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Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity

A short video about Einstein and his Special Theory of Relativity, explained in a understandable way:


  1. Wow, this video is great, thanks for the find! :)

    Very informational and educational for teenagers i think :)

    Keep posting more things like this :)

  2. A group of American researchers have recently discovered that Einstein’s theory did not work in some cases. Einstein’s theory was not always right, as evidenced by the Brownian motion..

  3. Teoría Conectada: The best physics theory since 1687

    The new Copernican revolution

    I read Lee Smolin's book ‘Las dudas de la física en el siglo XXI’, 2007, Ed. Crítica. Wonderful. I have seen that Lee Smolin are looking for a new big idea, the fundamental simply idea for the progress and unification of physics. Seems that Smolin got the conviction that both quantum mechanics and GR theorys don’t understand the deep nature of time (page 355). It is right for GR unless.

    Here is what i say:
    No more Lorentz’s Transformations. The new alternatives transformations (’relational transformations’) are deduced on ‘La paradoja de los gemelos de la teoría de la relatividad especial de Einstein’, f.i., equations (22) and (23) with “C” and “D” given by (42) and (43) , pages (33) to (36). From them arises the ‘teoría relacional’, an alternative to special relativity.
    The generalitation of this ‘teoría relacional’, the unique possible classic alternative to GR, appears on ‘Extracto de la Teoría Conectada’. 3 are the fundamental equations. (84), (171) and (172), pages (146) and (182). This 3=24 equations are necessary in order to eliminate the Newton-Einstein’s absolute space. There are not absolutes accelerations (neither absolutes velocities, of course).

    The Dark Matter problem is solved in ‘Apéncice C’, page 205 (Exponential factor gets important at large distance from the center).

    What about a “quantum teoría conectada”? I believe that you can say something important about it.

    Xavier Terri
    Terrassa 2009 august 6