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Parkour fail

Don’t think parkour is just cool and… easy. Here is a compilation of many fails, some are quite... ouching moments:

1 comment:

  1. Goodness, that's a lot of faceplants there, and it's pretty harsh to look at. This made remember the times at a park in Memphis when my friends and I were still newbies in skateboarding. There are instances that we miscalculate tricks we thought that we can land easily due to being accustomed to it. When I tried a 180 kickflip, I accidentally shifted my weight to the front on landing, leading me to hit my face onto the ramp and getting some of my teeth knocked off, in which they all wheeled me to the dentist with my mom.

    Being an understanding parent that she is, I was never stopped in pursuing this kind of fun after knowing that one day, I'll be visiting the dentist (Memphis) due to things like this.