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Esc - 3D movie

Inside a 3D program a mouse cursor creates a 3-dimensional character that comes to life after an unknown error in the program and gets into a journey across the computer desktop. This movie looks a lot like the 2D flash movie named "Animator vs Animation" (part1, part2).
Esc is a student film completed in 8 months.

Invader 360

Back to the roots of gaming with Space Invaders! Not the old 2D version, but a version where you can shoot from all sides. Anyway... just
PLAY Invader 360

Flying Dogs

Weird flying dogs, made by Pleix, a virtual community of digital artists based in Paris.

Flying Through the Swiss Alps in a Fighter Jet

A view of the Matterhorn as you never seen before!
The plane is an (old) ex Swiss Air Force Hawker Hunter Trainer MK 68.



Ow my god! Be high without taking any drugs, this is what the I-Doser does. It stimulates your brains with Soundwaves. See some experiences of users on the I-Doser Forums. You can download the trail program for free on the site, but of course you can also the FULL PROGRAM for free with the DyNamicLinQ way:

For the best result, you need headphones, and you have to keep your eyes closed. I tested it myself, and some of the drugs worked for me :)

Gaming in 2010!

A quick look in the future of gaming, with the 12 most impressive games you can expect in 2010


Will it blend? - Glow Sticks

After all the "Will it blend" movies, finally the best one;
Put glowsticks in your blender!:

Pirelli Film - Mission Zero

Mission Zero is a professional short movie, made by Pirelli and Leo Burnett, starring Uma Thurman.

Check out the Movie Short here

Crazy Ball 2

A surprisingly entertaining game where you nead to head the ball into goal. Bonus for the AI and a extra bonus for that strange sound loop.

PLAY Crazy Ball!

Vista is not a copycat

David Pogue from the NY Times proves that Windows Vista does not copy the Mac OSX. No, it does not!!! What do you think?


Helicopter Close Call On Ship

This Helicopter is trying to take off on the back of a huge barge in the middle of very bad conditions. Those ground operators are lucky they didnt get sliced in half.

The Passenger

Using real driving footage filmed on location in the streets of Paris over the course of three nights, The Passenger puts players behind the wheel of an experience that's part interactive movie (a mystery thriller with a stylish "modern noir" feel) and part driving video game (think Grand Theft Auto meets Crazy Taxi) as you drive a mysterious femme fatale around town to conduct a series of shady dealings.

Graffiti using Lasers

Witness how a laser pointer is used to project tags onto giant buildings!

Save the Sheriff

Save the Sheriff is a cute jump’n'run game. You are a piggy that tries to save your sheriff.

PLAY Save the Sheriff


Human Skateboard

Go skate on a human! Maybe it requires some practise, but after a while you'll be the best human skater in town!


Explode all the bombs, by clicking on the red ones, and throwing the black ones against each other.

PLAY Detonate!


The Gaffer

The Gaffer is an action-based Flash game. You play a chubby warehouse boss who must load boxes onto trucks that pull into the dock. Each stack is outlined on the back of the truck, all you have to do is carry the crates one by one and put them in the right place. It's a very straightforward game that keeps you hooked with its charming presentation and simple gameplay.

PLAY The Gaffer!

Fly with a Stunt Pilot

Check out this stunning flight here

Votec 322b
Andre Bernet
Yverdon, Switzerland

Monty Python's SPAMalot

Monty Python's SPAMalot is a Flash defend-your-castle game with an absolutely severe Monty Python element thrown up into the mix for good humor, good times.

Just use your mouse to control the catapult, hurling cows, chickens, and mules at waves of oncoming attackers. Choose sides, either English or French, to begin the onslaught.



How does David Copperfield fly?

Great video explaining the flying illusion of David Copperfield.


Jump to the top in under 5 minutes. Use the Space bar to jump. Good luck with this very difficult and addictive skill-game:

PLAY Escaladeby

Twiggy - The water skiing squirrel

He's cute and famous. Get to know him more here

Angle Mort Short

A horror animation short by StudioM. Check their website for more information and hi-quality download.



One of the best games of all times...... this version is with an level editor. And all the levels are directly from the original.

