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Review: Heavy Rain

I was one of the first in Holland to play the game Heavy Rain. Having played it's precessor (Fahrenheit), I was really enthusiastic on playing Heavy Rain.

First thing I noticed was the graphics: Really wonderful. Along with the audio and the voice acting the game gets a movie-like setting.

The story of the game revolves around the Origami Killer, a serial killer who kidnaps boys and a few days later he leaves someone dead with an origami figure and an orchid. The story starts of with an ordinary guy called Ethan. Ethan gets into complete despair when the Origami Killer gets his second son and has put everything in order to get him back. You not only play with Ethan, but also with FBI agent Norman Jayden, private investigator Scott Shelby Madison Paige and sleepless. You follow each of their stories and their hunt for the Origami Killer and soon crosses the paths of the characters together.

The unique thing about Heavy Rain are the controls. The controls are like being in a movie, doing the stuff the main character does. You can also die in the game. And it's not game over; you just start as an an other character in the game. But you will miss a lot of the story, so you dont want that :)

I finished the game in around 11 hours, and want to play it again to see what is going to happen, if I make different decisions. Heavy Rain is a special game, with emotions and moral considerations. It's not a game for everyone, because it is so different than normal, it is slow and is probably too much a film then a game. But if you are open to something else, for a new way of story and experience, then Heavy Rain is something you do not want to miss. And I definately don't want to!

Total Score: 9.4 out of 10

1 comment:

  1. I wasn?t so happy about the voice acting as you are. Sometimes it was really obvious that what the mouths of the characters were mimicking and what you heard were totally different things. And in a way it was frustrating me. The game in its whole is fabulous: the music, the story, the graphics,? then you look at the voice acting which is sometimes absolutely not good and you found it sad that the makers of Heavy rain missed the chance to finish this game.
    But that?s the only thing that really bothered me! I was very surprised about the music, definitely how it initiates a fight. I had some difficulties with the controls at first, but that?s because I?m not used to play on the PlayStation.
    And if you now will excuse me, I have to chop off Ethans finger ;-).
    I wish you lots of fun playing (or replaying) the game.
    Insider Ellygirl