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Marlo Cowan & Fran - Piano duet

62 years-married couple, Marlo Cowan and Fran, performing a wonderful impromptu recital at the Mayo Clinic:

My name is Jack

At least this guy is honest about his note...:


Redstar Fall Pro

Redstar Fall Pro

It's time to revisit the history of communism, browser game style! Redstar Fall is back, with 20 more levels of physics puzzle mayhem. The new levels are tough and finicky as a dried-up alley cat, so if you haven't played the first game, go do that first.

PLAY: Redstar Fall Pro

Girls rock a giant piano

Two talented girls playing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue D in minor on the giant piano at FAO Schwartz in New York City:


Pirate theater automata built from Legos

A fully automated/motorized theater inspired by the recent LEGO Pirates theme:


World’s youngest pool shark

Meet Keith O’Dell, a pool shark, who is only 23-months old:

Brian MacFarlane - Upside down bird

Look! This greylag goose is actually flying upside down in strong winds but keep its head the right way up. Incredible shot by Brian MacFarlane.

Read more: Brian MacFarlane - Upside down bird


3D Wall paintings

At first glance, it looks as if some natural disaster has shaken away the walls of these buildings to reveal architecture hidden for thousands of years.

And at second and third glance, it looks like that too.

But these spectacular images are not the unexpected result of an earthquak:

See more: 3D Wall paintings

Terminator Salvation: The Ride

Terminator Salvation: The Ride is a Wooden roller coaster located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. It was originally announced as “Terminator: The Coaster” but was later changed to suit the upcoming Terminator Salvation movie. It is said to be the first wooden roller coaster to incorporate audio effects on its trains:


USB ports for everything

USB ports for everything

Worth1000 currently has an interesting photoshopping contest: “USB Conquers The World”. The one on the left is the new BioMec™ USB thumb drive model 2.0.

See more:

USB ports for everything in USB conquers the world

Sebastian’s Voodoo - 3D Animation

The winner of Cannes Festival’s Short Film Corner, this short piece is by Joaquin Baldwin, a student of MFA in animation at UCLA:


Replicat flash game

In Replicat, you start off as a starship pilot just minding your business, plodding along through the vast empty expanses of space, when all of a sudden the hyper-drive malfunctions.

Replicat is a mouse avoidance game where the speed of the objects to be avoided are based upon the speed at which you move your mouse. Don't ever want to die? Simple, don't move. Unfortunately, the collectible objects are not on the same malleable timeline, and their point value decreases constantly whether you are moving or not.

Play: Replicat

Ow and something else... :

Hold your breath…


We Didn't Start the Flame War

The Internet video that YOU helped to write, by CollegeHumor:

Pinball machine made from a VHS tape

An interesting video on how to make a mini pinball machine from a VHS tape by Nextraker. OMG this is just stupid...:


Mike the Chicken

Mike the Miracle Chicken

This is not a hoax: Following a non-lethal decapitation, Mike the headless chicken, later nicknamed “Miracle Mike,” lived for approximately 18 months:

Read more:

Mike the Miracle Chicken

Kleenex - More than a feeling

An interesting campaign against… Kleenex by Greenpeace, using a Kleenex campaign itself...:


YouTube clips as instruments

Kutiman combines unrelated youtube videos edited together to create this wonderful Thru-you. Great work:

Festo Bionics - Flying penguin robots

Click here for more info about this project.


Celebrity Twitter overkill

Funny video about the current trend with Twitter:

World’s most interesting bridges

interesting bridges

An interesting series by Dark Roasted Blend about most amazing and interesting bridges around the world. Like the one built for Jinji Expressway, where construction goes on with the help of rockets and guided “missiles” (with a cable attached to them:

World’s most interesting bridges


Man enjoys snacking on bricks

Ow my God, this Indian guy loves to eat rocks, pebbles, and specially bricks. Watch the report below:

Light as performance art

A collection of beautiful laser and lights photography, using a cool, Depeche Mode-like music as soundtrack:


Super Karoshi

Super Karoshi, the fifth chapter in this series of suicide-themed platform-puzzlers, is also one of the best. Goal: To commit suicide...

Play Super Karoshi

Christopher Hendryx - Oxygen

A short 3D animation, explaining some chemical elementary knowledge by Christopher Hendryx:


Ink & water

An interesting phenomenon, showing how regular self-similar pattern are made when an ink drop dissolves in water:

Intel Research’s InertiaDot IMU

A chip where recognizes its position itself, the video below shows it all. It’s your turn to imagine where could it be applied:


You can shine

Thais are known with their lengthy and touching commercials, and this one below to proves that again. Well, you will be wondering what they want to advertise, and it might be surprise when you reach the end:

Kim Graham’s horse legs

This cool work, known as Digitigrade leg extensions, is done by Seattle-based sculptor Kim Graham.

They are made of steel and add 14 inches of height to the wearer. But these are not ordinary stilts; they give a person the uncanny and graceful appearance of an animal. It is really cool! The movement of the legs is genuinely graceful and naturalistic. It is a great deal of fun being so much taller.

Honda - Let it shine

Using real lights in a grid, director Erik Van Wyk managed to create this cool campaign video for Honda:

T-Mobile extreme karaoke

An interesting advertisement video for T-mobile, in which 13,500 people sang Hey Jude together in Trafalgar Square, London on 30th April, 2009:


Japanese show - Manzai

This shadow theater, known as manzai comedy, won the grand prize of Kasou Taisho competition. Really weird:

How-to: Shoot a self-portrait

...without using the timer, really funny:


I Love Traffic

I Love Traffic

Turn road rage into street peace in I Love Traffic. Change the traffic lights to keep the cars moving, but be careful not to crash!

PLAY: I Love Traffic

SpeedFit machine

Have you ever seen more stupid than this excersizing machine below? LOL:


Alex Budovsky - The royal nightmare

Nice black & white animated short tells a story of an Evil King, whose life is turned into a nightmare by a pilgrim who constantly reappears by the Royal Tower and totally ignores The King. Directed by Alex Budovsky:

Marta Grzesiak’s photography

Marta Grzesiak’s photography

Beautiful macrophotography of the insect world, using Konica Minolta Z10 + Raynox DCR-250, by Marta Grzesiak.

Click to see more:
Marta Grzesiak macro photography


Magnus Engsfors - Suddenly

Directed and animated by Magnus Engsfors, shot by Martin Nordqvist. A short movie illustrating the moment of total mental collapse due to very difficult personal circumstances... Very weird:

Strange houses around the World

Strange houses around the World

Sure you would want to live in one of these houses, click to see more of them:

The Strangest houses around the World


Fantastic Scrabble

Funny and very weird advertising campaign for Scrabble by Mattel...:

Cherrypeel music machine

Want an alternative source of music, different than the boring mainstream? With Cherrypeel you can find hundreds of new artists, most of them are not yet known for you.

Click to launch: Cherrypeel music machine

1000fps slow motion

Made for the NAB 2009 exhibition, a wonderfull 1000fps slow motion video. Shot during a rugby competition in the Stade de France, Paris:


Electric Unicycle: The eniCycle

EniCycle is an innovative vehicle similar to the Unicycle, but with electric driven, self balancing and direction steering system. Here is an interesting video showing how it works:


Tone Matrix music maker

Make your own matrix design and enjoy the music:

Play: Tone Matrix music maker

GTI Project: Volkswagen UK

Ahead of the UK launch of the new Golf GTI on May 22nd, Volkswagen has constructed a Scalextric track on an epic scale inside a hangar to give all us armchair racers the chance to play Scalextric-style without damaging the furniture.

How do you do it? Simply log on the the GTI Project website and you'll be guided to the virtual workshops of the GTI Project and the track itself. To keep your competitive streak happy, if you set a particularly quick time, you'll be entered into a prize draw to win the opportunity to drive a new Golf GTI for three months.

What are you waiting for?

PLAY: GTI Project: Volkswagen UK


15 of the world’s largest objects

The 15 largest objects in the world, the one to the left is Guinnes world's largest beer can!

Read more: 15 of the world’s largest objects

Giant Shark - The Big Tooth

The megalodon (”big tooth” in Greek), Carcharodon megalodon or Carcharocles megalodon (in dispute), was a giant shark that lived in prehistoric times. The oldest remains of this species found are about 18 million years old and C. megalodon became extinct in the Pleistocene epoch probably about 1.5 million years ago. It was the apex predator of its time and is the largest carnivorous fish known to have existed:


The amazing steam candle

Very simple way to make a a cool rotating steam engine using only a candle and a thin tube...:

Remanence - Variance

Fascinating timelapse shot in Tokyo over the span of a year by Samuel Cockedey. Go to his homepage for more:


Travis Pastrana - Skydiving without a Parachute

Who needs a parachute when skydiving? No one right? Travis Pastrana performed his jump out of a plane from 12,500 feet without a Parachute. Crazy...

Isao Machii - Modern samurai

An interesing video of Isao Machii, known as Japan’s greatest modern day samurai. And, his sword skills are… amazing:


Super Mario theme by laser cutter motors

One of the HackLab members, Jed, wrote some code to turn music into lazzor motions. The result is this brilliant interpretation of the Super Mario theme:


Your name, Sir?

Funny Fry and Laurie comedy sketch for the BBC:

"BRAID...beautiful, entertaining, and inspiring."

Braid is a puzzle-platformer, drawn in a painterly style, where you can manipulate the flow of time in strange and unusual ways.

In each world, you have a different power to affect the way time behaves, and it is time's strangeness that creates the puzzles. The time behaviors include: the ability to rewind, objects that are immune to being rewound, time that is tied to space, parallel realities, time dilation, and perhaps more.


Danny MacAskill - Inspired Bicycles

Filmed over the period of a few months in and around Edinburgh by Dave Sowerby, this video of Inspired Bicycles team rider Danny MacAskill features probably the best collection of street/street trials riding ever seen. There’s some huge riding, but also some of the most technically difficult and imaginative lines you will ever see. Without a doubt, this video pushes the envelope of what is perceived as possible on a trials bike:


Chinese head jumping

Watch it till the end, it just keeps getting weirder. A guy jumping on his head...!

Scientific American Frontiers: Chimp minds

A visit with an engaging if unruly bunch of cousins that we formally broke up with about 6 or 7 million years ago. Click here to watch this show in High Definition:

Jill Sylvia’s cut ledger sculptures

Jill Sylvia’s cut ledger sculptures

Fantastic and detailed sculptures from hand-cut ledger paper by Jill Sylvia.

See more at her homepage:

Jill Sylvia - Cut ledger sculptures

Paper Moon - Unity

Paper Moon - Unity

A tale of romance between a boy and his moon is chronicled in Paper Moon, a black and white adventure/platform game with a first-class pedigree. It's the result of a collaboration between Flashbang Studios (Blush), Infinite Ammo and Adam Saltsman (Gravity Hook).

PLAY: Paper Moon


Ames' Window

This perspective window by Adelbert Ames upsets size-shape scaling to produce remarkable effects: