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Duck Hunt Skit - Anime Boston 2008 Masquerade

The incredible team that brought us Live Action Tetris last year is back and better than ever. This incredible Duck Hunt performance was so detailed they even had to program microcontrollers to get the effects to work properly! Great job guys!

Improv Everywhere - Human Mirror

The guys (and gals) from Improv Everywhere are back with a new public stunt: making a real time mirror with people. Watch the video to learn out what exactly it means.


Adam Buxton - Piracy

Hilarious song about (or against) digital piracy. Also visit the artist’s page: Adam Buxton - Piracy

World's Largest Swing

Check out this swing! Not in a million years i would do something like this...:


SEGA Beijing 08

New gameplay videos from SEGA Beijing 08, the game promises to be a unique experience and first nice Olympique game, we'll see how it ends:

The 10,000th Shoplifter Award

A Dutch storeowner is sick of shoplifting, so he decides to make a huge celebration of the 10,000th shoplifter, including even a parade! If it's real it's very funny, but i'm guessing it's a viral (commercial that's supposed to look realistic)

Adobecards.com - Adobe Creative License


Adobe launched a new and wonderful flash site with a amazing cards animation. It takes a while to load, but it's really worth it!

Adobe Cards - Bring fancicul ideas to life!


Motorcycle Crash In Church

It a Disciple Now Weekend and youth pastor, David Few rides a motorcycle into the auditorium to deliver something to the stage. All is fine until the bike gets out from under him as he exits.

The Real Batmobile!

Real Batmobile Car

What to do if you have too much time and money? Well... Just make your own BatMobile!

See more pictures of The Real Batmobile!


Jesse van Dijk’s Concept Art

Jesse van Dijk

Wonderful portfolio by Jesse van Dijk, including cool fantasy concept art and production design.

Click to see more: Jesse van Dijk Concept Art Portfolio

Weird accident at Dexia Tower in Brussels, Belgium

A Very weird accident at the Dexia Tower in Brussels, a revolving door going into little pieces:


More Effective Trains: No Stops, At All

Innovative idea by taiwanese designer Peng Yu-Lun, which avoids stops and save the huge amount of energy to stop the whole train and reaccelerating again to the full speed. Watch the video below to get the idea, hope we will see the implementation soon.


Umbrella Illusion

Nice umbrella trick, pretty obvious if you know it 'thou:

Learn Magic Tricks at 5min.com


OpenPhotoVR allows you to assemble a series of photos, all of the same locations or subject matter, but taken at different angles and perspectives - like an explorable 3D album.

Try the photo below for example. Use your mousewheel to zoom in, click and drag to pan about, and simply click on any of the hotspots to change your view or move deeper into the scene.


How to Prank a Telemarketer

How to piss off a telemarketer only with one word:

Nintendo Goldberg Machine

Animation of a Goldberg machine, featuring scenes from some classic Nintendo titles. Made for a 3D Animation class, only the physics could be a bit better. Still, the idea is original:


Nikon - Small World

Small World is regarded as the leading forum for showcasing the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope. For over 30 years, Nikon has rewarded the world's best photomicrographers who make critically important scientific contributions to life sciences, bio-research and materials science.

Nikon Small World

Also don't miss the galleries 1977 - 2007.

Real Ninja Turtle

This guy has the real potential to become a ninja. Watch him (probably) fighting here:


Kurt Wenner Street Arts 2

More of the 3D street artworks by Kurt Wenner, sent by Michael. Click to visit the artist’s homepage.

81 Awesome Gifs

Ahh, gifs. We can’t get enough of those wacky repeating video clips that usually show an animal, a child or a celebrity doing something awesome or stupid over and over again. Here’s 81 of them:
81 Awesome Gifs


Snake get's angry

I didn't expect that:

Fred Einaudi - Painting Art

Beautiful and strange ideas by Fred Einaudi. Click to see more of his artworks, including information on how to purchase the prints.



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How the brain works: Illusions

Some incredible visual illusions demonstrated in the video below:


BMW M1 is Back!

It looks like BMW is bringing back the M1, the legendary mid-engined two-seater that redefined the supercar and proved a BMW could run with the best from Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini.
Click here for more High-Res pictures of the new BMW M1!

The Big Picture


The Big Picture tells you stories using high quality pictures. If you like photos and you like a good stories, you will find this site as a fascinating resource!

3D Short - Code Guardian

With this short by Marco Spitoni, we have Darth Vader, Godzilla size, carrying Nazi flag and fight like Optimus Prime. Head to Cee-Gee Productions for more information and higher quality downloads.


