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Monoface - Funny Faces

MonofaceMonoface - Click the mouth, nose, head, and each eye to create a different monoface in this Happy New Year interactive greeting from mono.

Check out Monoface!

South Water Caye Ballet

Stunning images of underwater Belize set to Ravel's Bolero. Wonderfull!


Robosaurus Is Hungry

Q: What is 50 feet tall, spits fire and is still not full after eating a car?
A: The one and only Robosaurus!

Off the Rails Flash Game

Off the Rails

In Off the Rails you race your handcar through the desert - avoiding hazards by jumping over them...

Play:Off the Rails


The Best Screensavers

Best Screensavers

The Best Screensavers, an article compiled by Smashing Magazine (A magazine for designers and web developers). Some of them are really one of the most beautiful screensavers out there.

Check out the article: Screensavers Best Of

Halloween Masks - Forbes

Why dress as a ghost or a vampire this Halloween when you can disguise yourself as someone genuinely scary--like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or bald-headed problem parent Britney Spears. Forbes annual collection of Halloween masks highlights some of 2007's most frightening people.

Check out: Halloween Masks


Pole dancing lessons gone wrong

Some sexy Pole Dancing Girls fighting. A girl fights her instructer because of a small issue:

GigaPan: Gigapixel Panoramas

GigaPan allows users to upload, share, and explore brilliant gigapixel+ panoramas from around the globe.

Check out GigaPan!
Here's a video of how it works:


Roll Flash Game

Roll is a mix of pinball and golf, where you are the yellow ball. In Roll you have to push all the red Balls into the black hole, or pop them.

Play Roll!

My Final Score: 8543


SplumeSplume is a wonderfull game, in the style of the classic game Puzzle Bobble. You only need a new plugin to play Splume in your browser, but it's definately worth it! It's totally 3d with some really cool physics. All balls in Splume have gravity, which makes this game really nice.

Play Splume!


Guys car rolls away from him at the gas station

Freaking hilarious!!!...A guys car rolls away from him at the gas station and he acts like nothing happens lol


Need some cool sound effects or music loops? Try Soundsnap!

Soundsnap offers thousands of sound effects and loops for you to freely use, including in commercial ventures. Very Nice!Soundsnap

Halo 3 Suicide

This video is from the recently released Halo 3. This guy kills himself with some cool skill: "I can`t explain what happened, but for whatever reason I eat my own sniper bullet."


Python Strikes at National Geographic

A guy from the National Geographic Channel gets bitten by a python... OUCH:


SlingoweenTry out the brand new Sling mini-game for Halloween. Sling yourself to the grabs to collect all the candy. The faster you climb up, the more candy you will find. But watch out for the evil Ghosts and Pumpkins!



German Mirror Prank

A german twins couple making fun with people. Maybe a repost, but really funny:

Line Rider - Make Believe

This probably the mother of all Line Riders we have ever seen. And the most artistic one. This guy really must have lots of time:


Conan and Jim Carrey - Quantum Physics

Conan O'brien and Jim Carrey Talking about Quantum Physics. Max Weinberg tries to join in.

Make your own Hot Air Balloon/UFO

How to make your own Hot Air Balloon. Some have actually seen these and reported UFO's...
http://view.break.com/379674 - Watch more free videos

Paradox Photography

What is the paradox here? Cool Photoshop skill, more information about the photo here:
Paradox Photography.

Make's me think of this wallpaper I made in Photoshop (Click for bigger view):


Cubicle Freakout

For the people at work: Finally time to relax with Cubicle Freakout! Just DESTROY EVERYTHING! But care about your health, stress is very bad for you...

Play Cubicle Freakout.

Osama bin Laden Video Message

Breaking News: DyNamicLinQ is the first site to have the new video message from Mr. Osama bin Laden himself. This time he shows he's a really good singer too, bit gay though...:

I suggest we throw Osama from the highest building after seeing this video...

Kid's drawings redrawn - Part 2

Here is another take on drawings by kids, this time done by the illustrator Dave Devries. Check out Part 1 of Kid's drawings redrawn...

Very Nice!:


Energy Levitation trick

A levitation trick using A4 baterries, a cell phone, a coin and some other stuff. Learn how with the video below:

Netvibes - Universal Widgets

Netvibes pioneered the personalized startpage, an alternative to traditional Web portals. Netvibes lets individuals assemble all in one place their favorite websites, blogs, email accounts, social networks, search engines, instant messengers, photos, videos, podcasts, widgets, and everything else they enjoy on the Web.

Recently, Netvibes has been working on a way to give widget makers the ability to run their widgets on any widget platform, whether it's Vista, Mac Dashboard, Opera, iGoogle, or Windows Live.

Make your own Netvibes Startpage!

>And be sure to Add DyNamicLinQ to your Netvibes!<


Sony Bravia Rabbit AD

Here is the new advertisment video for the Sony Bravia, stop-motion filmed in NYC. With rabbits:

The Visitor

The Visitor
The Visitor is a funny - but a bit macabre - point'n'click adventure about an alien, newly landed on the planet, that needs to eat earth creatures to grow and survive...

The Visitor


Virtual Haircut

Virtual Haircut is an Amazing Surround Sound Illusion!

Make sure there is no noise around, turn the volume up a little bit and close your eyes, ... It's even better to use headphones for an enhanced effect! Headphones will keep you focused and allow you to hear every little clue that is going on around you.

Enjoy this 4 minutes and click play:

Jim Klimek - Lighter Tricks

Enjoy these lighter tricks by Jim Klimek. Very smoothly, but surely requires alot of training, so, be careful.


Incredible visual memory

In this video, the autistic guy named Stephen Wiltshire reproduces a panorama of tokyo entirely from his memory! Amazing is all i can say:

The worst Mom

Two of the stupidest and laziest moms in the world... Poor kids. Click for a bigger view:


Citroën C1 Rubik’s Cube

Cool ad for the new Citroën C1, using Rubik’s Cube:

Minuscule - Insect Race

A high end speed chase in this episode of Minuscule.
Also check out the older episodes: Love Story, City Catterpilar& Zzzeplin.
Check out: Minuscule - Insect Race:

Isotope2 Toy

This toy is harder to explain than to experiment with. Something like a drawing robot hand, just try it cause it's very cool!

Isotope 2


Crazy Computer Cases

Some pf the most wonderfull and Craziest Computer Cases. Click for a bigger view
Also check out this Mercedes Truck PC Case!

Infinite OZ - Tin Man

SCI FI Channel and Fallon Worldwide have enlisted the world's leading computer-graphic artists to create Infinite OZ, an online experience that transports you into the world of Tin Man, the channel's upcoming original miniseries.
Infinite OZ


Ctrl A - Only for IE 7

Omg this is sooo nice. Open up IE7
(if you aren't already viewing this in Internet Explorer 7)
and go to this site:

Ctrl - A

Then push your Ctrl and A button on your keyboard... VERY NICE! :D

Half-Life 2: Orange Box - Xbox 360 Review

Three years after Half-Life 2, is the Orange Box the total package that gamers have been waiting for? Portal makes it a Must Have for me:


Pure Blonde Beer

Cool ad for Pure Blonde beer:

Dancing Cockatoo

This is a video of a medium sulphur crested Eleanora cockatoo named Snowball living at the Bird Lovers Only Rescue in Schererville, Indiana. Snowball loves the Back Street boys and has taught himself to dance to their song "Everybody". ROFL! He OWNS!


Electric Oyster Flyby

Have a dreamy flyby with the technology demo of Perl 3D, a pure Flash 3D engine by Eletric Oyster. Click to launch, use the mouse to fly around.


Bryan Berg - Rhode Island State House with cards

Using 22,000 cards over 3 days, record-holding card stacker Bryan Berg builds the Rhode Island State House. I definately wouldn't have the nerves to build something like this...

Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Jeff Dunham and Achmed his Dead Terrorist. Silence, I kill you!! Very funny:

Flash Portal

So yesterday my xbox 360 died when playing portal for 3 minutes..but don't worry! Cause the flash version of Portal is here, and it's totally ownage!

Portal: The Flash Version includes over 40 challenging, portals thinking levels, which features almost every feature the real game does, in 2d - energy balls, cubes, turrets and even the famous crusher from the trailer. The game also includes a console to mess around with after finishing the game, or just being frustrated by thinking with portals

Flash Portal


Noli Novak’s Stipple Artworks

Unique portraits and ullustrations, drawing with stipple by Noli Novak. Click on the images to visit her homepage.

Sony Bravia: Pyramid

Nice advertising for the New Sony Bravia. This time no paint:


top gear vw gti w12 650 volkswagen w12

Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear testing the vw gti w12 650 volkswagen w12

AMAZING Audio Illusion

Every time you play this video, the audio seems to be higher. Amazing!


