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Evolution of Gaming

A brief history of one man's gaming life from the early 90s to the present day. I know almost every game. Guess that says something about me... :P

Open Doors 2

Simply move the square to the X! But now there's double-doors, collapsible floors, and switches.

Plus, get medals for completing the puzzle fast and in the least number of moves:
PLAY: Open Doors 2


Hidden tap faucet

Cool faucet concept by Jelmer Moorman from Kunst Zonder Kapsones company. Click here for more info:

Top 12 Coolest Geeky Shoes Ever

These Sneakers look like just any typical shoe in shape, but functionally they do more than just protect your feet from dust and Pebbles.

See more: Top 12 Coolest Geeky Shoes Ever

Nice Translator

NiceTranslator is a fast, easy to use online translator
designed with simplicity and functionality in mind.
Check it out: NiceTranslator


Codebreaker feat. Kathy Diamond - Fire

Cool music video, directed by Erik West, using the photo editing techniques to create the surreal mini world:

Why we think it’s OK to cheat and steal

Meet Dan Ariely on TEDtalks talking about the hidden reasons we think it’s OK to cheat and steal (sometimes):


FanWing - Fresh new aircraft design

High lift, slow manoeuvrable flight performance, stability in turbulence and no stall, shorter take-off and landing… actually, this is “One of the few truly new aircraft since the Wright Brothers”, according to NY Times. See more on the project’s homepage.

Mario takes the Metropolis

Mario being sent to... Chicago after blowing the warp whistle. Funny video by MatthewDominick. Really nice made!:


The future of Human health

Stanford University provices a series of 7 infomative lectures from professors, who research about the frontiers of human health. Here is one of them: visualizing desire by Brian Knutson that explaning how individuals make complex financial decisions, and offers new ways for alleviating schizophrenia. And here for more discoveries in neuroscience, bioengineering, brain imaging, psychology, and more


High-resolution Tetris

Having too much fun playing Tetris? Why not suck all the enjoyment out of it by playing it in HD?

PLAY: HD Tetris


Sparrow landing in Slow Motion

A sparrow landing and takeoff in Super slow motion, with amazing quality!:


Bear doing tricks

Incredible tricks, done by a bear. Just one question, is this really a bear?!?

Max Payne 2 - A believable story

A short from the second series of Max Payne, ain’t it the best videogame?


After Effects Special effects collection

Kevin Lin uses Adobe After Effects to create this special effects collection. i think most of them are made with tutorials, but who cares? He's only 12! I also like his acting :)

The ‘Yes’ Cat

Speaking honestly, how many of you see a must-read License Agreement, read it entirely to decide to click “Yes” or “No”? I think… none. And like me, you just click “Yes” to continue… That of course makes you automatically agree to also have the risks the agreement might hide within.

To hands over the responsibility to someone else, Anne Loucks has invented one method. Click to learn more about it: The ‘Yes’ Cat


New York - Hudson river plane landing - 3D animation

Here’s a takeoff to touchdown re-creation of the USAir flight that made an emergency landing in the Hudson river, with ATC radio transmissions. It’s amazing how cool-headed the pilots and FAA people remain during the event. - A bit outdated 3D animation, but still interesting:

The petaminx

This is a Rubik’s cube on steroids created by Jason Smith of PuzzleForge. It based on the Andrew Cormier’s design:


Aliens are among us - ObamAlien

Can we photoshop what the Earth will be if aliens take over? YES WE CAN!

See these interesting photos of the Alien Nation 8 contest:
Aliens are among us

War of the Worlds WebCam game

A funny game, where you control via webcam (still, you can use the mouse too, but webcam is more interesting).

Click to launch: War of the Worlds WebCam game


Cassette tape paintings

Flickr user iri5 has an impressive series titled ‘Ghost in the machine’ of portraits of well-known musicians (such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Ian Brown, …) made from recycle cassette tape: Cassette tape paintings

Paul Sahner - Still Alive in minor

Paul Sahner takes on the “Still Alive” song from Portal, and this guy is gifted:


Goon Train pixel art

Like the Goon Tower and the MrWong building, this time it is probably the longest train in the world. Including some very familiar scenes.
Click to see more: Goon Train pixel art

10 videogames glitches we love

Crispy Gamer has a feature of 10 bugs in the videogame history, which actually turns out more like features. Here to the full list, and below is the famous -1 world in the evergreen Super Mario Bros.


Feel the movement

A cool gallery of photos, where you can really feel the movement within one frame.
See more: Feel the movement

Mario on LSD

What if Mario caught a… really magic mushroom. A hilarious music video with a soundtrack by Shpongle:


Lewis Lavoie - Mural mosaic

Original idea by Lewis Lavoie with his own paintings, lately involves other artists as well.
Click to visit the project’s homepage and enjoy: Lewis Lavoie - Mural mosaic

New Formula 1 rules in 2009

Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull Racing team has a short video on how big changes affect the Formula 1 rules this year:


Erik Johansson’s artworks

Beautiful photo imaginations by Erik Johansson, who is only 23 but already makes amazing pictures:

Erik Johansson’s artworks

Fish with a transparent head

A strange deep-sea fish actually has a transparent head and tubular eyes. Video by Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute researchers:


Top 40 videogame covers

PSDTuts has made a chart with top 40 art graphics for game covers.