World Record Guitar Speed 2008

Just Amazing, playing guitar at this speed:

Double Back Flip

A perfectly executed double back flip with a bike, really nice:

Double Back Flip - video powered by Metacafe

Fax Men

The most dangerous job in the world

The History Channel has put together a new online video to promote their great new series, Ax Men. If you thought your job was tough, losing word documents and long meetings, then think again. Dubbed ‘the most dangerous job in the world’, Ax Men follows four logging crews in North West America. These men risk life and limb every day to reach timber from the mountains of Oregon, fighting harsh terrain, relentless weather and mechanical failures, the price of even the simplest mistake can mean death! Ax Men starts Thursday 10th July at 9pm.


Radiohead - House of Cards

In Radiohead’s new video for “House of Cards”, no cameras or lights were used. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data.

Directed by James Frost.

Visit Another World - Monterey Bay Aquarium

"One of the main attractions we wanted to see, while visiting Monterey, was the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I thought the aquarium had a lot of neat exhibits. The highlight to me was the jellyfish with their beautiful exotic colors. Watching the marine life through the glass windows was like visiting another world."

Music: Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod. Video by incompetech.com.


How To Beat The Claw Game

This little girl wants a toy from inside the claw game and figures out a way to cheat the game:

How To Beat The Claw Game - Watch more free videos

Google My Maps

The "Google Maps" guys are back and everything seems back to normal...or is it?


21 Best Mug Shots Ever!

The top of the ugliest, weirdest and craziest mugshots of criminals ever!:

Criminal Mugshots

Halo Kid

This kid is obsessed with halo and he even knows how to freaking reload the weapon. And he made his own weapons from halo. He owns, big time...:

How to skip a class

Went to another boring college?... Well here you can see how to skip it without any consequences:


You be the Driver

Do you have what it takes to be a BMW Sauber F1 team driver? Take on the three challenges of this online game - reaction, pit stop, and race - to determine if you have the nerves, precision and speed to compete in the world of F1.

You Be The Driver by Intel in cooperation with BMW Sauber.


Escher Car

A Wonderfull car, inspired by MC Escher:

Also watch Escherland, the clever Escher in real life commercial by Audi:


Seven Green Wonders of the World

These are ideal architectural designs of the future, which let us to take a new look at the big step forward in ecological renovation. The photo below is the Lilypad Project with a series of floating self-sufficient ocean-going eco-city islands. It was suggested as the most fantastical one of these green wonders. I wonder how it looks like inside...:



Matthew Kozak - A Fractal, Robot Scene

"SEVERAL years ago, I built a robot whose sole purpose in life was to create an even smaller robot just like himself… So much like himself, that this robot endeavoured to create yet another tiny robot, ad infinitum. This continued for a while until an extremely tiny speck of robot tried to endow purpose upon a cloud of molecules with ruinous result." ~screamyGuy

Click to launch the funny fractal scene by Matthew Kozak (JAVA required).

Disappearing Car Door

Looks cool, but what if the eletronic breaks? More info on disappearing-car-door.com.


Neon Layers

Neon has a certain glitz to it. Whether it's glittering in the lights of Las Vegas, shining in the sign of a convenience store, or just brightening up the periodic table, neon always adds a little extra to everything it touches. It was only a matter of time, then, before someone mixed the brilliance of neon with the brilliance of puzzles.

PLAY: Neon Layers

BBC - Quantum Mechanics for Dummies

Clips from a BBC documentary explaining the arguments from the 1920’s until now as to whether electrons are particles, waves or both.

It outlines Einstein’s distaste at Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and is a good starting point in realising that the universe is far, far stranger than can be imagined.


The Safest Car in the World

Forget all the crash tests out there, this oldie LADA is the safest one.

The Trainrider - The Truth

Remember the amazing trainrider? Here is a TV report about him.


Avicularia Versicolor

Avicularia is a genus of the family Theraphosidae containing various species of tarantulas. The genus is native to tropical South America. This rare, blue one is shot by tunedbeat, click for the larger version.


Remember Timmy... Be Careful!

Keep the Tricks for Yourself

How to toss the dice on 6:6 every time... Don't try it at home!

Tricky Chick - video powered by Metacafe


Grannys Birthday

Grandma is always so hard to shop for on birthdays and holidays. But this family finally found the gift that keeps on giving:

Grandma Gets Interesting Birthday Present - Watch more free videos

Begging Cat

Cute kittie begging for some water…

Begging Cat - video powered by Metacafe


Crysis Game’s Physics

A setup of 3000 barrels to show the capabilities of the physics engine in Crysis. Contains some scenes you could see only in a game:

Birds of Prey

Beautiful bird footage with some amazing shots: Birds of Prey:

Birds of Prey from Prasad RL on Vimeo.


The Most Amazing Dog!

She was born with no front legs but is able to walk like a human...you have to see it to believe it!

Totlol - Videos for Toddlers

Totlol is a brand new community-moderated video website designed to be enjoyed by those between the ages of 6 months and 6 years. But adults can love it too: Totlol


World’s Strangest Looking Animals

A collection with photos of the strangest looking animals in the worl: Worlds Strangest Looking Animals