210 km/h with a bike!

… or 130.7mph. This man, 33 year old Austrian Markus Stoeckl, has smashed the World Speed Record for series mountain bikes. On snow! Because of the extreme cold, Markus had to hold his breath for the 40 second duration so his helmet didn’t fog up.
This guy must be completely crazy:

Bacardi Made to Mix CGI

Nice CGI and a thumping tune. New Alex Rutterford spot for Bacardi. Very Nice!:


Möbius Transformations Revealed

Cool way to visualize how beautiful (and powerful) are Möbius transformations and shows how moving to a higher dimension reveals their essential unity. Nice mathematics:

Lizard Model!

This guy is real. According to the author, this boss is trained one to sit like that.

Click here to see more info.

Football Hooligans International - Dutch

Football Hooligans International vertelt het ware verhaal van gevechten binnen en buiten de voetbalstadions. De serie laat zien hoe, ondanks alle initiatieven van de autoriteiten, er altijd een groep voetbalfans zal zijn die zich puur richt op geweld…. koste wat het kost. Must see op Discovery :)
Speel ook HIER de game!


Launchball game

Wonderful puzzle, The Incredible Machines-type of game. You have to use various scientific elements to pass the level. By The Science Museum @ UK,
click to launch.


Renault Crash Ballet

This is Advertising at it's best!

Car for Women - Nissan Pivo 2 Concept Car

Nissan unveils its electric-powered Pivo 2 concept car. Designed for urban use, the Pivo 2 features a 360-degree revolving cabin, inherited from the first-generation Pivo, allowing the driver to always face forward while driving, even when parallel parking, and to access the unique front door from any direction. Great for woman who can't park their car!


Chinese Cars Crash Tests

A video of crash tests of several Chinese car models, including the 2007 Brilliance BS6. They melt like… paper, and the Brilliance BS6 achieved only one of possible five stars in the Euro NCAP safety rating. Amazing.

Manifold Flash Game

Cool, addictive game. You have to bring an ant (probably) to the exit, using/eliminating grativity fields. However the game is too short, probably there will be another series with more levels.
Click here to launch.


The Human LCD - Amazing

South korea: boys cheering for their soccer teams. the most amazing thing is that they do this with their CLOTHES (not holding up cards). they have a jacket that is one color on the back, one on the front, and that they can open or close to show a third color shirt on the inside. One school has also figured out how to use their pants to make shading. Very NICE!

Tractor Out of Gas - HE OWNS!

Dull or creative? I dunno. But he owns BIG TIME!

Minuscule - Zzzeplin

Another episode from the cutie and wonderfull Minuscule series. This time, let’s fly around.
Also check out the older episodes: Love Story, City Catterpilar.


Barber Shop in Poland - Slightly NSFW

I hate going to the Barber Shop. Sitting on a chair doing nothing, talking about some stupid shit with the hairdressers. And when you're done your hair is still like shit... :p

Only this one's cool for me! Those are some nice hair coupes...

Right Place - Short 3D Animated Movie 2

Everybody has his/her right place. The only problem is… to find that place.

Dutch Driving Theory Test

Do not know if this is real. But if it is, I would definitely fail...


L’Engrenage - Short 3D Animated Movie

L’engrenage, a romantic (and not so romantic) animated piece by students of Sup’infograph. Check here for more details.

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Betavoltaic Battery Lasts for 30 years!

Scientists Invented a 30 Year Continuous Power Laptop Battery. Now that's an evolution! Never ever you will need to recharge your laptop or portable device!

"Your next laptop could have a continuous power battery that lasts for 30 years without a single recharge thanks to work being funded by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. The breakthrough betavoltaic power cells are constructed from semiconductors and use radioisotopes as the energy source. As the radioactive material decays it emits beta particles that transform into electric power capable of fueling an electrical device like a laptop for years."



You are trapped in a room with a dead body on the floor... Not the best circumstances, so escape as soon as you can!


Lamborghini Car Painted Amazingly

Lamborghini is a well known brand of high perfornace Italian sports cars that is now a subsidiary of German car manufacturer Audi. Usually when we see a car like this we stop a little because a Lamborghini can catch your eye very easily. In this case the owner wanted more from his Lamborghini, and he painted his car in a way that will 100% get your attention, no matter what.

Check out the pics HERE!

1/5 Scaled, Remote Controlled MIG-29

It looks, flies… and sounds like a real fighter jet. One of the best remote controlled toy I've ever seen.