your neighborhood? None, because there were only a total of 5 of these cars made. Now on Ebay you can buy the Batmobile,

It's yours for only 110.000 Dollars... :)

Tim Burton's Batmobile


Pilobolus Dance Theater

Usually i don't like theater, musicals and all that stuff... But this is just wonderful; Cool story of New York made with shadows by the Pilobus Dance Theater:

F1 Speed Painting of a Speedpainting

Martin Missfeldt made this Photoshop car speed painting that took 3 hours of digital painting and about 25 layers:


Fantastic Contraption

Fantastic Contraption is a fun online physics puzzle game. Cool, but really difficult...

Play: Fantastic Contraption

NeverEnd Flash Game

In NeverEnd your goal is to find your way out of a maddening maze! Rotate the room around in order to get to the exit!

NeverEnd features 30 levels of varying difficulty and some of them are really challenging: the auto save function is very useful:

Play: NeverEnd


Grandeur Nature HD Timelapse Video

This is the best time lapse production I've seen for quiet a while! Really wonderful:

Grandeur Nature 2007 timelapse movie

Barack’s Dance

Barack is the best singer of them all, you just got Barack Rolled:


Emily 3D Lifelike Animation

This is Emily. And she isn't real... But made in 3D!!!  
Extraordinarily lifelike characters are to begin appearing in films and computer games thanks to a new type of animation technology:

Lego Donkey Kong Game

It’s moving, all made with LEGO and the logic platform LEGO Mindstorm. Cool creation by Dan Kressin, head to his homepage for more info


Sydney In A Glance

Wonderful colors from Sydney, filmed with some really vivid colors: Only put your music down...:

How to Prank a Telemarketer 2

Of all phone pranksters, this one is probably the funniest all time:


Impossible Photography by Li Wei

Impossible shots by the Chinese artist Li Wei. Click to see more of his work:
Impossible Photography - Li Wei

Markus Neidel - Way of the Sheeps

Way of the Sheeps

Endless wonderful graphic roll by Markus Neidel, called Way of the Sheeps:

Markus Neidel - Way of the Sheeps


Panda After the Earthquake

A cute photoslide by Ren featuring the pandas from the Wolong Giant Panda Breeding Ground. Click to see more.

John Graeme Morris Timelapse Reel

Great locations, beautiful colors:
Time-lapse footage shot in NE England and Italy by John Graeme Morris:


Macro insect Photo's

Macro insect Photo's

A collection of beautiful macro photos, titled as “Our Small Brothers”. Click to see more: Macro insect Photo's

Computer Casemods

Computer Casemods

The most strange moddings of computer cases you have ever seen. More Computer Casemods


Buns and Guns Restaurant

The menu: Grenade and Kalashnikov (burger and fries), Magnum sandwiches (chicken) and lots of other guerilla weaponary like RPGs, M16s and tactical combos. And guess where is this?...
...In the heart of the Hizbolah-controlled section of Beirut:

Rinspeed sQuba Underwater Concept Car

Rinspeed sQuba Concept Car

Rinspeed sQuba: A concept of the future, which can dive 10m underwater. And it is even… a cabrio (convertible):


Randy George - SMB On Theremin

We have heard many performances of the original soundtrack of Super Mario Bros, but with a Theremin… not yet:

Dynamic Goldberg machine

This probably is one of the most complicated Goldberg machine ever made, using household items:

Amazing Home-made Machine - video powered by Metacafe


High-res Video Enhancements

Cool technique, developed by researchers from University of Washington, to improve video quality (static scenes) by using high-res still photos. Click to read more and watch the video demonstration. How soon we will have such a technique implemented in the consumers’cams?...:

An Unexpected Performance

Stansted Airport, London. 7 hidden cameras. 14 undercover actors. 1 unexpected performance… Really What the F*ck:


Super Mario Kart Wedding Cake

A geeky wedding cake, done by Let Them Eat Cake:
Super Mario Kart Wedding Cake

Mygazines - Read Magazines Online!

Mygazines is a cool site that let users upload and read magazines online. A lot of fresh magazines are available, absolutely free, and if you register (for free) and confirm your age, you can access other contents also.



Coldplay - Viva La Vida in The Hague / Den Haag

In this clip you will see frontman Chris Martin walking trough the town of The Hague, in the Netherlands.
This video is an ode to the clip "Enjoy the silence" by Depeche mode. Both clips were directed by Anton Corbijn.
You can watch enjoy the silence here:

Photoshop Disasters - When is it too much?