Help the green hairy oompa loompa's to the exit.

Play it here


Mega Robot Returns

What's Real and what's CGI? Damn this video made by Kaktus Film is just sooo cool:
>Click< (Quicktime needed, download >here<)

From the makers of Crazy Frog...

Line Rider short

Line Rider over the top, made by Techdawg & Son. By far the best Line Rider:

For the ones of you who don't know Line Rider: >CLICK<


Microsoft Windows 1.0

The great opportunities of Windows 1.0!


Use the mouse to draw a circle around white boxes.
When the boxes turn red, run your cursor over it to take it out! Collect as many red boxes as you can.

PLAY Quadrato!

Polar Drift

Polar Drift is a new game from Teagames. Race your snowmobile on the courses, and be as fast as possible!

PLAY Polar Drift!

Beatboxing flute inspector gadget remix

Greg Pattillo mixes beatboxing with playing the flute:


Electric Bar

Drag the box through the maze avoiding the walls. An awesome and difficult skill game.

PLAY Electric Bar!

Breathing Earth

Breathing Earth is a visual, real-time simulation of the CO2 emission rates, birth rates and death rates of every country in the world.

You can also see how much tons of CO2 your country emittes every minute... Check out Breathing Earth


Concept Art

ConceptArt.org is a collectorssite for people who make Concept Art. You can find Concept Art of Gears of War, Metroid Prime, Neverwinter Nights and many more. But also Concept Art of comics, movies etc. So go and take a look!

Japanese Drawing Commercial

So nice, and so big...:

Jet Speed

Jet Speed is a simple but well polished game with fast smooth gameplay and some different challenges to keep it interesting. Dodge traffic to get to the truck as soon as possible and destroy it.
From the makers of The Missile Game 3D.

PLAY Jet Speed!



LOL (Click for full-view) tnx to myextralife.com ©2007

Architectural miracles of nature

Some wonderfull and crazy photo's of the architect named: Nature.
Check the photo's


Oshidama is a simple and elegant japanese flash game. The goal is to nudge a white orb to the exit point on the screen (marked as "Next"). Try to do this in as less pushes as possible. Great design and music.
PLAY Oshidama

What did the architect smoke?

An awesome building, made by probably an MC Escher admirer.

Click this link for more pics.


Bakery for Psycho's

In this bakery in Thailand, they don't make some tastefull Croissants, but human body parts made out of bread...Not very tastefull :
this video could not be suitable for children

Always wanted to be a bird?

This site features a lot of cool games/ in shockwave flash made interactive animations. Especially Sky, magneto 2, f/a-18, the car and Black Mirror are "Must see's!". But check out the other ones too.

Check it out here!
Remember: Shockwave plugin needed


Little Loki

Escape the lava and reach the flag to complete the stage. Avoid enemies, cause they will slow you down. Collect 100 skulls for extra lives. Remember: Escaping hell can be real challenging, so be patient.
PLAY Little Loki


Hit all the pegs to complete the level, some require multiple hits. Use the arrow keys to rotate. Swing from post to post, using the Spacebar to jump, and Ctrl to skip pegs.
PLAY Xraye


The Eryx is an antitank weapon which always hits his targets, unless you let some stupid French men do the job...

Airbag explosion

Heres what happens when an airbag is placed in a bucket and it is ignited while a guy sits on top. Pain for free!


Fireworks, Comet & Lightning in 1 photo!

You won't see this everyday. A very spectacular photo of Fireworks on the left, Comet (little one in the middle) and Lightning on the right. You have to be very very lucky to make this photo... Click on the image for full-view:

No photoshopping! For some explanation, click here.


Our new layout is coming. Here's a sneak preview of it:

Hope you like it!

Super Mario Feet!

This boy ain't got any handicap on his hands, but he justed wanted to finish Super Mario Bros with his feet in 9:30 minutes...

Top gear in deep republican territory!!!

The TopGear crew are getting owned by the RedNecks. They decide to paint their cars with texts the RedNecks don't really like...:

If youtube doesn't work anymore:-- Rednecks --


The Power of Google

Google controls everything, as you can watch here. Made by 2 German students.


3d cars wallpapers!

3D Car Samples | 101 Pic | 3.7 mb


102 animated avatars

Animated Avatars - 102 GIF - 100x100 - 7,4 Mb


Asian wallpapers!

For the peanuts among us....


Maybach Exelero - The 8 million dollar car

Could someone please buy this car for me?
It's only 8 Million Dollar...

More Cool Wallpapers of this car can be found >HERE<

When a monitor dies...

This guy's monitor is broken, and he just decides to shoot at it...

Tilt 2

And another balance game. In Tilt 2 you have to balance your stick with your mouse and collect as many balls as you can. The more the merrier.
Play Tilt 2



Just say what you think about it; fake or real? I hope it's real! Click for Full-View:

Edit 1: and here a Photo of a man holding the PS3 version...
Edit 2: It is fake...

Cigarette killer

You don't like those smokers, taking away your fresh air? Just shoot water on their sigarettes. That wil teach them! Mwuhahahaa...

Play Cigarette Killer


Bubble Islands

Bubble Islands is a great puzzle game. Somewhat of a cross between Tetris and Puzzle Bobble, the goal is to clear as many bubbles as possible. Linking 4 or more bubbles of a single color will cause them to explode, causing everything stacked above them to fall and creating plenty of opportunities for massive combos.

Play Bubble Islands


Time for a backup? Then you can use MediaMax. You can use 25 GB of space for free there. Mp3-streaming can be used too.


Polarity is a Top-Down Shoot 'm Up with enemies of two polarity types: red and blue. You control a ship that can switch between these two polarities for both offensive and defensive advantages.
Fire at enemies of the opposite color for an offensive advantage since opposite color enemies will take more damage from each shot. When fired upon, match the polarity (same color) of the incoming shots to have your shield absorb them and leave you unharmed.
Play Polarity (it takes a while too load)

Folding Chair

Some very skillfull chair, which you can fold, from a one person seat to a 3 person luxuriously couch:



Nice commercial.

Super Mario Theme - Zack Kim

Check out this cool dude, playing the Super Mario Bros theme on 2 guitars. I guess that requires some skill :p :

I liked this one too (Canon in D Major):

CDX & Axe Vice

Recently, the BBC released a great flash unique-video adventure game. You can play the game Here, and unlock the mystery. More info on the game Here

Is CDX too much for you? Then play as a detective in Axe Vice.



Balance is an ownage game, in which you must balance a ball, and watch out for the falling balls. Except the green and yellow ones, cause they give you extra time/remove the falling balls.
Play Balance!


Jacek Yerka Works!!!

Some very artistic and fine pictures by an artist i love.....



The aim of this game is simple: Enter the blue Vortex in each level, by rolling on top of the Vortex. And don't fall down in the water. Play Silversphere here!



Ownage skills-game, where you have to avoid the falling obstacles as long as possible. Clicking and holding the mouse button shrinks your formation at the expense of points. You may also touch the flashing dots to clear and reset the speed of the obstacles, but doing so will add an extra dot to your formation, making it more difficult to stay alive... Play Formation

Down the Drain

Draw a path with your mouse to save the drop of water from all the scary stuff, and try to let it fall in the glass. Don't hit the terrain or get stuck. Play Down the Drain!


Life in Holland - BNN Tequila

Just some funny random stuff you could witness when walking the streets in The Netherlands.
Hidden camerasketches by the Tequila-crew (BNN network)

Congrats! Your the one million visitor of this shop.....not (Dutch)

Paths 2

Paths 2 is a sequel to the original puzzle game Paths by Tyler Glaiel.
Try to make a path for your circle to go trough, and press spacebar when your done.


An ultra-sleek motion puzzle game with a built-in level editor. Capsules is a simple game where you must maneuver an orange shape around red obstacles in order to reach blue spheres.
And that's going to be very difficult in the later levels!


Tropix! Cascade

Ownage puzzle game, very similiar to Bejeweled. Try to get 3 or more of the same fruits in one row in Tropix! Cacade.

But watch out for the Ice!