See more here:
Top 40 Video Game Covers of All Time

De Lijn - Penguins & Fireflies

Cutie ad campaigns for Belgian public transport company De Lijn with the message “It’s smarter to travel in groups”. Created by Duval Guillaume:


Yo-yo skill

This guy is really skilled with his yo-yo...:

Scintillation - Xavier Chassaing

This interesting short directed by Xavier Chassaing is made up of over 35,000 photographs. It combines an innovative mix of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques:


Pi Kappa Alpha - Glow in the dark

Cool performance for the 2009 Anchorsplash talent show at Virginia Tech by Pi Kappa Alpha. Remind me of this Japanese matrix Ping-Pong and the colors show:

World’s coolest pencil sharpener

How to sharpen a pencil... the difficult and coolest way:


Man survives truck, train crash

Amazing CCTV footage of a lucky Turkish man, Cem Tokac escaped after getting hit by a truck & a train:


YouTube classics in two minutes

Some guys from Israel company FLIX created their favourite YouTube classic moments just in two minutes...:

Anatoly Beloshchin - Underwater World

Beautiful dreamy photography by Anatoly Beloshchin.
Click to see more: Anatoly Beloshchin - Underwater World


The camera cars

I never knew how this is done, but now i know! Look behind the scenes with those cars which capture high speed action races:

Super Stacker 2 game

A cool, time-killer game where you have to stack the shapes to pass the level. And when I say time-killer, I mean it:


Stella Artois quick dress up

A funny video ad for the Stella Artois beer:

Sci-Fi channel

Creative print ads by Saatchi&Saatchi, Italy for Sci-Fi TV channel:

Click the images for a bigger view:


Dave Chappelle- How old is fifteen really?

One of funniest stand-up comedy shows, how old is fifteen really?:

Superb ray-gun junk sculptures

A collection of beautiful ray-gun and robot assemblage sculptures made from techno-junk, found at Tinkerbots’s flickr set. See the whole colletion here: Superb ray-gun junk sculptures



Gopher for laziests

Some guy took this ad video for a stupid product sold on TV and dubbed over it! LOL:

Latte art printer

How to make a coffee based artwork? With a latte printer of course:


Unusual guitar mods

An interesting collection of 14 most outrageous guitar on the Internet @ Musicradar. They are in form of… many things including satellite dish, scissors, Sega Genesis… and even a girl. The example shown here is the George Marlin Bigfoot.
See more: Unusual guitar mods


World Builder

Cool award winning short by Bruce Branit. A strange man builds a 3D world using holographic tools for the woman he loves. Really wonderful:


Ogre - a Lego tank

"Ogre is a “Tank” built around a Zamor launching system nicknamed “Hailstorm”. It uses three XL PF motors, controlled either by a standard PF remote, or by the on-board (black) NXT using the Hitechnic IRLink. It also has a small wireless “spycam” attached, so that the driver can “see” what the robot sees. The result is a lot of fun to drive around, and even more fun to watch it autonomously detect, target, and destroy loose LEGO targets."

David Han - Spaced out

This poor Alien tries to to abduct a bull for dinner. Simple but funny animated short by David Han:


FPS motorcycle crash

A first person view of a motorcycle crash while performing a wheelie at 90 mph (145 km/h)...:

Top Gear bloopers

A series of bloopers from the funny guys of BBC Top Gear program:


tebe_interesno artworks

Cute, beautiful photo manipulation works by a Russian artist, nicked himself astebe_interesno. Click to see more & more: tebe_interesno artworks

Team Fortress 2 - Mass A.I

Crazy map editing of Team Fortress 2, showing some fun with the A.I engine of the game:


Totem Destroyer 2

Totem Destroyer returns with new levels, more block types and a level editor. Try to remove all of the destructible blocks without destroying the golden figurines. Great concept:
Totem Destroyer 2

Worth1000 - Feeding time

These images are fro the Photoshop contest ‘Feeding time’, organized by Worth1000. Click to see all the entries: Worth1000 - Feeding time


Early Celebration

Arriving at the finish line, a cyclist celebrates a little too early. Well, he'll always know he could've been first...

VCR Hack

Don’t throw your old VCR… you don’t even know what treasure it is ;) Really amazing:


Math-ing people

An interesting scientific report on how we, human, might have built-in math abilities from day 1. Click to start reading: Numbers

How to make glowing bubbles

Short video on how to make glowing bubbles in the night: