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When Fire turns into Water

Images of what should be fire, as water. Anyways... Just Great!

Check it out here!

Rich Racer

In this challenging car racing game you have to beat your opponents and finish in the top 5 to proceed to the next level. The race becomes difficult as you move on to the higher levels.

Play Rich Racer!


Hoang Nguyen’s comic books

A collection of Hoang Nguyen’s original art that includes: concept and character designs, pin-ups and an original comic in the making from rough pencil sketches to full illustrations, depicting monsters, warrior and amazons in epic battle. Looks great!

Ally the Alien game

Earn the necessary crystals and reach the target platform.

PLAY Ally the Alien!


GTA IV - Looking for that special someone

>!!Download the HD version Here!!<

Chicago by Night, 1 GPixel

The guy, Scott Howard, who brought us the 750 megapixel Sydney, and the 1500 megapixel photo of Machu Picchu now has another great multipixel shot. This time it is Chicago at night. Zoom in as many as you can.


Tesla coil Music

Somebody managed to control and generate music with Tesla coils. Some very old and game classic tunes are included:

Cool Art

Amazing painter. Watch till the end or you won't "get it", 'cause in the beginning it looks like nothing...It is worth the wait:

64 == 65!

This mathematics animated gif, made by a weird japanese prove that 64 is equal to 65... huh?!?

Check it out here!


Seamless pictures Vladimir Kush

The fine artworks of Vladimir Kush. Full of ideas and imaginations. Click on the image or Click Here to visit his homepage with a lot of great paintings.

Magician Criss Angel Exposed!

Criss Angel attempts to cause a moving object to vanish in front of a real live audience on top of a parking garage in Las Vegas. He speeds along the parking lot in a go-kart towards men with fire extinguishers. Due to a mistake in a camera angle, and the wonderful technology of cable TV recording devices, slow motion reveals his secret...
First, watch the stunt for yourselves (begins at 1:00 minute):

Then check out the secret here, which is pretty noobish!

Tornado and Tsunami Compilation

Nature at its Best! And its worst!


Age Of Speed

Master the race tracks of the future as you tackle loop the loops, huge jumps and corkscrews.

PLAY Age of Speed!

Hereafter mirror

Cool art (video) installation, located in 19th century Belsay Hall, UK. What appears to be a mirror, in fact is a display and a high-speed camera, capturing visitors passing by and displaying back the slow-motion and blurred version of the images. Something like time-wrap mirror to look back in the past.

Cat eats with fork and chopsticks

This cat, as raised by a woman who is a little bit crazy, eats with a fork and chopsticks:



Spectre is an ownage and addictive game, in which you have to absorb the balls with the same colours as you ball. Don't hit balls of an other colour or it's Game Over for you!

PLAY -Spectre-!

Flying Kites

This man is incredible with his skills of flying kites: Just amazing!

Japanese beer for Kids - Kodomo no nomimono

Campaign advertising a Japanese beer for… kids. It keeps getting weirder over there...


Matchstick Bomb (Made with 30,000 Matches)

What happens if you put 30.000 Matches in a Bucket, and light it?



Ricochet shooting stars across the sky to light the heavens and unlock levels in this dazzling new action puzzler by Jared Riley and Eric Ottati of Hero Interactive.

PLAY Starshine!

Onslaught 2

Some have said this is the best tower defense game of all those to come before. What do you think?

Play Onslaught 2!

Music made of Vegetables

A big broccoli ocarina can have been done. The tune is "Angels We Have Heard On High. "

Also check out this whole Vegetable Orchestra!!!

Well Hang

Suprisingly wonderful music and rhythms from a very strange music instrument.

Stargate Atlantis meets Line Rider

Another great Line Rider video, from a guy with great skills:


Surfing on a Huge wave

Cortez Bank. An underwater mountain range 100 miles offshore from San Diego in the middle of the ocean.. Surfing on the Worlds largest waves:

Funny Cats

A funny video of some crazy cats:


High Speed Crashes

Some of the most crushing accidents in the world of F1 and high speed sports. It's a wonder they all survived... Those crashes remind me of Colin McRae: DiRT

Asian Backstreet Boys

Two asian teenagers interpretation of "I want it that way" by the Backstreet Boys....

Cookie Cutter

Always wanted to be a baker? Then Cookie Cutter is THE game for you! Cliff the Cookie Chef needs help Cutting Cookies. Turn with your mousewheel.

PLAY Cookie Cutter!


Looking for some new music to listen to now that Pandora doesn't work? Well here's a good list to start with, divided into a list of a lot different genres. All internet radio stations stream in high quality (128Kbps)

Check out FilterMusic!


Steampunk Monitor Mod

First this guy built a retro keyboard...But the Keyboard looked terribly anachronistic sitting in front of his new Dell 1907FP flat panel monitor and while he hesitated to tear open a $300 monitor that was still under warantee, art must be served.

Watch this great Monitor mod!

5 Fastest Supercars

Autocar puts the Bugatti Veyron, Audi R8, Aston Martin DB9, Porsche 911 (997) GT3 RS and Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera through their paces. The Bugatti Veyron definately wins for me:



Can anyone buy one for me please?

Battlefield 2 Gun Song

These guys obviously got too much time...And yeah this is nice!:

Desktop Pictures & Wallpapers

Choose a theme like sunset, flowers, lightning, rainbow, sunset or something else - or make your own set with your personal keyword: Desktop Pictures & Wallpapers. For download the picture select the filetype and resolution (up to 2560/1600).



Addicting game, where you are a kind of snake trying to avoid collision with other objects under the gravity law.

PLAY Spaceworms!

Drifting without wheels

A guy, drifting with his Mazda RX-7.Someone needs to check their lug nuts:

Space Painting in 1 minute!

Amazing display of speed and skill. This painting is made in under 1 minute! Must see to believe!


Blobular - Loco Roco remake

Blobular is a game, that is a lot like the PSP game Loco Roco. Visually, Blobular copies Loco Roco's style remarkably well and maintains the fresh, spunky look throughout its stages. The music is a remixed tune from Super Mario World and gets on your nerves after precisely 10 seconds. The "music off" button became my best friend.

PLAY Bobular!

Overhead Consistence

Overhead Consistence is a mouse-control game that's so fun to play. A surprisingly addictive game!

PLAY Overhead Consistence!


Fit the position

Fit The Position is an odd little japanese graphical puzzle of multiple levels. The nearest analogy I can think of to the game is those shaped blocks you used to have to hit into the right shaped hole with a wooden hammer when you were very little. I came till level 20!

PLAY Fit the position!

Bollywood - Superman and Spidergirl

Everything with Bollywood in it's name is always pretty bad, but this is just hilarious! Superman & Spidergirl:


Macro Photo's - Part 2

A little collection of Macro Photo's, and some other photo's I made with my Canon Powershot A620. Hope you like it! More to come very soon...

Etch-A-Sketch in 3 minutes

A masterpiece of art, made with... an Etch-A-Sketch. Ow, and please turn the sound OFF, for your own safety... :p

Using Google Earth to find animals

TechEBlog has posted this video on how to use Google Earth to find amazing animals’ pictures from satellites. Here are the coordinates:

BUFFALOS: 4°17′21.49″ S 31°23′46.46″ E
CAMELS: 15°17′40.32″ N 20°28′47.42″ E
ELEPHANTS: 10°54′13.66″ N 19°56′06.15″ E
FLAMINGOS: 21°50′36.15″ S 35°27′00.60″ E
HIPPOS: 6°53′53.00″ S 31°11′15.40″ E
6°54′00.10″ S 31°11′11.67″ E
ORYX: 24°57′18.60″ S 15°51′30.61″ E

SEALS: 18°26′45.45″ S 12°00′44.20″ E


Bioshock - for PC and Xbox 360

Set in 1960, BioShock begins with you flying over the Atlantic (the sight of someone smoking on an airplane is a nice touch) when your plane crashes into the middle of the ocean. Witness one of the most disturbing hospitals you'll ever step foot into...

Opera Talent

From unappealing telephone seller to a wonderfull opera singer who earns respect from Simon Powell. I don't really like opera myself, but this is probably pretty good...

Animals of steel!

Take some iron of the dumps, and make an Bird,insect, fish or frog from it!

Just some wonderfull sculptures!


Cool RC Boat

Probably the fastest RC Boat ever:


The Prediction

Yep, i did got the happy face, just some cool maths prediction:

City in a Pyramid, the future...

The Shimizu TRY 2004 Mega-City Pyramid is a proposed project for construction of a massive pyramid over Tokyo Bay in Japan. The structure would be 12 times higher than the Great Pyramid at Giza, and would house 750,000 people! More info...

The proposed structure is so large that it cannot be built with currently available materials, due to their weight. The design relies on the future availability of super-strong lightweight materials based on carbon nanotubes.



Hilarious game that will test your concentration skills with major distraction obstacles!

PLAY Distraction!

Taskbar Shuffle 2.1

Rearrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar by simply dragging and dropping them. Allows you to rearrange your system tray icons by dragging and dropping as well.

Once you download, install, and run Taskbar Shuffle, left-click and drag the programs/buttons on your Windows taskbar to rearrange them. You can shuffle your tray icons as well, but that requires you to the hold the CTRL key while dragging. More info...

Download: Taskbar Shuffle 2.1


Gene’s Digest Macro Photography

Great macro photo galleries by Gene's Digest.

Check them out HERE!

Hamas’ Mickey Mouse teaches terror

Farfur (Islamitic Mickey Mouse) is teaching Palestinian children the ABCs of terror on Hamas' official television station, Al-Aqsa TV. No joke! This is REAL and just insane:

Spelling bee champ asshole

This is what happens when you are home schooled. Man this kid is annoying!:


Rate My Drawings

A cool online sketching drawing tool where you can draw, view/watch and rate the sketches. Some of them are really beautiful, click here to view the top 100.

RC Car against a Mini Cooper S

A Mini Cooper S against a Radio Controlled toy car... Which of these 2 will complete the race track first? Place your bets please!

Beer Robot!

The ultimate robot, he makes a perfect beer for you! Only thing is... He's a little bit slow:


The Graphical art of M.C. Escher

An inventive compilation of the artwork by one of the most talented Art makers in History: MC Escher.

Playing with Fire!

If you got too little money to go to the hairdressers, just do this. 100% Succes guaranteed!


Olympics 2012 Logo

Oshidama Monthly

Oshidama Monthly is a very addictive and difficult Japanese skill game. Use the mouse to nudge an orb (like playing billiards), avoiding pit traps and walls as you snake your way to the goal.

PLAY Oshidama Monthly

Gravity Wave

A gravity wave is a vertical wave in the clouds. To start a gravity wave, a TRIGGER mechanism must cause the air to be displaced in the vertical. Examples of trigger mechanisms that produce gravity waves are mountains and thunderstorm updrafts. Read more...

Discovery - First Time Machine

A clip taken from the Discovery Channel documentary 'The First Time Machine' Will time travelling be reality in the near future?


Purple and Brown

Cool animation shorts by Nicktoons Network. The series is animated using Claymation. Some episodes are below.

Panic in the Skyscraper

Help evacuate the building before its too late! Place a ladder under the stickymen, to help them.

PLAY Panic in the Skyscraper!

The Ultimate Flight Simulator

A Full motion Flight Sim + TrackIR4 Pro head tracking on a F16 Virtual cockpit. That's something else than a joystick with force feedback!


Frost Bite 2

Move with the arrow keys and use your mouse to control your grappling gun to climb to the top of each mountain.

PLAY Frost Bite 2!

Spencer Tunick in Amsterdam

Spencer Tunik the artist is at it again,2000 nude models helped him to realise his "Dream of Amsterdam". All in the name of art of course:

Embarrassing Ferrari Accident

During a Ferrari meeting in a small European city some rich moron tries to show off his car to all the small town villagers. The only thing is the others can drive and he can't...



Gravity: beneficial force of nature or oppressor of humankind? In the world of Amberial, it is both. Addictive and pretty difficult:

PLAY Amberial!

Fat Kid on Rollercoaster

Hilarious fat kid almost falls out of the rollercoaster. And his mother just keeps laughing...

Also watch this guys dad that gets scared like a sissy on a roller coaster ride.


Tank 2007

Tank warfare at it's best. The world has gone to hell - it's up to you to set things straight and blast your way to victory in this survival of the fittest tank game.
Take control of the tank and shoot everything that's in your way!

PLAY Tank 2007!

Skidmarks 3, Burning Ass Phalt

These guys obvious had too much spare time on school: I guess that takes a lot of photo's:

Bongo Balls

Create groups of 3 or more of the same balls with your monkey. Be quick before the balls reaches the hole:

PLAY Bongo Balls!

Top Gear Battlefield 2 Parody

A brilliant Battlefield 2 parody of a Top Gear review.

tnx to Ome Dacty


Does size matter?

An actor poses as a restaurant waiter wearing Spandex pants and with a big, fake penis tucked into them. Watch how the women react...

Google StreetView Sightseeing

This is a new cool feature for Google Maps. It's only available in five cities (San Francisco, Miami, Denver, Las Vegas, New York), but this is definitely worth trying out!
Google StreetView Sightseeing!

And here's a video by Google showing off the new feature: