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Milk meets Coffee

What if milk meets coffee? You can find some extremely cool Photo's of milk splashing into a cup of coffee »here«.


HDR Castles Photography

Very cool High Dynamic Range Photo's of some Castles. Must See!

And this guy makes some nice dust figures on windshields.

Robot Boy

Take a good look, especially at the boy in the orange sweater (somewhere around 1/4 of the movie):

Darnell Dawkins Mouth Guitar Legend

The night before Woodstock, Jimi Hendrix missed his flight. Darnell Dawkins Mouth Guitar Legend was forced to fill in. Written and starring Ross Patterson. It keeps getting funnier, so don't stop it ;)

A video response to Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child (at woodstock)

Navy with Ali G


Richard Hammond's Car Crash - Top Gear

Dramatic footage of the 288 mph (more than 500 km/h!) crash has just been screened for the first time. It clearly showed the car's right front tyre shredded after a blowout as Hammond tore down an airfield runway.
The owner of the jetcar in which Richard Hammond was nearly killed has suggested the Top Gear presenter was partly to blame for the crash.

Traffic-Jam in Iraq?

No problem if you're in a Humvee as a military:

Top 2000 Music Video's

The Dutch Top 2000 of Music Video's alltime hosted on YouTube.


Scared woman


T.R.N. 47

Try to go as fast as possible in T.R.N. 47. Hit the green boost pads for a momentary speed boost. Avoid the red shields, they damage your craft.

Use your left and right arrow keys to steer around the tunnel


Bounce your way out and collect all the cubes in this 3d flash game!

Use the W/S key's and the arrow keys to move


Scribble 2

Try to draw the images as fast as you can in Scribble 2!



With this cool program, you can make your own fractal art. It's very easy and looks great too!

Here are some wallpapers i made with this program:
© 2006-2007 ~Likwit_Snake


Comet Blaster

Destroy all the Comets and get as much points as possible in Comet Blaster.

Mouse = shooting, WASD/Arrow keys = controlling your ship. You can change the color of your ship with Shift.

Extreme Heli Boarding

Try to get as much points as possible by flipping and collecting stars, within the indicated time in this cool boarding game.




Soap Bubble 2

Guide the soap bubble safely through the mysterious underground factory in:

Soap Bubble 2.


Prime Time

A magical box falls from the sky and disturbs the peaceful lives of two prehistoric brothers. A story about human nature and its reaction to technology.

Bungle Jungle!

A nice 3D short. A hunter runs after its prey to hope to obtain the reward...

Kakorama - A ride into the past

This site gives you all the info about what happened the day you were born...

Check it out!


Terragen 2 Video

Someone made a very nice video with Terragen 2. If only the render time would be a lot shorter...:

Nightmares of Leia Ray

A very scary point and click game, that looks very nice. Turn your sound on for full entertainment.
Don't play this game at night. I warned you!

PS: If you're a cheater, just press TAB


Nero 7 Premium

Here you can download all available language versions of
Nero 7 Premium. By the way, Nero also happens to be the name of a famous Mr. Death, well-known in Amersfoort (HOL).
Mr. Death says little and never wipes his ass. I thought you'd need to know this vital piece of information.


Cool Free Games!

The best free games released last year, sorted by category!

Here you got some cool Free FPS games, and here some other gaming categories of your choice:

Action | Adventure | Platformer | Puzzle/Fighting
Remakes | Shmups | Shooters | Strategy/Sim | Others | Mac | Linux

3 Flash Games

Spin It Up
A music game made in flash. Use your mouse to spin the pink bar to the right spot in time to score a lot of points.

Flash version of River City Ransom
A demo of River City Ransom, the NES classic, remade in flash. Unfortunately it's only 2 screens of game, so there is little to do other than beating up opponents.

Xeno Raider
Xeno Raider is a flash game by Babara. Explore a cave, collecting various items to progress through the game and ultimately save Princess Rena. Gameplay is somewhat like a simplified Zelda.

Spray Paint Art

This guy can make some very cool shit with his paint cans:

You can see Part 2 and 3 here:
-Part 2-
-Part 3-


Rodent Tree Jump

Try to get your rodent as close too the target as possible, and collect the bonus points in this very cool flash game.

Asians are weird

Ok not all... but these:

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe

Weird Russian pics - Part 1

Weird pics from our Russian friends... And here some Always


...Can turn some skinny stars into some very fat people


Tower Defense

The aim of this game is to kill the creeps before they reach the end of the maze, do this by building attacking towers on the grass around the maze. Old skool graphics, but addicting as hell.

tnx to Mister Jan Fokko himself

Terragen 2

Terragen 2 is out! It's a Landscape Rendering Application, which is quite easy in use. You can download it here.
Here are some images i made with it's previous version:


Skateboarding fingers

Some people go skateboard with their fingers in their free time...

Google 'No Matches' Generator

Look what i found: (click the image for full-view)


Hoover Fusion Frenzy

This game is for the PacMan lovers. It combines the old PacMan, with some new-style gameplay and graphics. Only this time the main character is a vacuum cleaner...

Only when you got the red Cyclonic power-ups, you can eat the Dust bunny's, and go to the next level

Fraps - Full version

This is the latest version of Fraps. Fraps is a video capture / screen capture tool that can be used to take screenshots or make movies of any game you are playing.
password: www.2baksa.net

A Perfect Circle

Alexander Overwijk draws a perfect freehand circle 1m in diameter in less than a second. Probably he practiced more than one second...

tnx to Qu1ntus


Largest Aquarium in the World

Yesterday, i got some spare time, and built an aquarium; "The AquaDom breaks all records as the largest cylinder aquarium in the world, at over 52 feet in depth by 36 feet in diameter. This engineering marvel is located in Berlin and took 150 tons of acrylic to complete."

More pics >here<. And yeah... it's huge...

Best Xbox 360 Case Mods

The coolest Xbox 360 Case mods on one page. I would never dare to do something like that with my 360...

Dancing Doggie

Again a weird doggie movie:



This program can be used to play any game you wish over LAN.
Pretty handy with games you can't play online, cos you might have downloaded them.
Ps. Not that we download games!


Apple iPhone

The biggest revolution since the mobile phone is coming from Apple. Yesterday they introduced their new mobile phone, the iPhone. It's an iPod with a big touchscreen, with which you can call, surf on the internet, can watch all kinds of media, and there's also a 2 MegaPixel Camera on it. The 4 GB version will cost 499 euro's and the 8 GB 599.

Click on the image for a bigger version

Mindfields 2204

It's 2204, and you're the only one left from your legion. Your mission is to find the way trough the enemy lines. Play the game here

$1 Into $100 Magic Trick

Turn $1 Into $100 Magic Trick
Someone please tell me how he did this...

Walking on fluid

What if you could be like Jesus and walk on water?

it's a pool filled with Non-Newtonian fluid


Xtreme Cliff Diving

Try to dive off the cliff collecting all the coins. Beware of the balloons, cause they'll explode.

Play the game here.
1. Likwit_Snake: 247


HQ Wallpapers

Some nice HQ wallpapers of nature, games, art, cars and many many more...


Winter Scenes

Awesome Winter pics!!!!
nothing more to say


Update Mind Relaxation

Again a nice female; A Carmen Elektra Wallpaper collection

This is my girlfriend btw.
Thank you

password = dend359


Uncle Dacty is back in town

For the real train lovers, as my dad:
Real nice and HQ pictures

Made by my internet hero:
spacegoat.info = password



The history of Console gaming

The history of Video Game Consoles on one site, from Pong to PS3.



You want to see episodes of Lost, Prison Break, the Simpsons, the Sopranos etc. online? A lot of Video's on demand can be played here.

Crane Game

How to win at a Crane game?

Belspelletjes - Ouder dan 18?

Funny video for our dutch viewers; Dit kind weet niet van ophouden tijdens een belspelletje:


Ice Slide

Try to get as far as possible in this game. Post your score in the comments to be added.

1. Dactylorchis: 351
2. Likwit_Snake:303

Bra meter

Think Cupsize matters? Just check this out!



Hotlead is a film noir short about a couple of hotel patrons who are hunted by a band of killers disguised as nurses. A shootout erupts and things go from bad to worse.

Mad Shark

You are the shark, trying to escape from the evil experiments. See how far you can get before you are terminated.
>Play the game<