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The Crossing!

Each time Ferry Halim of Orisinal.com releases a new game, I think I've seen the most beautiful and elegant combination of music and artwork in casual gaming history. With the latest release of The Crossing, Ferry has outdone himself once again. Tip: You just have to play this with sound on!

Nero - 5247290

Crazy Frog!

A frog litteraly is either acting like he is dieing or hes just a little kid but you must watch it is hilarious!

Police indoor crash

Dutch policewoman thinks she can handle the motorcycle they just captured... That's what we call OWNED!:


Pistol Shrimp!

Pistol shrimp blowing a blast of water at a speed of 100km/h with a temperature as hot as the sun!

Don’t click it!

The website DontClick.it shows us an alternative navigation of a website, without having to click anywhere!

New Technology

Check out this amazing new technology directly from Microsoft.
I guess I'd like to have a few of those tables!


Minilyrics 5.1.2725

MiniLyrics is a fascinating lyrics viewer for synchronizing and displaying lyrics of the currently playing song in Winamp 2.0/3.0, Winamp 5.x, Windows Media Player, itunes, matchbox, Quintessenial Player, foobar2000.
RealOne Minilyrics makes your music come alive with streaming lyrics that are timed exactly with the song!

Click the thumbnail to see MiniLyrics in action!

Download Minilyrics 5.1.2725
Download crack

Off The Wall episode 1 - Lady Troubles

Wallby has to get a girlfriend until the end of the day. Shall he win? Very cool animation by Alex Hirsch.

BBC HD Motion Gallery

Here, in stunning HD-originated (1080/50i) footage as well as standard definition, you will find a wealth of imagery covering locations, people, technology, industry, history and more.

Spectacular and High-Res footage capturing the essence of Africa, shot by the BBC’s acclaimed Natural History Unit. Emotionally-charged and visually stunning.

Showreel: HD Wild Africa

Max Payne 2 Comic Novel

For the people who think back at Max Payne 2 with nostalgic feelings:
>Here's the solution<.

The whole comic story in one PowerPoint Slide!


66 Sexy Wallpapers

66 High-Res and Hot wallpapers of some very sexy Girls!

>Download!< - doesn't work anymore...

Skoda Cake

In this new advert from Skoda that is currently airing on UK TV shows a Skoda Fabia car being made entirely from cake! And they really did make this cake:

Para Jumper

Land as close as possible to your goal in this Parachute jump game

My closest one was 13 ft


Dan Osman speed climbing

Dan Osman or the real spiderman climbing solo a cliff. Without any safety measures... This guy must be crazy:

Brothers in Arms 3 - Hells Highway

Just Wonderfull! A very long presentation of Brothers In Arms 3, graphically amazing. Most part of the game plays in the Netherlands as well:
Brothers in Arms - HH is coming out for: PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360
The HD version of the Trailer can be found here!



Strangely beautiful animation by Chiara Porri, Ernesto Mandara and Laura Guandalini.

It's a Fact!

From the makers of the famous Hapland series. A game which combines Arkanoid and Pinball. Weird and pretty difficult game...

PLAY It's a Fact!

Fruit Twirls

Try to eliminate as much fruits as you can, before they fall down. Score points by grouping 3 or more fruits of the same type.

Use the Mouse to aim and shoot groups of two or more same fruits.

PLAY Fruit Twirls!


Tracking moving objects

Interesting research on human’s multithreading and concentration. Most people can't track more than 3 smilies...

Even Qu1ntus the turky and I didn't even manage to pass the Difficult trial.

Test it yourself!

Crissy HQ set Wallpapers

It's Friday and finally weekend, so our uncle Dacty brings you the newest and sexiest wallpapers in town for some good relaxation:

Crissy HQ set Wallpapers || 53 || Mixed Resolutions HQ || JPEG


ExportGirl Wallpapers

ExportGirl Wallpapers || 7 || Mixed Resolutions HQ || JPEG


Janosch Simon Wallpapers

Janosch_Simon Wallpapers || 64 || Mixed Resolutions HQ || JPEG


Wide Wallpapers

Some very nice Widescreen Art and Nature Wallpapers

3200x1200 | 21 JPG | 15083 KB



Working at Google

Why you should work at Google: Free Food, free fitness, free massafe, free hairdresser. Just everything is free there:

Vadim Onishchenko Wildlife & Genre Photography

"All pictures are taken in wild nature. Here I can show you wild world of predators, big cats big hunt, birds of prey. The wild kingdom of power, beauty and skill."
>Vadim Onishchenko Photography<

Hermann Mejia - Artworks

Beautiful and funny illustrations, paintings and great sculptures by Hermann Mejia.

Check out his site!