A too-much-photoshopped image used in a… Tax Rebate site. Now it's replaced with a better version. With humor... Click to see more.


Phantom High Speed Movie Gallery

High speed photography is an engineering tool, much as is an oscilloscope or a computer. It is a photographic technique that enables us to visualize and analyze motion. Especially motions that are too fast for the human eye or conventional cameras to perceive.

Phantom High Speed Movie Gallery

Two wonderful Examples:

Snuffed Candle: Schlierne optics and a Phantom v7 at 1000 fps, 400 us exposure show the heat plum and turbulance of a candle being snuffed out.

Backyard Hummingbird: This shot was taken with a Miro 4 at 640x480 at just under 2000 fps. In "real time" the movie was taken for 1 second during which the bird flaps its wings approximately 72 times.


BMW Kinetic Sculpture

Another kinectic sculpture to promote BMW, besides of the amazing Theo Jansen’s ones. This installation of 714 metal balls on strings is located at the BMW Museum and developed by Art+Com Company. Just amazing:

Radiohead - House of Cards Part 2

Earlier on we aleady said it: In Radiohead's new video for "House of Cards" from the album "In Rainbows", no cameras or lights were used. Just data.
Learn more how the cool 3D video clip is made without any camera or lights and watch the video clip again, this time interactively. Also you can download the data for visualization and try to create your own version of the video:


John Matz - Time-lapsed Illustration

Nice time-lapsed drawing session by John Matz in Adobe Photoshop. Visit his homepage for more works.

Time-Lapsed Illustration from John Martz on Vimeo.

Pendulum Studios - Alter Ego Human Face Retargeting Demo

Pendulum Studios just opened their facial animation division, Alter Ego. This just looks too real to be true:


Rocky - Remi Gaillard

"The French Rocky" Remi Gaillard is training for his next match, but it's not the ordinary training you would expect:

Get Broke by Buying an iPhone

A funny anti-advertisement video about not buying iPhone. Learn how to lose all your money by purchasing the iPhone:


Ants Scanner Invasion

A guy finds some ants on his desk every day and questions himself where it comes from...:

European Cliff Diving Championship

In the beautiful scenery of Bignasco/Cavergno in Switzerland, where the river flows among enormous stones rubbed and rounded by time, you can find the best European athletes performing breathtaking dives and perfect flying stunts. Spectacular competition for men and women, divided in different categories in an exciting program.

Enjoy this wonderfull HD video from the last championship:


The Winglet Personal Transporter - Toyota's Segway Killer?

Only a year after taking control of Sony's robotics business, Toyota has come up with a vertical, mechanized scooter (or personal transporter, in future-speak) intended to help people move about in public areas.

Called the Winglet because of its fleet nature, it is the first gadget to duplicate the celebrated, and often mocked, navigation system of Dean Kamen's Segway Transporter: self-balancing through gyroscopic sensors detecting the gentle directional tilts of a rider.

Father of the Year - Feeding Time

This one is definately a candidate for the stupidiest-parents in the world:


Gusti Boucher Fractals


Beautiful fractals by Gusti Boucher, click to see more from his gallery. Be sure to browse around for more artworks of him, and also check the available prints:

Gusti Boucher Fractals

Unusual Water Attraction

Small kid gets launched into the air by fat guy’s huge jump... Someone got owned:

http://view.break.com/530975 - Watch more free videos


Vincent Ferrari - Cancel AOL Account

Vincent Ferrari on how to cancel an AOL Account... He calls to customer service, and they just won't cancel it:

Waardenburg en De Jong - Loodgieter Picobello BV

For our Dutch viewers:
A great Sketch by van Waardenburg en De Jong - Loodgieter Picobello BV:


Ryohei Hase Artworks

Ryohei Hase Artworks

Wicked artworks by Ryohei Hase, a Tokyo-based illustrator.

Visit his website:
Ryohei Hase

Eclipse in Siberia: Lunar Occultation

Footage of the total eclipse, happened several days ago in Manjerok, Altai, Siberia. Should be a wonderful experience:


PES - Western Spaghetti

Another cool creation by PES, this time a very creative interpretation of a cooking session of spaghetti. Thanks PES, we really enjoy it.:

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Massacre

An abuse of the game Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 which allows a… ahem… massive massacre. LOL and this game is supposed for kids :p!