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Adobe CS3 video workshop

Showcase videos about the new features of the new Adobe CS3 suite. Many videos about all the 13 products of the suite are published here. Check it out!
And see for example the new 3D mode in the Extended version of Photoshop CS3!

A moment on Earth

On August 5th, 2004 at 12:00 noon GMT, and again exactly 12 hours later, 60 filmmakers around the world set out to capture a single Moment on Earth.

The events that they captured span a spectrum of emotions and speak to what it is to be human and alive on Earth today.Check out the mosaic, generated from the project, >Here<


POD: Planetary Orbital Defense

POD: Planetary Orbital Defense is a 15-level shoot-em-up bonanza that culminates in a boss fight against an alien invasion.

PLAY POD: Planetary Orbital Defense!

Talking trough your nose

A video, that shows a young man talking trough his nose:

Derren Brown - Part 1

" Derren Brown is a unique force in the world of illusion - he can seemingly predict and control human behaviour.He doesn't claim to be a mind-reader, instead he describes his craft as a mixture of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship.Whatever you choose to call it, his unparalleled performances amaze and unsettle all those who watch him. This is a powerful and provocative form of entertainment, unlikely to be imitated for a long while."

Derren is in New York and attempts to buy things using his own money - Blank paper:

IQ Test

Free PhD certified IQ test with detailed analysis result page. So, what is your IQ?

Test your IQ! (only takes 15 minutes)


X-tract Paperclip

Everyone knows that stupid paperclip from microsoft. So let's kill him today!
Clear all three levels by hitting Clippy with the office supplies. And don't forget to turn on your sound!

PLAY X-Tract Paperclip!

Japanese Peeing instruction video

Only in Japan...



Your coffee break game today: Circlo.

Shoot the colored balls into the circle of other colored balls. Make them all disappear to finish the level.
Note: you can also keep your mouse button pressed, and change the direction the ball is shooted.

PLAY Circlo!

Milk Trick

There probably will be a simple explanation for this magic trick, but I just don't get it. I can explain the first part, but not the second:

Superglue Prank

5 Emotions with Alex Leon. Tension 10 superglue, bottle glued to his hand...

Feeding Birdy

Feeding Birdy is a nice and addictive flash game.
Eat smaller flying creatures than yourself. Don't eat the green dragon flys and dodge the bigger birds.

PLAY Feeding Birdy!


Monkey Shadow Love

Some guy shows two monkeys who make love with his hands shadow. Pretty funny!


Try something different - a car avoider game. Too easy for me. I finished this one in a fwe minutes... Great gameplay nonetheless.
They only should have made this a little bit more difficult.

PLAY Ignition!

Balance Balls

Use the right and left arrows to balance the red ball. How long can you survive?

PLAY Balance Balls!

Nero: 123 seconds
Likwit_Snake: 100 seconds


Stick of death 2

Move the falling stick with your cursor keys, and make it till the end of the maze, without touching the walls.

PLAY Stick of Death 2!

Lapses in Light

The cars, the lights, the people, the sky... Just wonderfull!
Panning timelapse experiments, shot on a Canon 20d with some custom controllers by Ollie Larkin. For more info and high quality versions, check out Lapses in Light.

The Power of Make-up

What are the similarities of these women? They are all the same one... Shows what you can do with a little bit of make-up.

Check it out here!


Fun with Mirroring

These guys at a party get all goofy as they watch themselves being recorded by a camera with some cool mirror effects.

Wonderfull Cake Art

Well, i think these people can make just anything with Cake. I guess this asks for some free time and many skills...

Check out this wonderfull Cake Art!

Ninja Turtle projection

Cool usage of projectors, advertising the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.


Battle of the GTA's

To complete the hype of the upcoming GTA IV, Games Radar has a special feature on the history of all GTA series until now. Also check the Battle of the GTA clones article.

Luke Feldman - Portfolio

Interactive homepage, including illustrations, sketches and some other games by Luke Feldman.

Check the site!

Japanese Skills

Heres a really cool video that shows just how much more talented the Japanese are compared to the rest of the world. Either that or they just have way too much free time...


Pando is a new P2P program. It allows you to send files up to 1GB of size to anybody that also uses Pando. There are also serveral plugins that work with msn messenger, hotmail and gmail. If two users are both online on Pando, they can send files directly to each other. But if one user is online, the file will get stored on the servers of Pando.
Try it out!


Feed the Head!

Feed the Head is not so much a game as a "thing", but it's fun... And surreal fun. So well made...

Try pulling out his nose or feed him his own eye!


Musotik is a tool for finding music on the net - to simplify your hunt for new artists and old favorites. Simply type your favorite artist or band's name into the search box, and the site responds with as much information as is available, including discography, track listings, and a profile of the artist.

Additionally, Musotik includes links to YouTube music videos by the artist you searched for. And much more, e.g. Firefox users can download the Musotik search plugin to get quick access to the database from their desktop.

Richard Bedford - Wild Bird Photography

The most wonderfull shots of birds - Especially flight shots!

Check out: Richard Bedford - Wild Bird Photography!


Rocket Rescue

Use the MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to launch (or ARROW KEYS and SPACEBAR) to choose an angle and power for your rocket. Pick up stranded astronauts scattered all over the galaxy.
Use the power of gravity to help your comrades and complete your mission.

PLAY Rocket Rescue!

Sport Cars Wallpapers

Sport Cars Wallpapers || 58 || 1920x1200 HQ WS || JPEG

The coolest Sport Cars Wallpapers, at a very high res.


Madness reaction time

You think you've got steal nerves, and a fast reaction time? It's time to prove that, with this addictive game. Click the mouse button, when the shot is fired. Each round you get less time to react.

PLAY Madness Reaction Time!




It's time to work on your fingermuscles! Type the letters that are falling down, get bonus points, and move the cannon with your mouse. If you type the wrong letter, you will lose all your bonus points... Of course, you don't want that!

PLAY Bloop!

High Voltage Cable Inspector

A beautiful documentary about a man whose job is to check high-voltage cables while strapped to a helicopter. Truly amazing footage and narration. Like a bird on a wire... Fascinating:

Wet Paint - Your own Graffiti

Grab some tools and pick some colors to begin your masterpiece, with this cool time waster painting thing: Wet Paint.


Pursuit Across Europe (PACE)

Recently, BMW launched a new advergame that has players racing its cars in a Pursuit Across Europe.

In this cool and very detailed Flash-based driving game, highly stylized computer motion graphics and 3D cut scenes are combined to create a unique experience you won't soon forget.

Travel to destinations such as Lisbon, Paris, Berlin and Prague, earn credits and purchase new vehicles!

PLAY Pursuit Across Europe!

Antilimit - Surreal Photographs

Antilimit - Creative imagery by Eric M. Gustafson.

Check out the most wonderfull photo's of intensely surreal atmospheres, ambiguously emotive scenes and epic perspectives.

How To Put A Chicken To Sleep

A neat trick which anyone can do on how to put a chicken to sleep. No chickens were harmed during this video!


800 3D Wallpapers Mega Pack!

Some of the coolest and most wonderfull 3D Wallpapers on earth in 1 pack!


Rar Pass: www.forumimaj.com

More Bloons

The popularity and success of Ninja Kiwi's recent Bloons game compelled the developer to put its next project on hold while they create another 50 levels to appease fans eager to pop More Bloons. But these levels promise to be even more difficult than the first batch.

PLAY More Bloons!

Badass origami stuff

A very impressive Origami Gallery. For the ones who don't know: Origami is art made by folding paper.

Check it out!

More Origami Art Here!


Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft came up with an answer for Adobe's Flash, with the name Silverlight. Silverlight is more interactive than Flash, and the video will be better quality. You only have to install a plugin to enjoy the Silverlight Technology.

Check out the video on Microsoft Silverlight's website!

National Geographic Wallpapers pt3

|| 64 || 1024x768 HQ || JPEG


National Geographic Wallpapers pt2

|| 64 || 1024x768 HQ || JPEG


National Geographic Wallpapers pt1

Some of the coolest nature wallpapers, by National Geographic

|| 63 || 1024x768 HQ || JPEG



Le Duel

Some creative artists make commercial banners. Maybe it's effective, but not really that creative. If you are more creative, you go and make this!



Research has shown, that nobody looks up when a car alarm is going off. Probably this will change that:

Zoo Keeper

Zoo Keeper looks a lot like Bejeweled, but is a bit different. The game is, indeed, a clone of the Nintendo DS version. The objective of the game is to line up three or more identical animals to remove them from play.

PLAY Zoo Keeper!

Ultimate beerpong

Billy Marks bounces ping pong balls into a cup. This time it's personal... I wonder how long it took him to master this:


Minuscule - City Caterpillar

Another Minuscule creation, this time about a city caterpillar and butterfly.

Rubik solved for 114 seconds...

...by a 3 year old girl!

Cursor Storm

Cursor Storm is weird and frustating at the same time. Survive in a world full of baddy cursors of all kind. Collect power-ups to help you on your way in this slick and action-packed game.

PLAY Cursor Storm!


Rapture Capture

In Rapture Capture, you take control of a ship with a tug wire attached by waving the mouse back and forth. The tug wire is your only defense against incoming enemies and munitions, use it as a whip to take out everything that comes at you. The tip of the tug wire is especially powerful, as you can even capture enemies with it and whip them around as a weapon. It's great!

PLAY Rapture Capture!

80's 1 Hour Videomegamix

A lot of nice songs from the 80s, mixed by Pancho Reyes in a great 1 hour video. Reminds me of the songs in GTA Vice City...


Pixelator is an art installation, which can make cool animated pixel art instantly from any color display. It has been installed in more than 80 LED video billboards located at subway entrances across New York City. Visit the project’s homepage for more information and how-to-make instructions.


Swedish tank drifting

What's funnier than drifting with a tank in your spare time:


Zwok-game is an Addictive turn-based multiplayer online game with projectile weapons like Worms (or Scorched Earth).

PLAY Zwok-Game!

Antarctic Time-Lapse

A truly stunning time-lapse video filmed in Antarctica, in and around McMurdo Station and Scott Base. Includes shots of auroras and nacreous clouds. Just too amazing to describe...


Mont Saint-Michel

Located in Normandy, France and home of the unusual Benedictine Abbey and steepled church, it is as beautiful as a fairy tale.

See more cool pictures here!

Cool logo creations

b3ta.com has a collection of… ahem… cool and very weird logo creations. Click on the image to see the full page of the awards.

The logo's

Pretty Woman!


Baby one more time

Carlsberg Destination - Probably the best beer in the world

Beautiful pictures from all around the world where Carlsberg delivers its beer.

14 Pics. HQ in Power Point Presentation format.


India Wallpapers

Some of the most beautiful wallpapers of India


Alison King - Lingerie Photos

Alison King (born March 3, 1973 in Leicester) is an English actress best known for her role as Lynda Block in the Sky One television series Dream Team (TV series) and currently as Carla Connor in Coronation Street.

>Lingerie Photo's<

Kelly Brook Wallpapers

23 Pics | 1024 x 768


3dfiction ScreenSaver

Surreal 3d art screensavers with ultimate crossfade transitions, watch the realtime simulation before downloading or check out the Gallery to see all the images. Now you can enjoy various 3D art and models, right on your desktop.

55 unique 3dfiction artworks

Download: Linq

pw = www.inethouse.info/user/caronte

Torres del Paine, Patagonia

This time-lapse video captures the stunning natural beauty of the Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia.

Just beautiful!


Hot Rods

Today, you have to boost your way to victory racing your classic Hot Rod. Use the space bar to boost and the arrow keys to move your car:

PLAY Hot Rods!

One-Wheeled Scooter - The New Skateboard

Engineered by Ben Smither, this “scooter” is way cooler than those Segway.
Here's some information on how it's made.

The Amazing Steam Candle

Always wanted to built a steam machine? Well hear you go. You just need a candle and a copper tube:



Interactive 3D Doggy

A lot of 3D animations came out recently, like Happy Feet, Flushed Away etc. Of course it takes a lot of time to create all of these figures. This is one of those cool figures, and he just loves being clicked!

Check it out! (be patient, takes a while to load)

Sticky Tires

Trailbike trickery with ease. This guy has got some skill. And probably a few bruises too:


Find Easter Eggs in games

For everyone that can't find enough easter eggs today: The Easter Egg gaming archive. This community-driven database shares easter eggs from many different games. For example: In Company Of Heroes you see on the numberplates of the jeeps: "3A5UX5". In leet-language, that means: "EA sucks". Click the picture for another story...

A lot more Easter Eggs with pics are to be found on:
The Easter Egg Arhive

Sulphur Hexafluoride, Heavy gas

Gas on which you can float a foil boat. You've probably heard how it sounds to talk after huffing helium, imagine your voice doing the opposite!

Peep Show

The Kill Kar

This nice game lets you kill people with a car, GTA style. Wasn't me!

Prison Escape

No this is not THE Prison Break for the TV but a nice game where you need to show your skills and use your best tactics.

PLAY Prison Escape!