Dice Stop-Motion Video

A Stop-Motion video which uses a lot of different Colour dice. I guess someone has too much spare time...
Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries:

Yaga Kielb - Artworks

Enjoy the beautiful photo galleries, including processed photos as artworks by Yaga Kielb. Click on the image to view more of his great work. >Check it!<


Jumping Lizzard

Watch this newsman collapse in a fit of leaping lizzard fright:

Carbon Auto Theft

Getting into the car and fixing the wires is easy enough, but the hard part is getting away without drawing attention to yourself.
If you cause any accidents, the cops will be onto you before you know it and you’re on your way to jail.
Elude the cops and prove that you’re the best in the business.

PLAY Carbon Auto Theft!

Oil PC Mod!

Don't use watercooling to cool your PC! Use Mineral Oil:


DualScreen Games Wallpapers | 12 | 3200*1200 HQ | JPEG

Very Unique Game wallpapers


From my friend Spacegoat, check this: 10.000 wallpapers

Xp Antispy

The xp-AntiSpy is a little utility that lets you disable some built-in update and authentication 'features' in WindowsXP.
Change all kinds of processes within windows xp
Also makes your "Old pc" alot faster then before
More info...

Freeware: --Download--

Jelly Fish All Around

The jelly fish came to this lake in Palau through a tunnel which connected the sea and the lake long time ago. They live by photosynthesis because they cannot feed on anything in this lake. This lake is such a heaven to them that there are just so many of them living here.


Far off in a dreamy land, tiny spots of light coax a little sleepwalking boy to follow his lost kitty. Reunion, a gentle platform game by Mike Bithell, is a delightful journey full of good intentions and imaginary figments.

Not an ordinary flash game, just a wonderfull game, so check it out!


Urban Stickman Sniper

Interesting game, where you are a sniper and receive missions by e-mails. Very difficult!

PLAY Urban Stickman Sniper!

Kid makes wheelie in dad's car!

I don't know if it's very responsible, but it's definately cool to make a wheelie in dad's strandbuggy when you're a 9 year old!

Kids’ drawings redrawn

A great gallery of drawings, where professional artists redraw kids’ imaginations. Wonderfull!

Check it out here!


Online TV with a lot of "MovieChannels" and "AdultChannels"

Check out Freetube!


Ron Niebrugge - Wildlife Photography

Enjoy the magic of nature and wildlife through the photo galleries by Ron Niebrugge. >Visit his homepage< for more galleries and information.

Master And Servant Art

An Excellent art selection on a theme


Novint Falcon - 3D Controller

Videogames and force feedback have been fair-weather friends for years, from motorized steering wheels that go spastic when you slam into a wall, to entire seats that tilt and lurch as your F-16 banks out of harm's way. But playing with the Novint Falcon feels like nothing you've tried before.

Playboy June 2007

With the Playmate of the year and many many more great articles.



Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Aquarium Exhibits, Videos, Live Web Cams and Information About Life in the Oceans.

Also check out: The Penguin Live Cam - and all the other live cams...

Ultra Realistic robot

Ow my god! A robot that is too human-like. Developed by Hanson Robotics, Jules is their latest humanoid creation. All Ii can say is... WOW!


The Car Jack

Need a car but you don't have any money? No problem mate! The people of "The Real Hustle" teach us how to take a middle class car home, without giving out any money:

Doll Face animation

Great animation short by Andy Huang. A machine with a doll face mimics images on television screen in search of a satisfactory visage. Doll Face presents a visual account of desires misplaced and identities fractured by our technological extension into the future.

Hey Jumpen!

A new Top in the Dutch music has been reached! Take worlds worst singer and politician, Hilbrand Nawijn, and let him jump and sing with his fat arse... The worst thing of this story is that he makes money with absolutely nothing...
Dutch Politician Hilbrand Nawijn presents - Hey Jumpen!:


FWA - Wallpapers

Browse the wallpapers section of the Favourite Website Awards with many resolution wallpaper formats to choose from. Click!


Mindscape is a side-scrolling platformer with a... twist, in that the entire level rotates as you play. Very cool gameplay and design.

Play Mindscape!

Srsly World War II

This video contains the actual events of World War II explained for the new "Gamer Generation":



Use the board to block the ball to prevent it drop into the hole. Remember to watch the shadow of the ball.

My best score is 4150 as shown .. what's yours?

Nero: 11.500
Jaspère: 9850
Likwit_Snake: 8.200
Play POOM!


Are you not a woman with double D cups? No problem! Just use this Bee-Kini and you're tha bomb! The only disadvantage of it, is that it may hurt:

Anal Sex How To

TG Motocross 3

The legendary dirtbike series continues with new Freestyle tricks! Catch big air and score new moves!

PLAY TG Motocross 3!

Likwit_Snake: 207.463
Jaspère: 87.000

tnx go to Mister Jasper


Micro Maniac

Cool Micro wave Experiments on a nice site. I always wanted to try these experiments. Do not try this at home!

Check out Micro Maniac!

Turbo Caravan!

This caravan is powered by a 105bhp Renault 1.4 turbo engine:

The Year 2057 - Our lives in 50 Years...

Three-parts series documentary by Discovery Channel about how our world would look like in 50 years. What would be the car, the computer, the wars then? The whole documentary is pretty long, but some parts are really interesting:



An unsuspecting girl is pushed into the mall fountain and is left soaking wet. That will ruin a nice day of shopping at the mall. Tough guy that pushes a girl in the water, and then runs away like a little girl...

Amazing Bowling spinning ball trick

This guy can do amazing tricks with his bowling balls. He purposely knocks down only 9 pins and gets a slow moving spinning ball to hit the other. Amazing!:

Dave Nitsche Photography - The Seven Sins

An interpretation of The Seven Sins this time by photography of glasses.

You can find more of his great Photography work here!


Freak Air

Get yourself in gear and nail some extreme jumps in this motocross action game. Compete and land sick stunts, like the can-can or the cliffhanger, to win cash and reputation points. Use the cash to upgrade your bike and pay your medical bills. Build a reputation to compete in big league events.

Grab some Freak Air!

Photoshop Diet

Transform a Very Fat Pig into a sexy model to get rapid weight loss:

Vista vs Ubuntu

InformationWeek has a detailed review doing comparisons of Vista and Ubuntu. Click here to start reading it. Below is the video, showing the Aero graphics engine of Vista and Ubuntu with Beryl Desktop project. Who says open source does not introduce new concepts and innovations?

I must say Ubuntu (free) looks very good too. Just too bad not all programs and games work with it...


Webshots Premium Wallpapers 2007 MAY

111 PICS | JPEG | 2000x1333 | 45 MBDownload PART1 | PART2 |

Name in Lights Generator

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your name in lights? Now's your chance to make it happen with this cool Name in Lights Generator!

52 Most Important Video Games of All Time!

GamePro has listed the most important games of all time, that gave in one way or another influences to the game industry we have now. Even Geometry Wars made it to the list! Although I do not agree with the number 2...

Check out the Most Important Video Games here!

Jean Nouvel’s Giant Dildo Building

This bizarre high rise office building design is the proposal by the French designer Jean Nouvel. The glass-clad building is wrapped in a metal brise-soleil based on a traditional Islamic pattern.

Faces of Nature

Cool collection of faces that can be seen from the nature by Sandved Stock Photography.

Check it out here!

Also Check out the Faces Around Us, Photo's from all day objects...


Chinese Shadow Theater! Unbelievable Performance!

From Oscar human figure to the "Happy Feet" penguins, from the "Little Miss Sunshine's" van to a gun.. amazing illustration of movies scenes!!

This Commercial for Volkswagen uses the great Art of Shadows too:

UPM - Forest Life Flash Site

Walk through the forest, while you sit in front of your computer!

Explore the forest to see modern forestry in action, whilst seeing and feeling that the forest is full of life. The site is not only for watching, you can also listen and relax to the birds singing and the rippling brook. One of the flash sites i've seen in a while!

Check out: UPM - Forest Life!



Music lovers might groove on this one: MusicMesh - a new way to discover music and YouTube videos, with user reviews and Wikipedia entries.

Worth a look. Check out MusicMesh!

Japan - Wallpapers

31 JPG | 1600 x 1200 | 14.19 MB

2560x1024 | 40 files | 30 mb

Download Link:

Widescreen Wallpapares [A Must See ]

Widescreen Wallpapares

2560x1024 | 40 files | 30 mb

Download Link:

The Facial Flex!

Every day, we see those stupid Tellsell products on TV, of which we think that no one buys that stuff. It will astonish you how many people buy those products... BUT come on, who is soo stupid to buy this great product!?:

Red Team

Control each character to avoid the cavern walls. Use both the arrow keys and "a" and "z" to move them up or down.

PLAY Red Team!


The Mystery of the Hill Revealed

A place where cars rolls up instead of downhill? James Williams from the Discovery News investigates one of many such sites across the U.S.

Urban75 Panoramas

Hundreds of great 360º panorama scenes from the UK, New York and France,
including London, Brixton, Wales and more!
CHECK URBAN75 Panoramas

Super Trucks

Blast your way through brick walls and powerslide your F1 Super Truck to victory.

PLAY Super Trucks!


Sex Obsessed Nun

Excuse me sister, you dropped your porn...

Socksoff Wallpapers

Beautiful landscape and scenery hi-res photographs, which can be used as wallpapers for your desktop.
Check the great wallpapers here!


For thousands of years Mesoamerican civilizations have planted Milpas — sustainable agricultural fields of maize, beans, squash, and avocados.

Harvesting more crops will expand your Mesoamerican empire, but can continuous growth last forever? To find out you’ll need to think quickly in this lively puzzle game.

PLAY Milpa!