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Photosynth to 3D conversion

Photosynth is a cool project by Microsoft, but some few step furthers could help you create a 3D world out of a series of 2D photos:


A journey through Asia

A journey through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, August 2009. Pictures by Ivan Vania Mathia Belli, music Yann Tiersen Au-Dessous Du Volcan.Shot on Canon 5D Mark II with 24 mm/70mm, a little bit of CC with FCP and Color:

Feather Starfish swimming


Horrific traffic accident in Taiwan

A bus driver fall asleep or just overlooked a traffic jam, crashed and destroyed multiple cars on highway:

World fastest talking female

Breoiozidcfoucvuxizcuovoiesoih fwoeifh woiehfwoiehf oiwhefoi whef owiehrf …


Google search suggestions

Starring Robert Downey Jr. :

Water Prank


One Button Bob

Do you want to play a game, but every button on your keyboard has deserted you? As long as you have your trusty mouse by your side, you can still get your platforming on with One Button Bob.

PLAY: One Button Bob

Mercury thiocyanate decomposition

It looks like a monster...:


Soap bubble tornado

Don’t cut electric cord with… scissors

The cleaning lady made this guy goes crazy:


Kyle Franklin air show comedy

Kyle Franklin is an airshow professional. He is the son of legendary airshow pilot Jimmy Franklin. Kyle has been performing in airshows for over 10 years has been around aviation his entire life.


NES controller illusion

This Illusions took me over 15 hours to complete. The image you see in this video is not being projected. The image is made up of white construction paper that is held to the wall by tape. I used several black lights to make the white paper glow.

30 commercial games for free

30 titles that were commercial once, but the publishers released them for free. Click to see the list at Games Radar: 30 commercial games for free

Embrace Life

A really nice video clip by Sussex administration (UK), reminding us to always wear the seat belts.