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The Top 5 Laziest Inventions

Verry funny:

Stuck in the Elevator for 41 Hours!

Nicholas White was stuck in the elevator for 41 hours... i guess that's pretty boring:

but now there's a spoof video of it. What would happen if you're stuck in the elevator for 41 hours... and have diarrhea?!? Ah shit happens:


The Talking Goldfish

This cute little fish talks what you typed in, then send it as a greeting card to your contacts and friends. You can choose more than a dozen different languages ...:
Goldie the Goldfish, created by Acapela Group to demonstrate their new text-to-speech software. And it's really pretty good. Convince yourself!

Cute Hedgehog

A cutie hedgehog chewing some carrots.


When The Parents Gone Out


Disney has another great website - and a great project!

Walt Disney Studios introduced a new film label: Disneynature, announced on April 21, 2008, that will produce nature documentaries. DisneyNature will be based in France, and will work with the world's top documentary filmmakers to explore wildlife and nature around the planet.

For now click and enjoy: DisneyNature.


Space Shuttle Launch

A Space Shuttle launch sequence from an on board camera which is mounted on the top of the EXT Fuel tank. This movie records scenes between 13 seconds before SSME ignission and SRBs jettson.

Half Life In 60 Seconds

Get to know Half Life. In 60 seconds:

Half Life In 60 Seconds - Watch more free videos


The NeoCube

Cool new toy, with endless number of combinations. Head to the product’s homepage for more info.

The Real Garfield

Real Garfield sitting and watching TV caught on tape:


Insanely Lucky Guy

After losing control on a patch of ice, this pickup truck is literally hanging on with only a tiny piece of metal. It’s a 70 foot drop to the bottom of the river.

Click to see more - WreckedExotics - Pickup Truck



Two very nice music videos!



Protect the tree of life with the aid of your Phoenix by smiting the spirits with your fiery tale. Watch out as too many hits on the sacred cinnamon tree will drain its life away. Nice graphics!

PLAY: Phoenix


OceanView video productions will showcase high definition videos of the world beneath the waves.
Our purpose at OceanView video productions is to capture and preserve images of the mystery, the peace, the harmony, and the beauty of the sea so that all may learn to appreciate this most wondrous of creations.
Descend with us as we enter this boundless environment, cradled in the arms of Mother Nature, swaying to the gentle surge of the heartbeat of this planet.

David White's HD videos are soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! Here are just three of them:


Zurich Zoo

Watch beautiful shots from the Zurich Zoo and the Masoala Rainforest in amazing HD-Quality. A short movie by Andy Rüesch:

Only in Japan - Japanese Train Loaders

These people are there to make sure the train is full before leaving. Only in Japan:


Real Mind Control

Mind Control is now possible in the digital gaming world and in real life!:


Monterey Bay Aquarium - Another World

"One of the main attractions we wanted to see, while visiting Monterey, was the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I thought the aquarium had a lot of neat exhibits. The highlight to me was the jellyfish with their beautiful exotic colors. Watching the marine life through the glass windows was like visiting another world." - desertnut


The World’s Hardest Game

This is probably the world's most difficult flash game... If you can finish it, you're a real hardcore gamer!

PLAY: The World’s Hardest Game

320 km/h Radio Controller RC Car

Probably the fastest RC Car Ever, filled with Nitro:

Discovery - I love the world

The World is just awesome... A clip by Discovery Channel:

Zürich Chamber Orchestra: Rollercoaster

What do you do if you want to promote an orchestra online? The Zurich Chamber Orchestra came up with an amazing answer. Well, Euro RSCG Zurich came up with an amazing answer. A rollercoaster of classical music:


Get out and play! Real Life Pong Game!

Nokia's new N-Gage campaign site. Awesome flash design that pays homage to the classic game Pong:

Get Out And Play!



Howto: Make a Paper Pig

Really nice work! But somewhat ugly though…

Mario Theme On Wine Bottles With RC Car

A phenomenal rendition of the Mario theme tune using an RC car and some wine bottles, the artistic creativity of this kid is insane!


Gas Station

What happens if you hit the fire button by accident at a gas station? Well...:

Pepper & Salt

This image of a peppercorn and a grain of salt taken by David McCarthy is the overall winner (and close-up category winner) in this year's Visions of Science Photographic Awards.

More images: Visions of Science

Flying the Falls

What an adventure! Now I can understand why people fly!
So fly over Victoria Falls in Zambia ...


New Sony Ad - Foam City

New commercial for Sony featuring loads of foam in the streets of Miami:

Modding Flying Cars

A demo video showing the capabilities of the online creativity toolset Aviary. All creation tools like vector, raster, 3D renderer, audio, video editors are brought online via the Adobe AIR technology. Amazing.

Dog Sack

Crazy idea from June 1936 issue of Popular Mechanics. Probably the best idea ever! Click to see more from the issue: Modern Mechanics


Monkey Riding Mini Bike

An Indonesian monkey riding a mini bike in the streets. Probably the coolest monkey I've ever seen.

Double Maze game

Cool logic game to try:

PLAY: Double Maze


The Art of 3D

This cool flash website demonstrates the work of Andre Kutscheraurer aka AK3D.
He has some very impressive 3D works, so check his portfolio and be inspired!


The World’s Largest Shotgun Shell

This video shows what must be the world’s largest shotgun shell: the 120mm canister round designed for the cannon of an M1 Abrams tank. The 50 pound shell contains 1150 .40 caliber tungsten pellets launched at 4500 fps, with an effective range of 500 yards.

Penguins Linux Ad

Imagine a world where everyone could fly...

Catch The Moment

Remember to always have a camera with you because you never know what shot will become the next most viewed picture on the Internet:

Catch the Moment!


The Last Canopy

The Last Canopy is a specific variety of shoot'em-up called a Manic Shooter (or a Bullet-Heck Shooter, with respect to our all-ages audience), which has a lot of modern conventions, but basically means that a whole lot of firepower is being exchanged.

PLAY: The Last Canopy


Boomstick is a Flash game where you move a stick-figure person left and right, and aim/fire a boomstick (gun). The object is to shoot the "bad guys," which are really just basic shapes that fly through the screen at varying paces.

PLAY: Boomstick!


GTA Multiplayer Hands On: City of Chaos

The first impressions of the Gta 4's multiplayer:

Kotaku - Hands on With GTA Multiplayer: City of Chaos


How to: Remove Scratches From Any DVD

Practical tutorial on how to remove scratches from any cd / dvd surfaces:

The Golden Eagle

A short footage, captured how a golden eagle caught its food.


Surfing on a side walk chain

A guy in the street down town Paris is literally surfing on a side walk chain. Really amazing:

Ice Age 3 Teaser Trailer

Next year in July, Ice Age 3 will be released! The trailer looks pretty good:

And a totally different commercial, but also set in the Ice Age:


Magic Pen

Magic Pen is a neat little physics game where you draw objects to push a ball to the goal. Some levels require more complex mechanisms using pins and hinges...

Play: Magic Pen

Skateboard Darkslide

An experienced skater explains how to do the darkslide trick. I think it's not that simple as how he explains it...:


Hillary Clinton's many Faces

"Is this "fair"? Is it mature, impartial and reasoned? Of course not. But this is politics, after all. My goal is to puncture the perfectly-honed public image of Hillary maintained by her campaign staff, and undermine any attempts to control the public perception of her."

The Really Truly Hillary Gallery
The Ultimate Online Archive of Unflattering Hillary Clinton Photos

Greenpeace - Clash of the Consoles

In gamespace, everybody wants to save the world. But back here on planet Earth, your favourite games console contains deadly agents of real destruction: toxic chemicals that shouldn’t be there and may be contributing to mountains of e-waste when thrown away. Clash of the Consoles is the website where you can check out how your favourite game heroes stand up against their rivals, and how you can help battle the boss monsters to green their game...


Nokia - Black Box Mystery

Christopher's journey is guided by a mysterious black box. How does it know where to send him? Where has this dark technology come from? And will it help Christopher find his dream or lead him into his worst nightmare? Find the coordinates. Solve the mystery.

Take on the Black Box mystery.

How it's made: Pinball Machine

You will find more "How it's made" short documentary videos showing how common everyday items are manufactured at Science Channel Video.
The pinball machine in this clip is a great one:

The Invisible Men

In the natural world, the chameleon blends in perfectly with its background.
In the urban jungle, Desiree Palmen decided to attempt the same visual deception.
And as these pictures show, the effect is amazing.

Miss Palmen, a 44-year-old Dutch artist, uses a method that requires a huge amount of effort and attention to detail.

Read more: Spot the 'invisible' men and women in artist's amazing photographs


Orisinal - Wake Up Calls

Wake Up Calls is a new game by Ferry Halim, also the maker of the wonderfull Winterbells game.

PLAY: Wake Up Calls

Stopmotion TRON

Remake of the Lightcycle scene from TRON (soundtrack taken from the film by Steven Lisberger)


How It’s Made - Wigs

Interesting to know:

I'm Walking

Ben Hur style hurdle race between chicken.
A fast and furious award winning animation masterpiece.
Written and produced by Bodo von Braunmuehl.
Animation by Germany's Soulcage Department Studio.